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Ranch Quick Tips
Ranch Updates
Winter 2014/2015

December 8th - Winter has arrived
Ranch Updates

Winter has arrived here in South Dakota. We've had a couple snow storms in this past week that has given us a few inches of snow and taken our temperatures out of the mid 30s - occasional 40s to the teens. We are happy to have had the mild weather for so long, and that it looks like we will have plenty of snow for a white Christmas here! 

All of our cattle are still out on pasture. There are some shelter belts in the pastures that they are currently in, but if the snow gets deeper we will have to walk them closer to home, to make them easier to get to for when we have to start feeding them some.


Prior to the winter storms we bedded the bulls in the feedlot for the first time this winter. 




December 2nd - Working Barn Update
Ranch Updates

Work has continued on our new working facility, here's an update of the progress!

Outside in the pen/sorting system and alleys all of the corner posts are in the ground and the continuous fence will be welded on soon along with the gates.

Inside the building the insulation when into the attic space and into the walls of the interior rooms. The interior space will be finished into a sterile lab for future flushing/IVF work here on the ranch, a tack/work room, and a bathroom. 





October 20th - Demolition Phase 3
Ranch Updates

The final stage of our Working barn tear down was the clean up!

After the payloader got done with the old working barn.

Piling all of the old steel to haul to the scrapyard.


Cleaning up the tin and putting it in an old Hesston stacker. After the Hesston is full we are planning on hauling the whole thing to the scrapyard.


In a lot of ways tearing down the working barn was a sad occasion. The building was built with thought and pride, it was sad to see such a big piece of the original ranch get torn down. The building itself was in tough shape and we had outgrown the facilities. We didn't tear it down without some sadness, but our new working barn is built with the same thought and pride and is something that can grow with Bieber Red Angus!


Want your program grow with ours? Come to the Fall Production Sale on November 10th and add great BIeber females and bulls your program!

Want a catalog? Send you contact information to office@bieberredangus.com 

October 12th - Demolition Phase 2
Ranch Updates

With the sorting corral system cleared outside it was time to start on the demolition of the old working barn. After removing all of the supplies we took out the old chute. We are going to move the chute to our Meier Unit in Long Lake. Having second working facility without having to haul the portable chute up there will be nice! 

While Rod was getting the chute detached, Dillon was torching the interior tub and alley. In the background you can see Craig Howard in the skidsteer with his homemade attachment for pushing tin off of the outside of the building. All of the old tin is being loaded into an old Hesston Stacker. Once the stacker is full we are going to haul the whole thing to the scrapyard! 




Once the tin was off of the outside of the building we used the payloader to bring the rest of it down!

Not sure if this was the safest way to demo a building but it worked!


Wow the ranch is looking different, come see the changes for yourself and join us for our Fall Production sale on November 10th!

October 5th - Demolition Phase 1
Ranch Updates

Tearing out the old corral system and working barn was done in a couple different stages. First we tackled the old loading barn and concrete loading chute. 


This chute was built to last. After we torched all of the steel off of the concrete, it was still heavier than the payloader could pick up. We had to use both the payloader and skidsteer to pick it up and move it out of the way!



We torched and tore out all of the continuous fence in sorting corral system. 

After that Dillon spent a lot of time torching out the steel tub/alley both on the interior and

exterior of the old working barn! 


All finished outside (Dillon is really sick of the torch...)


Check out the new ranch landscape on November 10th at our Fall Production Sale. We are getting the catalogs ready to be sent to the printer in a couple weeks. If you would like a catalog and aren't on our mailing list email your contact info to office@bieberredangus.com and we will make sure you get one!

September 28th - Working Barn Update
Ranch Updates

Working Barn Update:


The interior concrete work is done along iwth the in floor heating system. The tin is on the roof, interior ceiling and is starting to go up on the exterior. We're starting to make way for the new outside corral system and to do that we have to start tearing down the old working facility.


Start making plans to join us at our Fall Production Sale here at the ranch on November 10th and check out the new building! 


Not on our mailing list? If you would like to get a November Production Sale catalog email your contact information to office@bieberredangus.com and we will get one out to you when they're available.

September 2nd - New Working Facility
Ranch Updates

Construction has started on our new working facility! 

You can see our current working barn in the front and the new working facility going up in the background. The new building will hold two chute/alley systems, a variety of sorting pens, a temperature controlled working room, and a ton of storage!


This week we also stockpiled distillers grains for winter feeding.

Mid July - 2nd cutting
Ranch Updates

It's been a wet beginning of July. We've been working on getting our second cutting up between rain days!


One of our ranch hands Tom Churchwell asked his significant other Frankie Coker to marry him this past weekend! We are very happy for them both and wish them the very best!

Mid June - 1st cutting
Ranch Updates

Our first cutting hay crop is finished here on the ranch. We got the bales moved off of the fields just in time for a nice rain. We're looking forward to a good second cutting! How is the hay looking in your part of the country?


June 5th - EPIC Prank!!
Ranch Updates

Back to the excitement that Erica, Grant and Anya brought to us this summer!




It all started Friday night when Grant and Erica decided that they really REALLY wanted to oull a prank while they were here at the ranch. They came up with the idea to borrow a 3day old calf from the summer pairs pasture, and sneak not only the calf but a video camera into Ron and Lois's bedroom at 6am on Sunday morning. With some strategic help from Craig Bieber they pulled off a prank that none of us will ever forget!




June 2rd-12th: The visiting grandkids
Ranch Updates

For the past few summers Ron and Lois's grandchildren from Chicago visit the ranch in the summer. While here they help with all sorts of activities they can't find in the city and we look forward to the excitment they bring to the ranch! This year Grant and Erica visited along with their friend Anya. They helped walk the summer bulls their summer pasture a couple miles away from the ranch, fixed fence, helped AI a group of heifers, rotated a few groups of pairs to new pasture and branded the summer calves. 


Anya and Erica walking summer bulls down the road.



Anya playing with a couple summer calves while setting up branding corrals to work the cows and calves!


Rhubarb hunting with Grandpa Ron and Grandma Lois.


Erica trying to figure out how to sneek a kitten or two back home with her...


Erica (with Craig Howard's help) AIing a heifer



And what excitement did they bring us this year....


Stay Tuned


June 10th - Cayson Christopher Howard
Ranch Updates

June was baby month here on the ranch! We've added another member to our ranch family. Craig and Lindley Howard welcomed Cayson Christopher Howard into the world on June 10th at 10:07am. He weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 20.5 inches long!

June 4th - Kylie Jo Payne
Ranch Updates


Our ranch family has grown!


Eric, Megan and big sister Presley welcomed Kylie Jo Payne into this world at 8:36pm. She weighed 8lbs 3oz and was 21.5 inches long.




We are so happy she is here!




Eric and Megan with their daughters Kylie Jo and Presley Lynn!

January 4th - Mile High Classic Sale
Ranch Updates

Not only are we selling one of our top donor females, Bieber Laura 158W at the Western Heritage Sale, but we are also offering one of our top bred heifers on the Mile High Classic Sale. 


Mile High Classic Sale January 10th, 2016

In the Yards at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO 

Online bidding available at liveauctions.tv



Bieber Adelle 184B was selected by the Johnsen's from Johnsen Land & Cattle as the top replacement heifer in 2014. Adelle 184B's dam, Bieber Adelle 311Y is in our donor pen and is part of the cowline that has produced Bieber Makin Hay 9913 (Accelerated Genetics), Bieber Rough Rider 10712, Bieber Outrider W388 (Select Sires) and Bieber FAF Rollin Deep B627 (Green Mountain Red Angus). No cowline in the Red Angus breed has had the kind of impact that Adelle has had on the breed. Adelle 184B is AI bred to Beber Federation B544, due March 15th,2016. Bieber Federation B544 was one of the high sellers on our 2015 Spring Production Sale, selling to Bachman Red Angus, MO.


January 1st - Happy New Year!
Ranch Updates

Happy New Year from Bieber Red Angus! 


