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Thursday, March 1

This is our Most Progressive Bull Offering to date, with more Bulls that qualify for premium programs like Top Dollar and Reputation Feeder Calf. We don't cut corners that will affect the quality of our genetics, giving you bulls that far exceed the industry average. 

350 Red Angus Bulls
15 Black Red Angus Bulls
10 Simmental - Red Angus Hybrid Bulls


Click here to view the Bieber Fever XIV Sale Catalog!

Click here to view videos of the sale bulls!

Click here to view the Sortable Bull Spreadsheet!


The catalog will be mailed out on February 5.  Video of all sale cattle will be available on February 16. Check back to the website or our Facebook page for more updates!

Contact us at office@bieberredangus.com or (605) 439-3628.

  Bieber Fever is Broadcast on DV Auction. 
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January 7 to 10 - Clip sale cattle

January 15 - Sale lot pictures taken

January 17 to 19 - Take yearling weights, frame scores, and scrotal measurements

January 26 to February 4 - Craig and Peggy in Rapid City at the Black Hills Stock Show. Make sure to stop in at the Bieber Red Angus tradeshow booth and say hello!

January 31 - Catalog ready!  Click here to view the Bieber Fever XIV catalog. 

February 5 - Catalog printed and hard copies mailed. 

February 7 to 10 - Video sale cattle

February 16 - Sale cattle videos available

February 19 - Ultrasound bulls for carcass

February 20 to 22 - Semen test sale bulls



Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 1:00 pm at the ranch 9 miles west of Leola, SD

To view the Bieber Fever XIV sale catalog, click here!

To view videos of the sale bulls, click here!

To view the Sortable Bull Spreadsheet, click here!



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