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November 20th - Taking DNA Samples
Fall 2013

Its starting to feel a little more like winter here in South Dakota. The weather has been very mild and quite warm for November the past couple weeks, but thats all come to an end today with highs in the teens for the next few days. Hopefully the weather warms up again since we are now just two short weeks away from Bieber Fever V, which will be held here at the ranch on December 5th. The sale catalog can be viewed online along with the videos of each of the lots on the offering.

Click here to go to the Fall Production Sale page to view the catalog and videos.

Here is a picture taken of a few of the sale cows on the Bieber Fever V offering out grazing cornstalks before the sale. These are great hearty females that can add to any operation. Feel free to call Craig Bieber or Craig Howard if you have any questions about the cattle on the offering!


The guys have started getting the shop cleaned out and cleaned up this past few days. Their main project this week was pouring, weighing and taking DNA samples of all of the yearling bulls. We took weights on all of the bulls to see how they are doing as far as Average Daily Gains. We like to get weights on the bulls a few times throughout the feeding period. The DNA samples will be sent in for 50K testing, which will improve the accuracies on the yearling bulls EPD values on the March Production sale. A bull that has been 50K tested will have EPD values that are similar in accuracy to a bull that has sired one calf crop. All of the Coming 2 Year Old bulls that are on the Bieber Fever V offering have been 50K tested. 


Mike pouring the bulls while Caleb brings them into the tub and works them through the alley.


Mike collecting the DNA sample. We take our hair DNA samples from the switch on the tail. A good sample has around 20-30 intact hair follicles. The samples are placed on hair collection cards and the bulls tag number is written on the card! 


Be sure to check out the sale catalog and videos on our Fall Production Sale page, and feel free to call if you have any questions!


October 30th - Moving Cows
Fall 2013

Exciting news this past week!! Eric and Megan welcomed their first baby girl into the world. Presley Lynn Payne was born on Saturday, October 26th at 8:31am. She weighed 8lbs 2oz and was 21 inches long. She is getting lots of love from her new grandparents Craig & Peggy, and her new great-grandparents Ron & Lois.



Last Monday night we got our first substantial snowfall of the season. We got right at 3 inches of snow along with some sleet. So far the snow has managed to stick around, but it's supposed to warm up a bit this upcoming weekend. With all of our recent moisture we are still keeping the spring born calves out on pasture and out of the muddy, wet lots. The bull calves are in one pasture and the heifer calves in another. Each day we feed the calves ration twice a day and gather the bunch, to make sure all of the calves come up for feed. Once the lots dry out we will move the calves back into feedlot pens for the winter months. 


Our main project this past week was getting our cowherd moved around for fall grazing. All of the bred heifers and 2 year old cows were sorted from the main sping and summer cowherds and were moved into their own pasture to graze.





We also sorted all of the sale cattle off of the main cowherd and moved the sale cattle to cornstalks a bit closer to the ranch.  Bieber Fever V will be held here at the ranch on December 5th. The sale catalog will be mailed out shortly and if you're not on our mailing list and would like to recieve a catalog please email us your address at office@bieberredangus.com.



The main spring calving cowherd was moved over to the west ranch to graze cornstalks.




On Tuesday we gathered all of our summer cows and drove them to the west ranch. The summer cows were then combined with the spring cows and the entire group is now out on cornstalks.


Tomorrow and Friday we are clipping the sale bulls and females!


October 16th - Ultrasounding, Weaning and Vaccinating the Summer cows/calves
Fall 2013

It's been another rainy week. We added another 2.5 inches of rain to our October total through the beginnning of this week. With the extra rain our lots are quite muddy and we turned the weaned spring calves out into pastures close to the ranch so they had some fresh dry ground to lay on. We kept the bulls and heifers seperate in two different pasutures and are feeding them ration out in the pasture. Once the lots are dry we'll move the calves back to the feedlot.

Our biggest projects this past week were weaning the summer born calves, pregnancy ultrasounding the summer cows and working the weaned calves through the chute. We weaned  and worked all of the summer calves this past Monday. 


Craig Howard cleaning the calf's ears before tattooing.


Tattooing the heifer with our breeder code, RAB. Our breeder code is tattooed in every calf's left ear.


Tattooing this heifer with her individual number tattoo. This tattoo number matches her eartag.


Craig Bieber loading the tattoo gun with the correct number, as well as recording each calf's number and weight. 

Peggy and Craig Howard gave each calf it's vaccinations. We gave two shots, one was Bovi-Shield Gold and the other Somubac.

After the summer calves were worked, we seperated the heifers and the bull calves and put them in seperate pens in our feedlot. This week we also got two groups of embryo calves in from 2 cooperator embryo herds. There was 102 calves total in those two groups. We worked those calves through the same process as our weaned summer calves. They were also split into bulls/heifers and placed in two feedlot pens. 


October 9th - Staying busy with Fall Projects
Fall 2013

Last weekend an extreme winter storm hit the western side of South Dakota and parts of Nebraska and Wyoming. The pictures and reports of loss coming from our friends and customers from that area are humbling.  We hope that they are able to rebuild their herds and repair all the damage that was caused! We were hit with 2 full days of rain and some extreme winds. The raingauge showed that we got around 3 inches of rain over the two day storm, although with most of the rain coming in sideways its hard to say exactlly how much rain we got.

We had an old feed mill that didn't make it through the winds last Friday night. 


The cattle in the feedlot were a little muddy after the rain, but were no worse for wear! The front of the working barn definitly looks different without the mill there. The guys spent Saturday cleaning up the mill and making some repairs, eventually they'll build some permanent fence between the silo and the feedbunk. 