We are starting out 2016 by offering one of our top females on the Western Heritage On the Hill Sale. The sale will be held on January 8th at the National Western Club during the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO.


 Online bidding is available at www.liveauctions.tv


 We are selling Bieber Laura 158W. She is the dam of Bieber Hard Drive Y120 who is co-owned with Select Sires and the dam of Bieber Deep End B597, sho sold this fall and is leased by Genex. Bieber Laura 158W is on track to produce more outstanding progeny withthe natural calf she weaned and several ET sons currently on test. 


The data on this great breeding female sets her apart from the crowd. She is in the top 24% fo teh breed for Herd Builder and the top 1% for Gridmaster. She also ranks in the top 20% of the breed for CED and top 14% for BW. Her powerful genetic package also comes with an outstanding phenotype. She stands on sound feed and legs with great udder attachment and a docile disposition. Bieber Laura 158W is currently being collected via IVF at Trans Ova Genetics - Yackley Ranches, who have agreed to let the cow stay in continued IVF donor collection if the new buyer so desires. 


Link to the Western Heritage Catalog 


Video of Bieber Laura 158W


If you have any questions contact Craig Bieber at 605/216-8169


December 18th - Bringing the Bred Heifers Home
Ranch Updates

Winter is here on the ranch, we're looking forward to 2016 and starting preparations for the arrival of new Red Angus babies here on the ranch!


This week we walked our bred heifers home off of cornstalks. They've been out on cornstalks for about 6 weeks now. The AI bred heifers are due to start calving on January 21st! 







After walking the heifers back to ranch headquarters, we got them settled in the calving barns! 





Start making plans to join us at our Spring Production Sale coming up here at the ranch on March 3rd, 2016. We will be offering 400 yearling red angus bull, our biggest offering to date! Check back for more information. If you are not currently on our mailing list and would like to get a catalog mailed to you please email your contact information to office@bieberredangus.com and we will send you one as soon as they are printed! We hope to see you then.


September 9th - Moving the Coming 2-year olds
Ranch Updates

It's been a beautiful end of summer/beginning of fall here in South Dakota. Temperatures have been warm throughout the days with nice cool nights. We officially finished our third cutting of hay. We're just finishing up stacking all of the bales and will work on getting them moved into the hay yard for the coming fall/winter.




Work on our third hoop barn has continued. All of the I-beam posts are set. The steel rafters were all hung.





 Then they set all of the concrete panels for the backwall and bolted them into place, then hung the two tarps for the roof. 






Work on the interior of the building has also started. Some of the posts that will be used to hang gates are set. The forms and rebar for the bunkline concrete is also set and ready to be poured.



This building will be ready to go by our upcoming Fall Production sale on November 12th here at the ranch. If you have any questions about the buildings feel free to call or stop by the ranch anytime. 



This week we walked our coming 2-year old bulls the 6 miles home from summer pasture. These bulls were all born in May/June of last year. They will be offered for the first time on our Fall Production sale coming up on November 12th here at the ranch.











September 1st - Accelerated Genetic Rep Tour
Ranch Updates

This week on the ranch we had a group of Accelerated Genetics reps from around the country at the ranch for a tour. We looked through the herd sires that we have here at the ranch now and calves out of the different genetic lines Accelerated Genetics has an interest in. We were impressed with the great group we had this year, here are some pictures from the visit!



We stopped at a couple different pastures. At each pasture we used horses to bring the cattle up so everyone had a chance to walk through the cattle. After we got done in the pastures we had a picnic style lunch at ranch headquarters before looking though some herd sires, a few donor cows and a group of cattle that we brought up to the corrals.








Work has also continued this week on our third hoop calving building. The dirtwork is well underway around the new building and the footers that the I-Beam posts will bolt onto are all in.


We also finished up our third cutting of hay for 2015. Now we are working on getting the bales moved off the field  and rowed to be moved into the hay yard.



August 24th -Adding a Third Hoop Barn
Ranch Updates

Today is a very special day! Our founder and reigning Rhubarb king turned 80 today!


We have found many uses this year for our two hoop calving buildings. The buildings were great sale pens for our Fall production sale. With the cold windy weather we had last year our customers really enjoyed being able to look at the sale cattle under cover during the sale preview this past fall.  


We built the barns for calving season and they drastically helped us this year. The only problem was during the rush of the AI bred cows we did run out of space and had to turn newborn calves out to pasture sooner than we expected. Last year we moved our calving dates up into February and our unpredicable South Dakota winters made us wish we had more space. So this year we are adding a third calving barn at Bieber Red Angus! This addition will allow us to calve the majority of our spring calving cows inside and will allow us to keep the pairs under cover for bit longer before we have to turn them out to pasture. If you have any questions about our buildings or would like to see them in person feel free to call or stop by!   


The dirt work has begun! The new calving barn will sit on the north side of our West Barn. 

March 27th - Calving Update
Ranch Updates

It's winter again here in South Dakota. We got a couple inches of snow last weekend and more today. We're happy for the moisture and the reports saying its supposed to be nearly 60 degrees tomorrow for our first branding of the season. Tomorrow we're branding the calves out of our two year old cows. In a couple weeks we'll brand the main cowherd. If you're interested in seeing/being apart of a Bieber Branding watch for more information and plan to join us here at the ranch in a couple weeks.


Spring 2015 calving is starting to wind down. We have 43 cows left to calve. All of our two year old pairs are out on pasture and the majority of our main cowherd pairs are out on pasture. We have one of our calving barns full of the youngest pairs, and the second barn has a few young pairs and the cows that are left to calve. Here are a few pictures of the newest additions at Bieber Red Angus!






It was really windy this past week. The calves in the barn were nice and protected out of the wind! The pairs out on pasture have fresh bedding and numerous calf shelters and windbreaks for protection. 














March 20th - Delivering Bulls
Ranch Updates

We had a great time in Chillicothe, Missouri at the REDstock Partners sale last Saturday. It was a great first sale with a big crowd! We delivered Bieber Fever VIII bulls on the way down to Chillicothe and delivered cattle from the REDstock Partners sale on the way back Sunday. Craig and Peggy have been busy in the office organizing delivery loads, getting health paperwork for the cattle to travel and delivering loads of cattle. We work hard to get your bulls to you as soon as possible! 


This week on the ranch it was a wonderful spring week. The temperatures have cooled off somewhat but we certainly appreciate temperatures in the 40s and 50s! We're still calving and have around 75 spring cows left to calve. This week we also bred our donor cows who are set up to be flushed next week. 


We hope the weather and calving is going well on your ranches! 

September 3rd - Summer Calf Update
Ranch Updates

We've had more rain this past week! The grass is still growing here in South Dakota, which made taking pictures this morning quite challenging! 


 This week we walked last year's summer bull calves home from pasture about 8 miles away from ranch headquarters. These Coming 2 Year Old Bulls will be offered on our Fall Production Sale coming up on November 13th. Be sure to check back for more sale information!




Our dogs make moving cattle much easier!



Here's another round of summer calf updates. Our summer calves are born in May/June. The heifer calves are grouped with our spring heifers and are all AI bred in the spring. If they are ultrasounded open after the spring breeding sequence, the heifers are synchronized again and bred to join our summer calving herd. The summer bull calves are developed through the winter, then turned out to pasture for the spring/summer. After we bring them home in the early fall they are then offered on our Fall Production Sale as Coming 2 Year Olds.

A summer heifer calf from Bieber Rollin Deep Y118.




Three summer bull calves from Bieber Rollin Deep Y118. The bottom calf is nursing his mother a Loosli New Deal 503 daughter.


A summer bull calf from LSF RAB Exclusive 2793Z out of a LSF JBOB Expectation 6034S two year old daughter.



Two summer bull calves from LSF Cyclone 9934W.



Two summer calves: bull (left) and heifer (right) both from Bieber H Hughes W109.


A summer bull calf out of RHRA Gold Rush 402 17T.


A summer bull calf from VGW Oly 903 nursing his mother a Messmer Jericho W041 two year old daughter.


A Bieber Take 2 Z216 summer heifer calf.



