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December 11 - Bieber Fever V, Sale Day
Bieber Fever V - December 5th, 2013

Bieber Fever V was held last Thursday, December 5th here at the ranch. We had our first winter storm of the holiday season on sale week, which made for poor travel conditions. We are very appreciative of the customers who braved the weather and sub-zero temperatures to join us at the ranch for Bieber Fever V. We had a total of 540 viewers who watched the sale live on DVAuction! 


Sale Averages 

149 Red Angus Bred Cows     $2,680

8 Red Angus Bred Heifers     $2,313

72 Red Angus Coming 2 Year Old Bulls     $4,774

337 Red Angus Commercial Bred Heifers $2,213

94 Red Angus Commercial Cows     $2,326


High Selling Lots - Red Angus Bred Cows 

Lot 10 - $15,500  J&J Andrews Inc., Waxhaw, NC

Lot 12 - $8,500  J&J Andrews Inc., Waxhaw, NC

Lot 14 - $7,000 J&J Andrews Inc., Waxhaw, NC

Lot 15 - $6,500 J&J Andrews Inc., Waxhaw, NC

Lot 50 -$6,500 J&J Andrews Inc., Waxhaw, NC

Lot 5 - $5,500 Jordan Rhodes, Faulkton, SD

Lot 81- $5,000 J&J Andrews Inc., Waxhaw, NC

Lot 152 - $4,750 J&J Andrews Inc., Waxhaw, NC

Lot 6 - $4,500 King B Ranch, Selby, SD


High Selling Lots - Red Angus Coming 2 Year Old Bulls 

Lot 189 - $14,000 Hansmeier & Sons Inc., Bristol, SD

Lot 170 - $12,500 Scott Stock Farms, Crossfield, Alberta

Lot 209 - $9,500 Jim Enge, Stanley, ND

Lot 171 - $9,000 Shawn Claymore, McLaughlin, SD

Lot 172 - $8,000 Shawn Claymore, McLaughlin, SD

Lot 181 - $8,000 Shawn Claymore, McLaughlin, SD

Lot 173 - $7,500 Mark Gross, Bridgewater, SD

Lot 186 - $7,250 Duane Bueber, Kaylor, SD

Lot 174 - $7,000 Travis Johnson, Sisseton, SD

Lot 178 - $7,000 Mark Gross, Bridgewater, SD

Lot 184 - $6,750 Hughes Cattle Co, Glasgow, KY


Thank You to all of the bidders and buyers, we appreciate each and every one of you!  



Mark setting up the TV screens which show the video during the sale.


Enjoying the lunch served by Lois and her ladies. This year we had hot beef sundaes which were delicious!





Plan to join us March 6th, 2014 for our Spring Production Sale!


December 4th - Bieber Fever V Tomorrow!
Bieber Fever V - December 5th, 2013

Winter weather has hit Leola these past 2 days, but despite the weather Bieber Fever V will be held as scheduled tomorrow December 5th here at the ranch and on DVAuction at 1pm CST. All the sale cattle are penned and ready for preview, the shop is almost sale-ready, and we are excited to see all of our customers and friends tomorrow for sale day.



 All of the bulls and females are penned according to their lot numbers and are ready for preview tomorrow!




 The shop/clerking station is almost set up and ready for tomorrow and one of the last trucks delivered the commercial heifers today.


Visit our Fall Production Page for catalog information, supplemental data, and videos!


If you cannot make it to the sale there are a variety of options available for you to purchase cattle from Bieber Fever V.  


DVAuction - Bieber Fever V can be seen live online through DVAuction Services. To bid from your computer at home during the sale complete this simple two step process. Visit www.dvauction.com or call 402/474-5557 and register for bidding by entering a User Name and password then your personal information. Then Click "Apply for Bidding" and select Bieber Fever V Sale from the list of sales then click "Apply". Complete the process by filling out the Banking and Lending information requested. DVAuction will contact you to let you know that you have been approved to bid and buy at the sale "live" from your computer at home. We will also provide you with a buyer number for the sale.  After the sale Bieber Red Angus will contact you to make arrangements for payment and delivery of your online purchases.

Conference Calling - We will have one phone line available that can accomadate 20-30 bidders. Please call prior to the sale and register as a prospective buyer and for the conference calling number.


Sight Unseen Bidding - If you feel comfortable doing so you can leave bids with Craig Bieber, Craig Howard or any of the Publication Representatives listed on page 1 of the catalog. We have handled many sight unseen bids and guarantee your satisfaction as long as you visit with us to make sure the cattle you select meet your standards.


 We hope to see everyone at the sale tomorrow but if you cannot make it to the sale due to prior commitments or weather concerns please utilize our various absentee bidding options!  

November 27th - Bieber Fever V
Bieber Fever V - December 5th, 2013

We are just a week away from Bieber Fever V, which will be held here at the ranch and on DVAuction on December 5th beginning at 1pm CST. The sale catalog is available online along with videos of all of the sale lots.

Visit our Fall Production Sale page for the catalog and videos!

