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December 6th - Online RARE Semen Auction

Have you heard we are holding an online rare semen auction. Hard to find semen from some of the Red Angus breed greats will be up for auction starting December 13th through December 20th!


When do I need to register to bid?


Please register to bid at least 24 hours in advance of the sale. After you are registered you will receive an email when you are approved for bidding. All applications will be reviewed and process promptly and you will recieve a bidder number only after you have made a purchase in the sale.


If I purchase online how will I pay/arrange delivery?


After the sale is completed you will contact us at Bieber Red Angus and we will arrange payment and delivery of your purchase! If you have any questions feel free to contact us at office@bieberredangus.com or 605-439-3628


 How do you bid?


Go to https://www.thelivestocklink.auction/auction/static-sale.php?sale=118 and if you don't have an account please 'Click here to Register' in the User Login box and create an account!



I've never bid in an online auction, what are the rules?


For this static auction the rules are as follows:


- The acution will open on December 13th at 8AM CST and close on December 20th at 2PM CST. 


- This auction is a 'horse race style' meaning that bidding on all lots will be extended by 5 minutes if there is a bid on any lot within the last 5 minutes unitl no more bids are placed. When no bids are place in the last 5 minutes all lots will be closed simultaneously.


- Each lot will start at a floor price and will be bid up from that price


- The lots will be bid up in standard increments. you may place a proxy bid. This feature will automatically bid for you (up to the maximum amount set by you) everytime another bid is placed against you.


Visit the auction site regularly and make sure you refresh the page often to keep up with the current bid. It is important ot be online during the closing process so you can keep a close eye on your prospective lots!



 Who do I contact if I have trouble with the site?


If you have trouble registering or with the aucion site you can contact Aaron Friedt - The Livestock Link Online Sale Manager at 701-590-9597 or aaron@thelivestocklink.com



You can also contact us at Bieber Red Angus anytime with questions about the site and online sale at office@bieberredangus.com or 605-439-3628!



November 23rd - Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our ranch to yours! 

We are spending the holiday enjoying great food with our family and friends here at the ranch. The weather today is in the mid 60's!

November 29th - Rare Semen Auction

Bieber Red Angus will be holding our first ever Online Rare Semen Auction!


Bidding will open on December 13th and continue through December 20th for our online only horse race style auction! Bidding may continue after the designated close time until no bids have been placed for a period of 5 minutes. Each lot will be sold per unit and the final price will be the number of units times the bid price. Minimum bid price per unit will be listed on our webside and bids can be placed in increments of $5.


Watch for more information or contact us with any questions at office@bieberredangus.com or 605-439-3628 



Semen available from the following bulls!


Leachman EBV 6703


RCN Dynamo 732


Bieber Chiefton 3080


LMAN Robin Hood 1174B


VGW Rambler 1000


BFCK Cherokee CNYN 4912


Bieber Make Mimi 7249


Bieber Romero 9136


Schuler Silver Bullet 4604P


Bieber Makin Hay 9913


LCOC High Noon A093R


Bieber Rough Rider 10712 *Qualified to Canada


RHRA Gold Rush 402 17T


Basin EXT 8628


VGW Oly 903


LSF Takeover 9943W


GMRA Peacemaker 1216


Bieber Rollin Deep Y118


Bieber Roosevelt W384



November 15th - Bieber Fever Sale Results

Thank You to everyone who came to/watched the sale, bid and bought cattle. We appreciate each and every one of you! Make plans to join us for our annual March Sale, Bieber Fever XIV on March 1st, 2018.


Bieber Fever XIII Sale Report




 8 Red Angus Donor Cows - $5,562

116 Registered Red Angus Heifers - $2,947

135 Registered Red Angus Bred Cows - $2,255

73 Red Angus Comine Two Year-Old Bulls - $4,955

241 Commercial Heifers - $1,858



Top Selling Lots


Bred Heifers

Lot 11 - Bieber Lass 177D $7000 to Dahlke Red Angus of Bagley, MN

 Lot 30 - Bieber Suprise 243D $6000 to Dean Christianson of Ashley, ND

Lot 10 - Bieber CL Dateline 319D $5,250 to Frank Howey of Monroe, NC

Lot 20 - Bieber Primrose 164D $5,250 to Frank Howey of Monroe, NC

Lot 67 - Bieber Eucla 396D $4750 to Frank Howey of Monroe, NC



Bred Cows

Lot 4 - Bieber Dateline 308Y $8,000 to Twedt Red Angus of McHenry, ND 

Lot 1 - Bieber Laura 112W $7,250 to Fair Acres Stock Farms of Waldorf, MN

Lot 2 - Bieber Belga 345X $7,250 to Twedt Red Angus of McHenry, ND

Lot 3 - Bieber Adelle 297Y $6,000 to Dan Bormann of Huxley, IA

Lot 134 - Bieber Primrose 463A $5,500 to I Like It Like That Red Angus of Chinook, MT



Red Angus Coming 2 Year Old Bulls

Lot 350 - Bieber Hard Drive D629 $15,500 to Trigg Hollow Red Angus of Cornersville, TN

Lot 388 - Bieber Hard Drive D427 $15,000 to Shady Bottom Red Angus of Crossville, TN

Lot 361 - Bieber Hard Drive D424 $10,000 to Trigg Hollow Red Angus of Cornersville, TN

Lot 393 - Bieber Federation D625 $8,500 to Pearl Creek Cattle Company of Cavour, SD

Lot 372 - Bieber Hard Drive D604 $8,000 to Spurr Farms Inc of Houghton, SD



Commercial Bred Heifers sold between $1,650 to $2,050 per head


Volume Buyers

40 head to KCK Investments

38 head to Fank Howey

14 head to Hansmeier & Sons 



Cattle Sold to 24 States!

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