Response 1
Sunday 21st of September 2014
Submitted by: Vonnie
Lindley - do you take all the photos of these beautiful animals? Good job. G Vonnie

August 27th - Summer Calf Update
Ranch Updates

It's been a rainy past week, which for August is rare! We had around 2 inches of rain last Saturday throughout the day, and another full day of rain today! 


This week we're taking a look at some of our summer calves. The summer cows were AI bred the beginning of August and are currently out with their natural service sire groups. After weaning the summer bulls and heifers are split into their own pens in our feedlot. The summer heifer calves are developed and added to our replacement heifer group to be AI bred in the spring. The bull calves are developed in the feedlot through the winter and are turned out to pasture for the spring/summer months. In the fall those bull calves are brought back into the feedlot and are developed and sold on the Fall Production sale as Coming 2 year olds. These bulls are virgin bulls that have never been offered for sale prior to the Fall Production sale!


Here are a few shots of this years summer calves:


Two summer bull calves by Andras Fusion R236.

A summer heifer calf by Andras Fusion R236

out of a Bieber Rough Rider 10712 daughter.


A RHRA Gold Rush 710T summer bull calf out of a Chief Sequoya R336 daughter.


Another summer bull calf from RHRA Gold Rush 710T

out of a Bieber Victor 10535 daughter.


Two summer bull calves from Bieber H Hughes W109.

Bieber Roosevelt W384 never misses an oppourtunity to pose for a picture. This time from the next pasture out where he's in with his natural service sire group.

Summer heifer calf from Bieber Real McCoy Y124.


Two summer bull calves from Bieber Rollin Deep Y118.

Summer Heifer calf from Bieber Roosevelt W384.



August 20th - Ranch Updates
Ranch Updates

Last week was the Brown Country Fair in Aberdeen. It's always a great time to catch up with friends, attend some great fair events and of course the enjoy all of the fair food! Presley was in the 'crawling contest' on Saturday. She won her heat and placed 3rd overall!





This week on the ranch we have been working on a few fix-it projects to get the feed yard ready for weaning in just a couple weeks. One of the main projects was fixing a concrete panel in one of our bunkers. The panel fell down and broke after a heavy rainstorm this spring. We replaced it with a spare panel that we had and the project turned out to be quite the challenge.

Here are a few shots of the action:






The 'all fixed' shot. This bunker will store this winters corn supply in a couple weeks.

This week we also finished up our second cuttting haycrop. We'll get all of our round bales that we put up this year moved into our hay yard and stacked to be fed this winter. We also buy some small square bales of hay to feed in our calving barn pens during calving season. Those bales were delivered this week in our large calving barn. We then loaded it into the skidsteer bucket and lifted it above the calving pens where it was stacked. 




August 6th - Breeding the Summer cowherd & visitors from Kentucky
Ranch Updates

It's been another wonderful week. Lois drove to Chicago last week and picked up Erica and Alex who are out at the ranch for about a two week long visit. We also recieved a bit of much need rain at the beginning of the week and are hoping for some more through the end of the week. 


Last week we AI bred our summer cowherd. We synchronized all of the cows using the 7 day CIDR protocol for the cows and a 14 day CIDR protocol for the heifers. Next week Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday we are pre-conditioning the spring calves, so they'll be ready to wean in mid-September.


This week we also had a tour group from Anderson County, Kentucky. The Anderson County Cattlemen's Association takes a trip each year to tour farms and ranches across the country. They began taking these trips over 30 years ago with groups up to 58 people. A few years ago the group visited their 50th state. They were wonderful people who were excited to learn about agriculture throughout the country. We really enjoyed visiting with them and were honored that they choose to visit BRAR. 


Looking through the first group of spring calving cows.




Erica and Belle dog keeping the cows close so the group can look through them, while Alex, Luka and Mike (below) watch the other side of the cows. 


Looking through the second group of spring calving cows.


Walking through an old farmhouse in one of our pastures. Ron calls this house a Transition house. When they built the house they couldn't get insulation and instead insulated the house with sod between the walls. 


We finished the day by looking through our summer bulls. These bulls were born last summer and will be sold as Coming 2s on our November Production sale. After the tour we enjoyed a great supper at the Ten-45 Cafe in Leola where they served our guests some German classics including cheese buttons, fry sausage with sauerkraut and Kuchen. 

July 9th - Changing Landscapes
Ranch Updates

Happy 4th of July! We thank all the brave men and women that have fought for this great country's independence! 



  We spent the fourth at Mina Lake with a fierce beanbag tournament, fireworks and plenty of great food! 




 Ranch headquarters looks quite a bit different now since we tore down the big white silo a few weeks ago. There also used to be an old wooden grainery next to the silo that fell down this past winter in a blizzard. Here are some pictures of the demolition action!







We're still getting used to the new view! The plan is to put continuous fencing where the silo used to stand and create a more seamless loadout area.  


The wonderful weather this past week has allowed us to get a lot of acres cut & baled this past week! 







June 11th - Prepping for our summer branding and Checking Cows
Ranch Updates

It's been another cooler week with quite a few showers coming through the area. In total we have gotten close to a half inch throughout the week. This upcoming week looks like more of the same with a chance of rain each day and highs in the high 60s-70 degree. The rain is always welcome but we're probably going to hold off on our first cutting. The good news is that our hay ground is looking great and we're expecting a big first cutting! 


With the hay season fast approaching the guys made sure all the hay equipment was ready to go. They put new sections and guards on haybines and fixed any broken teeth on our hayrakes. They'll be ready to go when we get a stretch of haying weather! 


All of our pairs are in breeding pasture groups with their natural service sires. They'll stay out with the bulls for another couple weeks yet. Once we pull the bulls we will combine the pairs into a few larger groups, instead of keeping them in the small breeding groups they're in currently. The guys get out to each pasture every other day and check/replace the salt & mineral, check to make sure the water is working properly, check all the cows in the group and check the fences. 


There's no better sight than cows out on pasture, grazing and raising calves! 





A few other projects this past week were; we starting to spray weeds throughout our pastures and we set up the branding corral for branding our summer calves. 


We're branding this Saturday and everyone is invited to come. We work the cows and give them their breeding season vaccinations. Then we rope&drag the calves to give them their vaccinations and our RAB freeze brand. You can come just to watch or you can jump into the action if you're interested.

The branding will be out by our west ranch. To get there go 6 miles west of the ranch on highway 10, turn south on 348ave (co road 13) and go 8 miles, the corrals are on the east side of the road.  

After we're done with the work we'll have food and drinks back at the ranch. We hope to see you there! If you have any questions feel free to call the office 605-439-3628.

June 4th - Moving Cattle out to Pasture
Ranch Updates

The end of May brought rain showers to the area. We recieved around an inch here at the ranch and we heard reports of 4+ inches to the south and north of us. The inch of rain was very welcome.  Our hay crop is really coming now, we're starting to get the hay equipment ready to go throughout this upcoming week and we're planning to start cutting possibly by the end of next week! 


 This week the guys were busy working both the replacment heifers and the summer bulls! The replacement heifers were AI bred given an injectable de-wormer. We also pulled the bulls from their natural service sire groups. All of our replacment heifers were AI bred on April 28th and have been in groups for the 30day natural service breeding period. The heifer's natural service groups have been in our feedlot. After we worked and pulled the bulls we combined all of the small natural service groups and turned the heifers out to pasture. The heifers will be pregnancy ultrasounded in mid-July and any open heifers will be set up and AIed with the summer calving cowherd around the end of July. 


 The summer bulls were also worked this past week. We gave them an injectable de-wormer, wart vaccine and pink-eye vaccine. These bulls were born last year and will be sold as coming 2 year olds on our November 13th production sale this fall. After working the bulls we turned them out to pasture for the summer also. 


The manure haulers were also here this week helping us get the manure piles out of our lots and pastures! We're also working on getting around the rest of our fences and make sure they're ready for cattle when we need to rotate pastures! 