This week at the ranch the guys have started getting the shop cleaned up and ready for sale day. They have also started getting the preview pens ready to go by spreading clean straw. All of the sale cattle will be available for preview on Wednesday December 4th. As well as before the sale on December 5th.



Today one of our vets from the Ashley Vet Clinic in Ashley, ND was at the ranch performing breed soundness exams on all of the Coming 2 Year Old bulls on the Bieber Fever V offering. 


Jenny is performing a manual examination of the internal breeding anatomy, then she takes a semen sample and evaluates the structure and mobility. 


Here are a few of the bulls that we are really excited about. All of the bulls catalog information and videos can be viewed on our Fall Production Sale Page. If you have any questions about any of the cattle on the offering feel free to contact Craig Bieber at 605-439-3628 office or 605-216-8169 or Craig Howard 605-377-3128. 


Coming 2 Year Old bulls


Lot 171 - Phenotypically Lot 171 is one of the best LSF JBOB Expectation 6034S sons we have ever raised. He has an impressive herd bull look and herd bull EPD numbers to match. Check out this calving ease bull exceptional carcass EPD values!


Lot 189 - This VGW Oly 903 son is a calving ease specialist with a BW EPD in the top 3% of the breed, followed by growth ratios of 117 for WW and 115 for YW. All of his EPD values are off the charts. This bull's maternal granddam Basin Primrose 4167 is the dam of Lot 171. This herdbull prospect has a great cowline behind him, he's one to watch!


 Lot 235 - This is another son of LSF JBOB Expectation 6034S. Hes a black red angus calving ease bull with carcass numbers off the charts. His Marbeling EPD value is 1.76 which puts him in the top 1%. If you perform and EPD search on the Red Angus website using Lot 235's marbeling score of 1.76 only one bull has a higher marbeling EPD value. This bull has the ability to add carcass merit to any herd!  



We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Day weekend with their families, and we hope to see everyone next Thursday for Bieber Fever V!



November 13th - Bieber Fever V Catalogs
Bieber Fever V - December 5th, 2013

Bieber Fever V is just three weeks away! The sale will be held here at the ranch as well as on DVAuction.com, on December 5th starting at 1pm CST. This offering includes 157 bred Red Angus cows, 500 commercial females bred to Bieber bulls, and 75 registered Red Angus Coming 2 Yr Old Bulls. This is a great offering with quality bred females and bulls that will add to any operation!


The sale catalogs should be arriving at your house any day now. If you are not on our mailing list or did not recieve a catalog, please call our office at 605-439-3628 and we will make sure a catalog is sent to you. The sale catalog is also available online if you follow this link to our Fall Production Sale page. Video of some of the lots are available now on our Fall Production Sale Page. Videos will continure to be added throughout the next few days, so if a lot that you would like to preview is not uploaded yet be sure to check back in a few days. We will run the video of each lot during the sale, instead of bringing each lot through a sale ring like we have been doing now for a number of years. The cattle will be sorted and penned for preview all day Wednesday, December 4th and before the sale on December 5th. 


Our catalog offers a ton of data to help you choose the females and bulls that will best suit the needs of your cattle and operation.  The best resource available for comparing different females and bulls expected performance is EPDs or Expected Progeny Differences. For a glossary of the different EPD terms and how to read the data in our catalg please refer to pages 50 and 52 in our sale catalog. Pages 48-49 in our catalog also discuss multi breed EPD comparisons between the Simmental and Red Angus Associations as well as 'Cowherd Building Traits', which is an excerpt from the free 8 page "Rancher's Guide to EPDs" available from the Red Angus Association.


All of the Coming 2 Year Old bulls have been 50K tested. 50K is a tool that observes 50,000 locations on the animal's genome and identifies which genes that animal possesses and their impact of various traits. The additional information from the 50K test is calculated into the animal's EPDs. Resulting in EPD values that are more accurate. A bull that has been 50K tested will have EPD values with accuracy similar to that of one calf crop. Therefore you can be confident while purchasing a calving ease or high growth on the December 5th sale! 


The Coming 2 Year Old bulls were also Feed Efficency Tested thru the Werner Feed Efficiency test facility in Iowa. We have been interested in Feed Efficency for a number of years now and decided to test this group of bulls. We are evaluating the data and trying to decide how to move forward with feed efficiency testing in the future. The Feed Efficency data is not printed in the catalog but is available upon request. Feel free to contact Craig Bieber for more information. 


We are excited about this upcoming offering! If you have any questions regarding the sale catalog or a question about the cattle on the offering we would like to help you. Feel free to contact Craig Bieber 605-439-3628 or 605-216-8169, or Craig Howard 605-377-3128. We enjoy getting to know our customers and hearing more about their operations. Our last Customer meeting for this fall will be held next Tuesday, November 19th at the Wellington Brown Steakhouse in Montrose, South Dakota. We hope to see you there! 