Late last week we also got our cooperator Gene Rouse's calves into the feedlot.


We also set up the OK Corral and some portable corral panels yesterday in preparation for weaning our summer born calves later this week. We will split the cows from the calves and haul the calves from the pasture back to the feedlot. The cows will stay in the pasture and next Monday we will use the same setup for ultrasounding. 



The last major project the guys worked on this week was replacing a water tank in our pen 9. Currently we are using pen 9 for all of the weaned spring born heifer calves. During calving season we will hold all of our close up cows in pen 9 and put them into the calving barn at night. The water tank we replaced was a 2 hole Ritchie waterer, that was just to small to serve the numbers that we keep in pen 9 during calving season. We also didnt have electricity run into the old waterer and we wanted to add a tank heater to this new tank. 

The guys replaced the old Ritchie with the new tire tank and used the same water hookups for the new tank. Then they dug a trench from the calving barn, across the pen to the new water tank and over to the existing hole underneath the tank were the water pipe is. The new electical wiring was laid into the trench and then Caleb volunteered to work the electric wire from the trench over to the center of the water tank and work it as far as he could into the center of the tank. 


Then in a team effort Mike lowered Caleb into the center of the tank to reach down and grab the wiring. Caleb then pulled the wire up into the center of the tank while Craig Howard went down under the tank and fed him more wire to pull through the center of the tank. Later on we will wire in the new tank heater and put a tank lid on the finished product. 




Response 1
Saturday 12th of October 2013
Submitted by: G Vonnie
WOW!!! What a life. Sending a lot of love your way.

October 2nd - Putting up Corn and Moving Cows
Fall 2013

We continued putting up feed this past week by getting our high moisture corn rolled and piled. The guys started with the corn last week and got postponed through the weekend due to a few showers that came through the area. Friday was a very damp day filled with misty drizzle, but Saturday we recieved a few showers that resulted in around a half inch of rain total.


Here are some pictures of rolling and piling the high moisture corn into the bunker!


The first few loads of corn going into the bunker

Checking the newly rolled corn to make sure the roller is adjusted right.


Dragging the rolled corn back into the bunker and moving it around to create a nice pile.

Once the pile gets a bit larger we switch to a larger auger and roller mill to deposit the corn farther into the bunker.

We pack the pile continuously to get as much air out as possible which reduces spoilage.


About 20,000 bushels into our 35,000 bushel goal we spread out the plastic sheeting along the side of the bunker.

We pushed corn onto the edge of the plastic sheeting to hold it into place and the remaining 15,000 bushel of corn against the sheeting will create an airtight seal.


Last Friday we moved our spring calving cows to pasture over on the Nature Conservancy where we rent some pastureland. We kept the cows close to headquarters after we weaned the calves. Through weaning the cows were able to come up close to the corrals which cuts down on cows crawling through the fences to get back to the corral. After a couple weeks of staying close the cows are ready to be moved back out to pasture.





Also on Friday we had a group of about 50 representatives from Accelerated Genetics stop by the ranch for a tour of our cowherd and the spring calves in the feedlot. After the tour everyone had some time to visit over lunch! 

Response 1
Monday 7th of October 2013
Submitted by: G Vonnie
Hi Lindley & Craig! I just get a kick out of reading your blogs, guess it makes me feel closer to you. Stay in love & know that I love you too!

September 25th - Weaning Calves and Putting up Silage
Fall 2013

The few days of fall have been beautiful! Temperatures have been in the mid 70s each day with lots of sunshine, hopefully this continues well into the fall season. 


This past week has been filled with lots of activity around the ranch. Late last week we weaned all of our spring born calves. The weaning process started on Thursday up at Durheims in Ellendale, ND. All of the pairs were gathered from the pasture and the cows and calves were seperated into two different groups. We ran both the cows and the calves through the chute and recorded their weight. The calves were then hauled back ranch headquarters, here in Leola, and put into a feedlot pen. The Durheim cows will stay at Durheims until around the first of December. Friday the guys weaned all of the spring born calves here at the ranch. The cows and calves were again gathered and seperated into two groups. We took weights on all of the calves, then sorted the bulls from the heifers and put them into two different feedlot pens. They are off to a good start on a mostly hay diet with some distillers grains mixed into their ration. On Saturday we weighed all of the cows and gathered the coming 2 year old bulls off of pasture and brought them into the feedlot. These coming 2 year old bulls as well as an offering of females will be sold on December 5th.



The newly weaned heifer calves, above, and the bull calves, below.


A few of the coming 2 year old bulls in the feedlot.


We are still hauling in straw and re-stacking it around our hay yard. That continued this past week, and kept Kenny busy.


We will be prepared to bed pens this coming winter!

The main project this week has been putting up silage. We have two fields that we planted with sorgham this spring. We started chopping that sorgham on Monday. The chopped sorgham was mixed with some ground corn stover to make a silage that we piled in a bunker. 


Chopping the first few round of sorgham out of the field late Monday, and dumping the first load into the bunker.



Mixing the chopped sorgham with corn stover.


Pulling silage down the pile and packing it with tractors


By Tuesday night all of the silage was in the bunker. This morning the guys continued to packed the pile. We will cover the pile with plastic sheeting, on a calm day sometime this upcoming week!



Response 1
Tuesday 1st of October 2013
Submitted by: Vonnie
WOW, what great fun to see all these pictures. Some of those animals are so fun to look at. Guess 'cute' would not be applicable but somehow it fits. I heard the weaning cries in Paris this year - it is loud! Best wishes for all your efforts.

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