May 28th - Catch Up Week
Ranch Updates

We've had another beautiful week here in Leola with temperatures in the high 60s-70s, and yesterday we had a quick shot of rain.  Ron and Lois also returned from Isreal this week and we're excited to hear about their trip. 


This week around the ranch we've been catching up on small projects since AIing our cowherd these past couple weeks. Here was the schedule we followed through the AI process: 


May 3rd - Put CIDRS in and gave GnRH to the 2 Year Old Cows


May 5th - Put CIDRs in and gave GnRH to Group 1 of the RAB cows


May 6th - Put CIDRs in and gave GnRH to Group 2 of the RAB cows


May 8th - Put CIDRs in and gave GnRH to the Durheim cows


May 10th - Pulled the CIDRs and gave Lutalyse to the 2 Year Old Cows  


May 12th - Pulled the CIDRs and gave Lutalyse to Group 1 of the RAB cows


May 13th - Bred the 2 year old cows and Pulled the CIDRs and gave Lutalyse to Group 2 of the                    RAB cows   


May 15th - Breed Group 1 of the RAB cows and Pull CIDRs and give Lutalyse to the Durheim                        cows


May 16th - Breed Group 2 of the RAB cows 


May 18th - Breed the Durheim cows


On May 19th, 20th, and the 21st we sorted the cowherd into their Natural Service Sire groups. We took each group and their assigned bull to a pasture for Natural Service. This past week we took each pasture a salt/mineral feeder to their pasture and checked it/refilled it every coupld days throughout the breeding period. We have also taken alot of time to go through the fences around the ranch and make sure they are all in good repair! We also got the hay equipment out to get it ready for the first cutting in a couple weeks. 


The summer calving cows are about done calving with around 50 cows left to calve! We are set to brand the summer calves on June 14th. If you are interested in coming to a branding we would love to have you. Theres oppourtunity to help work the cows/calves if you want or feel free to watch the action! For more information call the office at 605-439-3628 or check the blog or facebook page closer to the 14th! 

January 16th - Winter Update
Ranch Updates

We had a beautiful past weekend here in Leola with temperatures that were in the high 30s. The warm weather was a great break from the cold snap we've had through December, 'normal' January weather returned today with a snowy blizzardy day. There were gusts in the area that were clocked at up to 69mph!




The guys kept busy today feeding cows and making sure all of the cattle were up by their windbreaks. 


The calving barn is all bedded and ready for the heifers to move in later this week. The heifers are bred to start calving February 5th.


Bieber Fever IV is coming soon on March 6th, 2014. We finished clipping all of the bulls and heifers this past weekend. Next week we'll be taking pictures and putting all of the sale cattle in lot order!


We also had some great customers sell calves this past week,

Justin Jessop

12 Steers at 515lbs for $202.50

11 Heifers at 491lbs for $190.00


Pearl Creek Cattle

Donnie and Ben Miner


58 head at 715lbs for $185.00

18 head at 615lbs for $197.50


45 head at 625lbs for $190.00


We have several more customers selling calves in the upcoming weeks, as well as customers who have bred heifers for sale. Be sure to check our listings on the Customer Cattle Marketing webpage. If you have any questions about the cattle featured on our page or have cattle you would like to list contact Craig Bieber 605-439-3628 or 605-216-8169. 


December 25th - Merry Christmas from all of us at RAB!
Ranch Updates



Merry Christmas to all of our customers and friends. We hope that this holiday season brings you lot of joy and new memories with your loved ones! We have been taking the holiday a little slower to give everyone some time to relax with their families. The weather has been beautiful and mild this Christmas. It snowed about an inch on Monday but since then temperatures have been in the high 20s and 30s with bright beautiful sunshine. This Friday the temperature is supposed to reach into the high 30s and possibly 40 before it cools off again this weekend. 


All of us here at Bieber Red Angus have enjoyed a relaxing Christmas holiday. Caleb left with one of the last loads of cattle to deliver in Michigan's upper peninsula from Bieber Fever V and stopped to spend Christmas with his family. The rest of us spent Christmas Day on the ranch enjoying a prime rib and time with Eric, Megan and Presley Payne. 

Presley trying out her first New Holland tractor from Papa Craig. 


Megan and Presley opening gifts. 


Craig Howard and I also had a nice Christmas suprise. Craigs dog Belle, who can in many pictures helping move cattle around on the ranch, had the next generation of cowpuppies on Christmas Day. 


 Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year! We hope to see all of you at the upcoming Bieber Fever VI here at the ranch on March 6th, 2014!


September 18th - Preconditioning the Summer Calves
Ranch Updates

It was relatively cool through the end of last week and this past weekend here in Leola, with some nice rain on Saturday and Tuesday night. There was nothing cool about today though with humid temperatures reaching into the 90s. We had planned to wean our spring calves yesterday, but after seeing the forecast for heat we decided to hold off. Instead the spring calves will be weaned on tomorrow and Friday when the temperatures are supposed to stay more moderate/cool. Which will put the least amount of extra stress on the newly wean calves.

Last Friday the guys set up the portable corral and alley to precondition the summer calves on Saturday. They also pulled Cyclone out of the group of spring cows he was natural servicing; those cows will be joining the summer calving group next year.

The summer cows are currently over at our west ranch, those cows were synchronized and AI bred on August 2nd. Then they were sorted into four groups each with a natural service sire. The four sires we used natural service were: Bieber Roosevelt W384, Bieber Rushmore Y106, GMRA Peacemaker 1216, and Bieber Real McCoy Y124. 

To precondition the calves the guys gathered one group at a time and walked to group to the portable working facility. They then pulled the bull out of the cows and loaded him onto the horse trailer. Then the cows were sorted off of the calves. The calves were then worked through the portable chute and were given three preconditioning vaccinations. This year we gave Bovi Shield Gold a 5 way vaccination, Ultrabac 7 a 7 way vaccination and One Shot. We also gave each calf a shot of Multimin an injectable mineral supplement, which has been shown to increase the effectiveness of the vaccinations when given simultaneously. Unlike when we preconditioned the spring calves, we did not tattoo the calves on Saturday but we will tattoo each calf with both their individual identification number and our breeder code when we wean the calves. We will also Bangs vaccinate the summer heifer calves and the vet will give them with the corresponding tattoo.

A view of the rainy preconditioning day, last Saturday.

The early part of this week has been full of finishing up a bit more dirt work around the feedlot, and Caleb also finished up three new water tank lids that he has been building off and on for the past week or so. We had also bought some straw bales for bedding this upcoming winter. Those bales were delivered late last week and Kenny will be busy this week restacking the straw into a large stack in the hay lot here at ranch headquarters.


Calebs handywork on a couple of the new tank lids

Tomorrow the guys are headed up to Durheims to wean the spring calves up there and Friday they will be weaning the RAB cows here at the ranch!

September 11th - Final Feedlot Preparations for Weaning
Ranch Updates

We were blessed with some great rain this past weekend and in total we received around 1.5 inches. It has really perked the pastures back up and its nice to see green grass again before fall.

This past week has been another week of small projects around the ranch in preparation for weaning. One of the main projects this past week was replacing a fence in our feedlot between pens 3 and 4. This was the last line of feedlot fence that had wooden posts, and those posts were starting to really show their age. The guys pulled out the old posts and replaced them with steel posts. The cables on that fence were still in good shape, so we reused the cable and welded clips onto the new steel posts to string the cables back up. 


The old fenceline with wooden posts


Pulling the old fence posts out and the finished cleared fenceline.

Setting the new steel posts. 

While replacing the fenceline between pen 3 and 4 we also added another line of cable to the bottom of the fenceline between pen 4 and a shelterbelt. That should help keep the weaned calves out of the shelter belt! We also repaired any broken cables and picked up rocks throughout the feedlot pens. 

Dupers were also back this week hauling away the last of the manure piles in the feedlot pens. We also got the last of the straw and manure out of the pastures where we had calf shelters this past spring. 

Another necessary but not to much fun job that we got out of the way this past week was cleaning up around our bunkers. We have two large bunkers that will house high moisture corn and silage this fall/winter. Caleb pulled weeds in between those two bunks and picked up any trash or rocks. 


