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March 5, 2020


265 Red Angus Yearling Bulls - $5,624


Lot 16 BIEBER ROU SPARTACUS G14 - $50,000 to Hansine Ranch Partnership

Lot 1 BIEBER SPARTACUS G555 - $40,000 to Crump Red Angus

Lot 6 BIEBER ROU SPARTACUS G06 - $30,000 to Leland Red Angus

Lot 40 BIEBER ATOMIC  G297 - $17,500 to S&S Cattle Co

Lot 2 BIEBER SPARTACUS G610 - $15,000 to Kniebel Cattle Co

Lot 33 BIEBER CL SPARTACUS G597 - $15,000 to Lazy TV Ranch

Lot 9 BIEBER ACC STOCKMAN G103 - $13,500 to Lazy TV Ranch

Lot 17 BIEBER HARD DRIVE G313 - $11,000 to 9 Mile Ranch

Lot 49 BIEBER LETS ROLL G417 - $11,000 to Neo Sho Farms

Lot BIEBER LETS ROLL  G248 - $10,500 to Neo Sho Farms

Cattle sold to 21 states

Over 730 viewers on DV Auction


DID YOU KNOW - All of the bulls in the Bieber Fever sale offering have been tested with Bieber Igenity, a commercial cattle genomic selection process that is accepted across the industry.

We aim to produce bulls that provide the greatest return on investment by focusing on profit-oriented genetics that reduce labor inputs and increase sustainability. The Bieber Igenity program contributes to that goal by making our bulls speak the same DNA language as your cowherd.

Make sure to ask us about testing your herd through Bieber Red Angus and click on the info flyer below. 


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April 21-23, 2020 via DVAuction.com

100 Fall Bred Red Angus Cows

Daughters of Spartacus, Hard Drive, Rollin Deep, and other outstanding sires. Bred to leading sires including Spartan E639, the leading Spartacus son at ABS, and Energize F121, the leading Atomic son at ABS.

70 Open Red Angus Heifers

Sired by Hard Drive, Stockman 4051, Stockmarket, Stockman E116, Spartacus, and others. Top genetics ready to breed this spring or for your fall program.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a racehorse style auction. All lots will open at 7:00 am CDT on Tuesday, April 21.

April 21, 7:00 pm CDT - Lots 1 to 46 of fall bred Red Angus Cows close

April 22, 7:00 pm CDT - Lots 47 to 102 of fall bred Red Angus Cows close

April 23, 7:00 pm CDT - All lots of open Red Angus heifers close

Lots will remain open on their respective closing dates until there has been no bids placed for a period of 5 minutes after 7:00 pm. 


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