November 6th - Clipping and Videoing Sale Cattle
Bieber Fever V - December 5th, 2013

It has been a beautiful week here in Leola. We have had bright sunny days with moderate temperatures. We're hoping that this nice weather will continue through Bieber Fever V which will be held on December 5th here at the ranch. The catalogs are back from the printer and should be arriving at your house soon! If you would like a catalog but are not on the mailing list please email us your address at office@bieberredangus.com and we will make sure a catalog is mailed to you. The PDF version of the catalog is available now online, follow this link to access it now! The videos of each of the sale lots will be added to the website as soon as they are finished along with actual scrotal measurements for the sale bulls. If you have any questions about the cattle in the offering feel free to contact us. Craig Bieber can be reached at the office (605) 428-3628 or cell (605)216-8169 or Craig Howard (cowboss) can be reached on his cell (605) 377-3128.We enjoy talking with our customers about their operations so we can help them choose cattle that will the most to their operations.

Late last week we had Zach our clipper here to help us get the cattle looking their best for videoing and sale day. Craig Howard, Caleb and Mike all helped prep the animals to be clipped by brushing the manure and dirt out of their hair.They then used a big blow dryer to clean all of the sand and dirt out of their hair. Zach then used hand held clippers to trim the animals hair on their head, topline and tail. Torches were then used to blend and trim the hair on the neck and body.

Here are some pictures of us getting the cattle to look and video their best!

Shaving the bulls hair on his head and trim the hair along the topline with clippers.

Using a torch to trim and blend the hair on the neck with the shaved hair on the bulls head.

Using the torch to trim and blend the bulls hair on his body with the tightly clipped hair along his topline.

While we had each sale animal in the clipping chute we inserted their lot tags. The sale cattle will be displayed before the sale in lot ordered groups. After the sale cows were finished being clipped we walked then back out to cornstalks.






This week Mark Hotchkiss was here fliming our sale videos.The video of each sale lot will be available for preview on our website prior to the sale. We also use the video to sell the cattle during the sale and on DVAuction instead of running instead of running the cattle through a sale ring. Therefore we spend a lot of time getting great quality video of the sale animals. 



Working the bull around the video pen to get footage of him walking and posing.


Craig Howard and Caleb doing anything they can think of to get the bulls attention, and his ears pointed towards Mark.


The bulls all finished and ready to head back out to pasture.


October 23rd - Working on the Bieber Fever V Catalog
Bieber Fever V - December 5th, 2013

We had our first two snowfalls of the year this past Monday and Tuesday nights. The best part is that there isn't any evidence of either left, and temperatures are supposed to be back in the warmer regions this weekend. While we are not excited about the upcoming winter months, we are excited for our upcoming fall production sale Bieber Fever V on December 5th here at the ranch. This past week Craig, Peggy and Craig Howard have kept busy lotting the sale animals and getting the catalog off to be formatted. 


The offering in December will consist of our Coming 2 year old bulls, registered bred females and groups of commercial bred heifers raised by some of our customers. This past week all of the bulls and registered females were lotted for the catalog. Our catalog is lotted with the animals that we like the best, both phenotypically and from a data standpoint, in a particular group listed first. On sale day we always sell in catalog order.

To determine catalog order we bring a group of sale cattle into our working facilities. We then study the entire group and sort of the top 10 animals that we feel are the best in the bunch. That group is brought into a smaller corral and we then lot those cattle, with the animal we feel is phenotypically the best of the group in the lot 1 position. After the first group of cattle are sorted into lots 1-10 we go back into the group of cattle and sort out the next 10 animals we like the best. Those are brought into the smaller corral to be ordered into lots 11-20, and so on. After the entire group of sale cattle are lot ordered phenotypically we go back into the office to study the data. We make sure that the animals EPD data matches the phenotypic sort. If we find that a sale animal's data does not fit with their current lot then we either move that sale animal up or down in the order. We then write footnotes on some of the cattle that stand out to us. The catalog order is only our opinion of the cattle and we are always interested in hearing other's opinions after walking through the sale cattle! Our goal is to have the catalog in the mail around the beginning of November. If you would like to be on our mailing list to recieve a sale catalog feel free to email your contact information to office@bieberredangus.com or send it to us in a personal message on Facebook and we will make sure you recieve a catalog.


This week we also held our first Bieber Red Angus Customer meeting in Mobridge after the Red Angus feeder calf sale. Attendees enjoyed a prime rib supper and presentations from Larry Gran of Zoetis and Craig Bieber. Larry spoke about Zoetis's 50K testing technology and how 50K enhances an animals EPD accuracies. 

Craig Bieber's presentation centered on what a customer should expect from their chosen seedstock producer. We believe you should choose a seedstock supplier that is someone you can trust, is accessible, and is utilizing all of the data tools available to produce the best seedstock possible.

We currently have two more customer meetings planned, the next one in Orient, SD on November 12th and one in Montrose, SD on November 19th. We hope that you can join us if you in the area.   


Response 1
Friday 25th of October 2013
Submitted by: Ron
Lindley-good coverage thanks for what you do.

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