Although there was not to much exciting news to report this week, thats all about to change! This upcoming Saturday we will be preconditioning our summer calves, as well as getting loads of distillers grain in for a stockpile. Then next Tuesday the spring calves will be weaned and enter into the newly cleaned feedlot! 

Take a moment today to remember all those who lost their lives 12 years ago in NYC, as well as those servicemen and women who have fought and died for our country and freedom before and after 9/11/2001. 

September 4th - Summer Calf Update
Ranch Updates

This past weekend we got a break from the high temperatures of last week and also recieved around a quarter inch of rain, that was extremely welcomed!  The guys have been kept busy doing smaller projects around the ranch and rotating the cattle to new pastures. 

It was an especially beautiful evening tonight and we went out to look at the summer cowherd.

The cows were AI bred on August 2nd, and were sorted into four natural service sire groups a few days later. The natural service sires will be pulled on Saturday, September 14th, and the cows will be ultrasounded around 30 days later. Heres a few of the calves out of the summer group! 

LSF Cyclone Bull Calf 
LSF Cyclone Heifer Calves 

Beckton Epic Heifer Calves 

Gold Rush Heifer Calves 

Bieber H Hughes Bull Calf 

Bieber H Hughes Heifer Calf 

Basin EXT W103B Heifer Calf out of a Durheim Cow 

VGW Oly 903 Heifer Calf 

Bieber Roosevelt W384 Bull Calf 

Bieber Roosevelt W384 Heifer Calf 

Bieber Roosevelt W384 with his natural service group

Bieber Samurai X22 Bull Calf 

Bieber Samurai X22 Heifer Calf 

LSF Takeover Bull Calf 

We sell the summer bull calves as coming 2 year old bull in our Fall Production sale, so be looking for some of these great calves in the fall of 2014! The summer bull calves from last summer will be sold this year on our fall production sale!

August 28th - Prepping the Lots for Weaning
Ranch Updates

It has been a hot dry past week here! Temperatures have been in the high 80s and 90s for the past week now and are expected to continue through Saturday.  We did receive around a tenth of an inch of rain last night which we were very grateful for!


Last Friday we moved our 90 coming 2 Year Old bull from our Pheifle unit, closer to ranch headquarters. The Pheifle is 7 miles from ranch headquarters and normally we would drive cattle to and from the Pheifle unit, but with the high temperatures we decided to haul the bulls to their new pasture. They will stay on pasture until mid-September when we wean the calves. A day or so after we bring the calves into the feedlot we will walk the coming 2 year old bulls back to ranch headquarters and put them in the feedlot also.


Gathering the coming 2 Year Olds at the Pheifle.


And arriving in their new pasture.

The other big project we have worked on this week is getting the feedlots ready for weaning. The lots were all cleaned and the manure was hauled out and was used as fertilizer on our hay ground earlier this summer. Now the guys have been hauling new fill into each of the lots. The new fill is then spread around the lots to fill any holes and to also correct any drainage issues.






Caleb has also been busy building a few new water tank lids for a few of the tanks in the feedlot. After this week the lots will be ready for the weaned calves come mid September!

August 21st - Spring Calf Update
Ranch Updates

Summer has reappeared here in Leola this past week. Temperatures have reached up into the 80s and 90s. We had almost forgotten what summer felt like and for the most part we enjoyed the reminder! The Brown County Fair took place last week in Aberdeen, and here at the ranch we kept things pretty low key so everyone could enjoy the fair with their family and friends. This past Saturday the gals of Bieber Red Angus held a baby shower for Megan. Eric and Megan are expecting their first little girl in late October!

Kristin, Megan and Lindley at the shower.

We have kept busy with some smaller projects around the ranch, checking pairs and mineral feeders. Last week we ultrasounded our spring calving cows and preconditioned our spring calves. This week we thought we would highlight some of the calves out of our great herd sires and to give you sample of how the spring calves are growing and developing. 


LSF Cyclone 9934W Heifer Calves

LSF Cyclone Bull Calf 


Beckton Epic R297 K Bull Calves


Beckton Epic R297 K Heifer Calves 

RHRA Gold Rush Bull Calf 

Bieber Hard Drive Y120 Bull Calf 


Bieber H Hughes W109 Heifer Calves 

Bieber H Hughes W109 Bull Calf 


Paringa Iron Ore Bull Calves

Paringa Iron Ore Heifer Calf 


VGW Oly 903 Bull Calves

GMRA Peacemaker Heifer Calf 

Bieber Real McCoy Y124 Bull Calf 

Bieber Real McCoy Y124 Heifer Calf 

Bieber Rollin Deep Y118 Bull Calf 

Bieber Rollin Deep Y118 Heifer Calf 



Bieber Roosevelt W384 Bull Calves

Rouse Samurai X22 Heifer Calf 

LSF Takeover 9943W Heifer Calf 

We like what we have seen so far in our spring calf crop! If you would like to see how all of our calves are doing we welcome visitors and love showing off our cows and calves. If you are driving by feel free to stop in!

Response 1
Saturday 24th of August 2013
Submitted by: G Vonnie
The one I want is the LSF Cyclone Bull Calf! Love you & your blog.

July 17th - Moving and Ultrasounding the Bred Replacement Heifers
Ranch Updates

The weather has been hot and humid but we were still able to accomplish quite a bit this past week. On our blog last week we highlighted a water tank replacement project at our Phiefle unit. Last Thursday we put the new tank to work, when we moved our bred replacement heifers from our West Ranch to the Phiefle.  The walk was around 5 miles for the heifers and we started early in the morning to try to get the majority of the move before the hottest part of the day. Here are some pictures from the drive:



We stopped the heifers at a slough to cool off midway through the drive.

Our canine helpers really appreciated the cooling off as well!


The heifers all moved into the new pasture.

The dogs enjoyed one last cool off before the Ranger ride home.

This past Friday we pulled the bulls out of the spring calving cows. To do this we set up two centrally located portable working facilities. We drove each of the small breeding groups to the closest working facility to their particular pasture. Then we drove the whole bunch into the portable corrals. Once there we poured all of the cows with fly control and split the bull away from the cows. The bull was then loaded up and the cows were let out into a nearby pasture. When we were done we had all of the bulls back at headquarters and two large bunches of freshly poured pairs! 

On Monday we had Dr. Dean Christanson and his team from the Ashley Vet Clinic out to ultrasound the bred replacement heifers. We built a working facility at the Phiefle unit with our portable chute/alley and our OK Corral. Caleb and Skylar helped push heifers through the chute/alley and into the portable hydraulic chute that the vets bring for ultrasounding. Here are the pictures:

Dr. Christianson ultrasounds while vet tech Amanda analyzes the ultrasound images. Amanda also ran the hydrualic chute and poured the heifers with fly control.


Skylar and Caleb working the chute and alley.


We were happy with the ultrasounding results. The guys did a great job getting the heifers synchronized and bred, and the bulls also did a great job with only a 30 day natural service breeding period. The open heifers will be re-bred to join the summer calving cowherd.

Response 1
Tuesday 30th of July 2013
Submitted by: Vonnie
WOW! What a great job you are doing. I am learning a lot from your blog. Thanks, Lindley
Response 2
Tuesday 30th of July 2013
Submitted by: Vonnie
WOW! Your message is clear & great to read. I really enjoyed all of it. G Vonnie

July 10th - Working on some Summer Projects
Ranch Updates

The Fourth of July holiday weekend was sunny, warm and dry here.  We were able to take it a little easy so everyone could spend a little extra time with their family and friends on this great holiday weekend, and remember all of the great people who sacrificed for our country!

A graphic from our local country stations facebook page

We have been in need of a good rain and on Monday night we were blessed with a little! The rain gauge at ranch headquarters said that we got around 1.3 inches. It was sure welcomed! The forecast is calling for a
chance of rain this upcoming Friday and Saturday so hopefully we will receive a little bit more, all in all though our hay crop is looking great so far. Tomorrow we will be raking and baling the last 40 acres of our first cutting. The guys are still working on getting the baled hay out of the fields and all rowed and stacked. The first few alfalfa fields that we cut are already starting to take off again and in a couple weeks we should be able to start our second cutting.

One of the summer projects that we were able to finish this week was to replace an old water tank that we had over at our Pheifle unit. The Pheifle unit is a full section that sits approximately 5 miles south and a mile east of ranch headquarters. Mike Chapman, one of our ranch hands, lives there with his wife Sandy. The section is split into four pastures. Typically we summer our coming 2 year old bulls and our bred replacement heifers over there each year. All four pastures have access to water tanks, and one of those tanks was getting worn out. We are planning to move the bred
replacement heifers from our west ranch over to the Pheifle tomorrow, so we wanted to make sure we got that tank replaced this last week.

To replace the old tank the guys first drained the tank and removed the tank float. Then with the payloader they dug around the old tank and lifted it out of the way. The payloader was then used to level the dirt, and lift the new tank in place.  Once the new tank is in place it needs to be leveled by adding dirt underneath the tank.  The float was re-used and plumbed into the new tank. The guys did a little bit of dirt work around the tank then that part of the project was complete. That particular water tank sits on the fenceline between one of the pastures and the yard/outbuildings at the Pheifle. The four wire fence that split the tank was not strong enough, so the guys removed the section of barbed wire by the tank and replaced it with some wooden fence posts and steel panels. It looks like it will work great and is ready for the heifers tomorrow.


This coming Friday the guys will be pulling the natural
service sires out of the groups of cows. While we pull bulls we will also be
combining the cows into two groups. Stop back next week to read more!

July 3rd - Hay, Hay, Hay
Ranch Updates

The temperatures this week have been warm and full of sunshine with low humidity. Weather like this is perfect for haying, the guys are almost done with the first cutting. This week we also welcomed Caleb Acciacca to Bieber Red Angus as a full-time ranchhand. Caleb interned with us for about a month last spring, and we are glad to have him back!  

So far we have been really happy with this years hay crop. After the dry conditions last summer and fall, there was concern about what kind of a hay crop would be awaiting us this summer. With this years late spring and early summer moisture, we are happy to see average or above average hay crop!

Kenny is cutting hay today and has two more fields to go before we are done with our first cutting. 


After the hay is raked and baled, Mike uses the bale carrier to pick up all of the round bales and put them in rows. Later on in the summer we will stack the rowed bales and move them closer to ranch headquarters to be used this fall and winter.


A few weeks ago the guys move the bred replacement heifers over to our west ranch. Today Caleb and Skylar moved them to a new pasture, and made sure that the water tank in that pasture was on and working correctly.


We hope that all of our readers have a chance to celebrate our great nations Independence day tomorrow with their family, friends and of course cattle.

June 12th - Moving cattle
Ranch Updates

Its been another rainy week here in Leola. We have had scattered showers all week with rain all day this past Saturday and today. I personally have lost track of how much rain we have gotten this spring but I know Ron has been keeping track. I will have to check with him and get back with our spring rainfall totals in the next blog post.

Today even with the persistent rain we moved our replacement heifers from our ranch headquarters to our west ranch about 5 miles away. We used our main helpers our border collies.

Here are a few pictures from moving heifers today:



Craig Howard and his dog Belle

Mike and his dog Chase


Our dogs These dogs are trained to know directional commands which allow the handler to send the dog around to bring a misguided cow back to the bunch or to watch an open gate as we are moving the bunch down the road. We get a lot of use out of our dogs!  Another bonus to having a dog is they are extremely helpful when you need to move cattle out of a pasture with a lot of water in it. When you are using a Ranger instead of horses getting cattle out of the water gets pretty difficult, border collies make a lot of things easier!


April Snow Showers, Bring May Flowers - April 17th, 2013
Ranch Updates

It has been a snowy past week here at Bieber Red Angus. Last Thursday we got about 6 inches of snow and we got a few more inches along with blizzard like conditions last Sunday. If that wasnt enough heres a picture of the weather outside today, and it is supposed to continue through tomorrow.  

So I am sure you can guess what the guys did this past week. They pushed snow, in April!

They also worked hard making sure the cows and calves were well bedded and sheltered from the storm. The calves are sure ready for some warmer weather! The summer cows, below, are really hoping for warmer weather before they start calving in May!


This past week, Craig, Peggy, Craig Howard and I all traveled to Billings, Montana for Ludvigson Stock Farms production sale and to visit the bull studs in the Billings area. The weather in Montana was beautiful while we were there, including temperatures in the mid 50s! Ludvigsons sale was held at their bull development facilities in Park City, Montana west of Billings a ways. The sale went well and we purchased a new bull that we are planning to use in the upcoming breeding season. He is a son out of Brown Paramount X7879 and a Misson Statement daughter. He is numbered really well and ranks in the top 10% of the breed for Calving Ease Direct, top 4% for Birth Weight top 11% for Weaning Weight and top 17% for Yearling Weight. We are excited to see how he performs this upcoming breeding season! Bieber Red Angus co-owns this bull with Select Sires.


I also want to make a shout out to one of our loyal blog followers, Ron Bieber. About a month ago a semi truck miscalculated while pulling away from the loading chute and decimated the previous mailboxes. Ron has been working on the replacement for a while now and finished the project. We were all really impressed with the new mailboxes. Good Job Ron!


Hopefully all of our customers and friends in the area are faring well with this weather and are ready for the upcoming breeding season. If you are thinking about which bulls to use AI this season, Bieber Red Angus has semen available from some great herd bulls, for more information or to order semen contact Craig Bieber. We will talk more about which bulls we are using this season and why in an upcoming blog post. Until then we are hoping that these April Snow Showers will still bring many May Flowers!   

Synchronizing our Replacement heifers
Ranch Updates

It has been a beautiful week here in Leola! The temperatures have been in the mid 30s with clear sunny skies. This upcoming weekend the temperature is supposed to reach into the 40s and 50s, which is wonderful since we are planning to have our first branding of the season this Saturday (more on that next week).

This past week we started synchronizing our spring and summer replacement heifers. For estrous synchronization we use a 14 day CIDR combined with timed AI. In the past we have had good luck with this protocol. We inserted CIDRs in our spring replacement heifers last Wednesday and in our summer replacement heifers last Thursday. The CIDRs are left in place for 14 days and are then removed, so next Wednesday we will remove the CIDRs from the spring replacements and next Thursday from the summer replacements. 16 days after the CIDRs are remove we will give them a shot of Prostaglandin, we use Lutalyse, but Estrumate, In Synch, EstroPLAN, and ProstaMate are also common brand names. 3 days after the Prostaglandin shot we will time AI the replacements for an estimated calving date of February, 5 2014.   

Here are a few pictures:


Jazz helping bring the replacements down to the working barn from their pen 

Cody working the alley 


Mike loading the CIDRs into the applicator

Craig Howard inserting the CIDR

This past month Craig and Peggy have been busy putting together loads and delivering sale cattle to customers. They are getting close to having everything delivered! We also flushed our donor cows this week, we will have a blog post about our flush program coming up. Other than that we have been enjoying the much anticipated spring weather, and the Easter holiday. Join us next week for our first branding post!

Clipping Bulls and Preparing for Calving Season
Ranch Updates

Well it is that time of year again last week we moved all of the cows off of cornstalks and sorted the spring calving cows off of the summer calving cows and moved the springs closer to headquarters. 



Our bred replacement heifers have been close for a few weeks now and they are set to start calving February 3rd

This past week we put the finishing touches on the calving barn repairs/improvements and we got fresh straw spread and ready for newborn calves.

We are currently in the process of clipping the March production sale bulls, open heifers and Fall calving cows.


The guys clean the bulls up by combing and blowwing out any dirt/straw.


The cattle then move up into our portable double ally which we used to shave the bulls head


We then trim the bulls body hair with a propane torch, then we clip the hair along the topline and tail.

All done. The hair will then blend naturally and look great by video, picture, and sale time!

We would like to thank Jerry Jeffries/Jeffries Land and Cattle for all 50 units of Rollin Deep Y118 semen which brought $325 a unit on the Mile High Classic Sale this past Sunday. We are excited to see our first Rollin Deep calves this spring! Thanks again Jerry!

Response 1
Saturday 19th of January 2013
Submitted by: L & R
Looks good we are enjoying keeping up what is happening at home!!! We are soaking up the heat.
Response 2
Monday 21st of January 2013
Submitted by: Vonnie DeVries
Great blog about your animals! The photos of the beef are really nice to look at. Good job, Lindley

Rollin Deep Y118 semen available only at the Mile High Classic Sale Jan. 13th
Ranch Updates

Coming up on January 13th is the 2013 Mile High Classic Red Angus Auction, in the yards at the National Western in Denver. On the sale we will be selling 50 units, 5 packages of 10 units of Rollin Deep Y118 semen.

Bieber Rollin Deep Y118


We cannot remember the last time we were this excited about a new sire as we are about Rollin Deep Y118. Performance in a stout package! Rollin Deep ranks in the top 7% for WW, top 9% for YW, top 3% for TM, top 7% for marbling, 7% for CW and top 15% for REA. He posted big ratios for all growth and carcass traits. He is good footed, stout from any angle and held his flesh really well while breeding this summer in Canada. Let Rollin Deep speak for himself in this video.

Rollin Deeps pedigree contains some of the breeds most elite cattle from top to bottom.  Rollin Deep is the first calf out of 399W Bieber Tilly who posted MPPA 106. After this outstanding first calf we are she is currently in our flush pen and we have high hopes for her future. The Tilly cowline always rises to the top when we are talking about top sires and dams at Bieber Red Angus. Bieber Tilly 7334 has put countless daughters our flush pen, simply because she never misses. We could breed Tilly 7334 to any sire and you will consistently get an outstanding calf a trait that Tilly 7334 has passed down to her daughters.  The bottom side of his pedigree with sires like Bieber Boone 8000, Bieber Straight Arrow and RITO 1I2 and RITO 6I6 you are sure to get cattle that have great disposition, growth and carcass quality.

The top side of Rollin Deeps pedigree starts off with Bieber Roosevelt W384, who is the complete package. He has a super disposition, nice deep flank along with amply growth and carcass data. He was our pick of the 2009 calf crop and we sampled him heavily in 2010. His calves were some of the best in the 2011 calf crop and we have continued using him heavily both AI and natural service. The top side of Rollin Deeps pedigree continues with other breed cornerstones like Bieber Rough Rider 10712, Basin Trendsetter 6074 and Bieber Adelle 8958. Bieber Adelle 8958, like Tilly 7334, was one of the best and most used donor cows we have ever had. Together they have produced countless active daughters whose calves consistently rise to the top every year. Adding a calf out of Rollin Deep to your herd is sure to result a powerful, growthy calf with a lot of maternal potential!

At the 2013 Mile High Classic Red Angus Auction we will be selling 50 units, 5 packages of 10 units of Rollin Deep Y118 semen. These 50 units of semen will be the only Rollin Deep semen sold in the USA in 2013. The highest bidder on the first package of 10 units of semen will have the option to purchase all 50 units. If this buyer does not take all 50 units then the remaining semen will be auctioned in packages of 10 units and the highest bidder will have the option to buy the remaining semen.  At the 2012 Canadian Agribition 60 units of Rollin Deep semen sold at auction brought an average of $325 a unit. To view a full sale catalog for the 2013 Mile High Classic follow this linkFeel free to contact either Craig Bieber, Bieber Red Angus 605-216-8169 or Silver Spur Ranch / Encampment, WY Thad York, GM & Cheramie Viator, Marketing / 979-777-9419 for more information on Rollin Deep Y118, and remember this is your only chance to purchase Rollin Deep semen in 2013, do not get left behind!

Also at the Mile High Classic Red Angus, J L Jeffries/ Jeffries Land and Cattle Sale is selling one heifer Lot 2 and two Embryo packages Lots 27 and 28 out of Bieber Hughes W109. Check out the Mile High Classic catalog for more information.

Bieber Hughes W109

About our New Ranch Blog Author
Ranch Updates

Welcome to our ranch blog! When Bieber Red Angus first designed this newer website a few years ago we added the ranch blog section, but with a hectic schedule and other commitments it was hard  for Craig to post regularly. So my name is Lindley Howard and I have taken over writing for the ranch blog. We would like to maintain a better connection with our friends and customers through a mix of posts that include updates about what is happening here on the ranch, and a look behind the scenes at many of the ranching practices we use throughout the year. We are planning to add a new post to the blog every Wednesday so be sure to check in!

Here is a little about the author:

My name is Lindley Howard (formerly Harrington). I grew up in northern Michigan and started my affiliation with Biebers when I bought my first Red Angus heifer 9672 from their sale in 2005, who still resides on my parents farm today. 


My youngest sister Madeline with 9672 this year at the Marion Fair and 9672 with her bull calves from the past two years.


My parents farm in Michigan has around 50 cows mostly Simmental and Angus crossed cattle, we raised their calves and showed them at some state shows and 3 county fairs. Throughout my 4-H days I not only showed cattle but also showed horses, swine and sheep. So you could say that attending Michigan State University and majoring in animal science was a natural choice for me. During the summer between my sophomore and junior years at Michigan State I had the opportunity to come back to Leola, SD and work for Bieber Red Angus as an intern.  That first summer I learned a lot about cattle handling, Red Angus Pedigrees and that I liked the cowboss Craig Howard. All in all it was a really great summer and I came back the next summer between my junior and senior years. That summer I learned how to rope, that branding was my favorite time of year on the ranch and that I really enjoyed being newly engaged to Craig Howard. So you guessed it after I graduated in December 2010, I moved to Leola.


Me and my border collie Jazz with Sparty on campus at Michigan State and at the Purebred                                      Beef Barn where I worked for 2 years.


Craig and I were married on September 9th of 2011 and am happy to report that we are enjoying our new life together! I work full-time for hog operation north of Leola, Craig of course is the cowboss at Bieber Red Angus. We live here on the ranch with a small pack of border collies and kitties.


I am very excited to start writing ranch blog posts and hope you will stick with me as I learn more about writing and uploading these posts (remember I am an Animal Science major not an English major!). See you next Wednesday!


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Wednesday 7th of November 2012
Submitted by: Vonnie
YEA! I like it Lindley, good job.
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Wednesday 7th of November 2012
Submitted by: Ann Harrington
What a wonderful blog. I am TOTALLY ignorant of anything to do with Red Angus Cattle and very much the small town person and now suburban life person on the outskirts of Melbourne Victoria in Australia. We do have one friend who is a dairy farmer and for almost thirty years we have attended his family's annual BBQ. Your Uncle Dave would always volunteer to help with the milking. I stayed in the kitchen. Other than this exposure, we have hardly ever been on a farm period. I certainly never grew up with animals. In fact, I have always been a little afraid of animals. So I think this increases my admiration of people who are so comfortable with animals. You know I love genealogy and so many of the early peoples of America were farmers of various kinds. I have a huge admiration for people who have stayed in touch with the land and who have remained to a large degree more self sufficient in comparison. I already am finding that I love the idea of a blog and learning more about your life and the life of running a ranch in South Dakota. You are the first person I have ever known who lives in South Dakota. Thanks for linking me into your blog. I will certainly look forward to learning more details about breeding Red Angus cattle. I love your photos as well. They depict a different dimension than words. Have fun running your blog. 'Aunty' Ann
Response 3
Thursday 8th of November 2012
Submitted by: Sherry Brandi
Like your Blog and looking forward to more :o)
Response 4
Thursday 8th of November 2012
Submitted by: Lois
Looks good to me... I like the paragraphs and then a picture and so on.
Response 5
Friday 30th of November 2012
Submitted by: Renee Kutchan
Nice job with the website Lindley - lot's of great information and personable.
Response 6
Wednesday 5th of December 2012
Submitted by: Tom and Amy Patterson
Great job Lindley the blog looks great!
Response 7
Saturday 23rd of February 2013
Submitted by: Sherryl Isley
Lindley, I am a friend of the Bieber family from Springville al. I will be coming to branding in June and am looking forward to spending a few days on the ranch. Your blog sounds interesting and I will look forward to reading them. I love the pic of you and Craig. You are a handsome couple. I look forward to meeting you when I come in June. Have a blessed day and keep up the good work.

Sale List Prices Lot 150 thru 293
Ranch Updates

Lot Price
150 $3,000.00
151 $3,000.00
152 $3,500.00
153 $4,000.00
154 $3,500.00
155 $4,750.00
156 $3,000.00
157 $3,500.00
158 $3,250.00
159 $3,500.00
160 $2,750.00
161 $2,500.00
162 $3,000.00
163 $2,500.00
164 $2,750.00
165 $4,750.00
166 $2,750.00
167 $3,000.00
168 $3,250.00
169 $2,750.00
170 $3,000.00
171 $2,750.00
172 $3,000.00
173 $2,750.00
174 $2,750.00
175 $3,750.00
176 $2,250.00
177 $2,000.00
178 $2,000.00
179 $3,000.00
180 $3,000.00
181 $2,500.00
183 $2,500.00
184 $2,750.00
185 $3,000.00
186 $2,500.00
187 $2,750.00
188 $2,500.00
190 $2,750.00
191 $2,750.00
192 $5,000.00
193 $2,250.00
194 $2,750.00
195 $3,500.00
196 $2,750.00
197 $2,000.00
198 $1,750.00
199 $2,500.00
200 $4,250.00
201 $3,250.00
203 $3,000.00
205 $2,250.00
206 $2,750.00
207 $2,500.00
209 $2,600.00
210 $9,750.00
211 $2,750.00
213 $3,750.00
214 $2,500.00
215 $2,750.00
216 $2,750.00
217 $2,750.00
218 $2,500.00
220 $3,000.00
221 $2,750.00
222 $2,250.00
223 $1,500.00
224 $1,600.00
225 $2,000.00
226 $2,250.00
227 $2,000.00
228 $1,600.00
229 $1,600.00
230 $3,000.00
231 $4,000.00
232 $1,800.00
233 $2,900.00
234 $2,000.00
235 $1,600.00
236 $3,500.00
237 $1,500.00
238 $2,250.00
239 $1,750.00
240 $2,500.00
241 $1,800.00
242 $1,800.00
243 $1,600.00
244 $1,700.00
245 $2,000.00
246 $1,500.00
247 $3,250.00
248 $2,000.00
249 $1,750.00
250 $1,700.00
251 $1,600.00
252 $1,900.00
253 $1,700.00
254 $3,250.00
255 $2,000.00
256 $1,600.00
257 $3,000.00
258 $1,600.00
259 $1,800.00
260 $1,600.00
261 $2,000.00
262 $3,250.00
263 $2,000.00
264 $1,800.00
265 $2,000.00
266 $2,250.00
267 $2,500.00
268 $1,750.00
269 $2,250.00
270 $1,500.00
271 $2,250.00
272 $2,500.00
273 $2,500.00
274 $1,700.00
275 $2,500.00
276 $1,500.00
277 $2,500.00
278 $1,600.00
279 $2,500.00
280 $1,600.00
281 $1,500.00
282 $1,600.00
283 $1,800.00
284 $1,750.00
285 $1,600.00
286 $1,300.00
287 $2,250.00
288 $2,000.00
289 $2,000.00
290 $2,250.00
291 $2,000.00
292 $1,600.00
293 $1,800.00

Sale List Prices Lot 1 thru 149
Ranch Updates

Lot Price
1 $3,750.00
2 $2,750.00
3 $3,500.00
4 $3,250.00
5 $3,000.00
6 $4,750.00
7 $6,000.00
8 $6,500.00
9 $6,000.00
10 $4,750.00
11 $4,750.00
12 $5,500.00
13 $4,750.00
14 $3,750.00
16 $5,000.00
17 $4,750.00
18 $3,500.00
19 $3,750.00
20 $2,500.00
21 $3,750.00
22 $4,500.00
24 $7,000.00
25 $3,500.00
26 $3,500.00
27 $4,250.00
28 $4,000.00
29 $4,000.00
30 $3,250.00
31 $3,250.00
32 $4,250.00
33 $4,500.00
35 $10,500.00
36 $5,500.00
37 $5,750.00
38 $8,750.00
39 $5,250.00
40 $7,500.00
41 $5,000.00
42 $4,750.00
43 $4,250.00
44 $7,500.00
45 $5,000.00
46 $4,250.00
48 $4,250.00
49 $4,750.00
50 $5,750.00
51 $4,750.00
52 $4,250.00
53 $10,000.00
54 $6,000.00
56 $4,500.00
57 $4,750.00
58 $4,750.00
59 $4,750.00
60 $5,250.00
61 $5,500.00
62 $13,000.00
63 $4,500.00
64 $4,750.00
65 $5,000.00
67 $4,500.00
68 $5,750.00
69 $4,500.00
70 $4,000.00
71 $3,500.00
72 $7,500.00
73 $7,500.00
74 $4,500.00
75 $5,750.00
76 $3,250.00
77 $4,500.00
78 $4,000.00
79 $4,000.00
80 $3,500.00
81 $4,000.00
82 $3,750.00
83 $4,750.00
84 $3,750.00
85 $3,500.00
86 $4,000.00
87 $4,250.00
88 $4,500.00
89 $5,000.00
90 $3,750.00
91 $4,500.00
92 $4,500.00
93 $3,500.00
94 $4,000.00
95 $3,000.00
96 $3,750.00
97 $5,000.00
98 $4,250.00
99 $4,000.00
100 $4,000.00
101 $3,000.00
102 $4,000.00
103 $3,000.00
104 $4,000.00
105 $3,250.00
106 $3,750.00
107 $3,500.00
108 $3,500.00
109 $5,500.00
110 $3,000.00
111 $2,500.00
112 $3,250.00
113 $3,500.00
114 $3,250.00
115 $3,250.00
116 $5,000.00
117 $3,000.00
119 $3,750.00
120 $3,000.00
121 $3,500.00
122 $3,500.00
123 $4,000.00
124 $5,250.00
125 $3,250.00
126 $3,250.00
127 $3,250.00
129 $3,000.00
130 $3,250.00
131 $3,000.00
132 $5,000.00
133 $3,750.00
134 $6,000.00
136 $3,500.00
138 $2,750.00
140 $3,250.00
141 $3,250.00
142 $3,250.00
143 $3,000.00
144 $2,750.00
145 $3,500.00
146 $4,500.00
147 $5,500.00
148 $4,250.00
149 $2,750.00

Response 1
Tuesday 15th of March 2011
Submitted by: JIM TATE

Ranch Updates

This is our new site and we hope to add content regularly to keep you inform as to what is going on. The Spring calves have been weaned for a little over three weeks now and thing are going good. The heifer calves are out on pasture and doing well with no supplemental feed. It has been a beautiful fall but it look like it will get colder next week.

Response 1
Tuesday 7th of December 2010
Submitted by: Andrew - Wildcat Creek Ranch, KS
The new site looks great!

Ranch Updates

Finally, it is starting to look like spring here!  Lots of standing water, but the fog has lifted and we have some sunshine.  It is supposed to get up to 55 degrees today which should help dry things up.  Calving is going well with the heifers done.  The cows started calving right around sale time and should be done in about a month.  Hopefully, the snow will stay away and the cows can calve on grass.

Welcome to our ranch blog!
Ranch Updates

You may wonder why we are starting a Bieber Red Angus Ranch blog. Simply put - because we've got a lot going on. That's not different from any other ranch, it's just that we like to keep you informed about how we're procuring the best Red Angus cattle in the country, what our management strategies are like and the challenges presented to us. We invite you along on this journey - a quest to produce high-quality beef cattle that are profitable.

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