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Winter 2014/2015

July 31st - ET Calf Spotlight
Calving 2014

This week we're taking a look at some of our 2014 ET calves. Each year we select what we believe are our best cows. These cows are then flushed throughtout the year. We then implant those collected embryos into cooperator herds. The cooperators raise these calves to weaning. After the calves are weaned we bring them to the ranch where they are developed alongside the natural calves, and offered on our production sales. 




Here is a look at a few of this year's ET calves:


Here are two bull calves (top left & bottom) and a heifer (top right) out of Beckton Epic R397.




Two ET heifer calves (Top) and an ET black bull calf all sired by Bieber Rollin Deep Y118.


Two heifer calves sired by VGW Oly 903.


Two bull calves from Bieber Roosevelt W384.



Above are 5 bull calves from Andras Fusion R236.

We're excited about all of the upcoming Fusion calves!


Three heifer calves also from Andras Fusion R236.


We are excited about the all of our ET calves this year! As always, if you're passing through the area and would like to look at the calves call us and we'll be more than happy to take you through the cowherd!

July 23rd - Spring Calf Updates Round 2
Calving 2014

 It's been a gorgerous summer week, perfect for haying. We've cut all of our first cutting and have a bit more to bale including our forage barley which we just cut. 


We have our spring calving cowherd in two large bunches now after pulling the bulls 2 weeks ago. Last week we featured some spring born calves out of the younger cow group (mostly 2yr olds and 3 yr olds). This week we have some feature calves out of the mature cow group.



Two bull calves out of Bieber Rollin Deep Y118.

A heifer calf out of Bieber Stormer Z433.


Two bull calves (above) and one heifer calf out of Bieber Rouse Samurai X22.


Heifer calves out of Andras Fusion R236.

Two bull calves out of Andras Fusion R236 both cows featured are

LJC Mission Statement P27 daughters. I think this combination works!


Three heifer calves from Schuler Endurance 2101Z.

A bull calf (above) and heifer calf (below) both out of Bieber Roosevelt W384.


July 16th - An update on the Spring calves
Calving 2014

This past week has been quite cool all over our great state. This upcoming weekend and through next week it sounds like this will all disappear to be replaced with high 90s!


Last week we pulled the natural service sires from the spring calving cows. The pairs were then moved from their small natural service sire groups into 3 large groups of pairs. The calves are really growing so far this year!  






Here's a bull calf (above) and two heifer calves (below) from Andras Fusion R236.





This pair is a GMRA Make It Easy 8226 daughter with a bull calf from Andras Fusion R236.


Two heifer calves out of Bieber Hard Drive Y120.

A Bieber H Hughes W109 bull calf out of a Hust Cheif Sequoya R336 2 year old cow. Below a Bieber H Hughes W109 heifer calf. 


A bull calf (left) and heifer calf (right) from Paringa Iron Ore E27. 

This pair is a Paringa Iron Ore E27 heifer calf out of a LSF Takeover 9943W 2 year old cow.


Two bull calfs from Bieber Rollin Deep Y118.

A heifer calf from Bieber Rushmore Y106.


A bull calf (left) and heifer calf (right) from Schular Endurance 2101Z.

A bull calf from Bieber Rouse Samurai X22 (above) and a bull calf from LSF Takeover 9943W (below).


We hope the calves and grass are growing in your area! 

June 25th - Spring Calf Update
Calving 2014

We've had a rainy past week! Showers/thunderstorms came through the area nearly everyday last week. We've been slowly getting started on our first cutting of the year and have around 150 acres down now. Hopefully we'll get some good drying weather this upcoming week so we can get some acres baled up!



This week we have an update on our spring born calves. Our spring cowherd is currently split into their natural service sire groups out on pasture. The bulls will be pulled from the groups in about 10 days and we'll combine the small natural service breeding groups back into 3 larger bunches. Our spring calves are really growing out on this abundent grass!

A bull calf from LSF Takeover 9943W.

A bull calf from Bieber Rouse Samurai X22.


Heifer calves (left & bottom) and a bull calf (right) from Paringa Iron Ore E27. 

A bull calf from Bieber Rushmore Y106.

A bull calf from Bieber Rollin Deep Y118.


Heifer calves (above) and bull calves (below) from Andras Fusion R236.


A heifer calf from Bieber H Hughes W109.

A heifer calf from Bieber Hard Drive Y120.


A heifer calf (left) from Schular Endurance 2101Z

and a bull calf (right) from LSF RAB Exclusive 2793Z.



April 16th - Herd Sire's Calves
Calving 2014

It's been a bit of a cooler week here, with a bit of rain earlier this week. It is supposed to warm up some this weekend just in time for our branding on Saturday April 19th. We would like to invite you and your family to join us at the branding. We'll be starting around 9-10am and the action will go through the afternoon. If you can't be there right away in the morning, or stay all day feel free to come and go as you please! We will serve a picnic lunch during the day and supper after the branding. We hope to see you at the ranch Saturday!


This past week we moved our summer cows to a new pasture to graze grass standing from last year. We are supplementing those cows with some distillers for protein. We'll keep them in this current pasture for a few weeks then we'll move them to some Game & Fish land close to our West Ranch about 7 miles. They are due to start calving around May 1st. 


We have just a handful of cows left to calve in our spring herd. The rest of the pairs are seperated into three pastures close to the ranch. The calves are looking really good so far and we're hoping we get some green grass for them soon!


Within the next few weeks we're going to highlight calves out all of the herd sires we used this past year. This week we're going to look at calves out of Andras Fusion R236, Bieber Rollin Deep Y118, Schuler Endurance 2101Z, and Bieber Stormer Z433.   


Andras Fusion R236 

We used him AI for the first time last year. His calves look long and well made, we're excited to watch them grow this summer. 


Bull Calves out of Andras Fusion



Heifer Calves out of Andras Fusion



Bieber Rollin Deep Y118

This is the second calf crop we have had out of Rollin Deep. His first sons sold on our 2013 March Production sale. We're using Rollin Deep again this year!


Bull Calves out of Bieber Rollin Deep 




Heifer Calves out of Bieber Rollin Deep 




Schuler Endurance 2101Z

We bought Endurance with Accelerated Genetics last year off of Schuler's production sale. This is our first calf crop out of Endurance and we like what we've seen so far! 


Heifer Calves out of Schuler Endurance



Bieber Stormer Z433

We sold Stormer to Accelerated Genetics last year on our March Production sale. We have just a few calves from him this year and so far we like what we've seen.


Bull Calves out of Bieber Stormer Z433



March 19th - Moving Pairs out to Pasture
Calving 2014

It's been a beautiful last week here in Leola. This warm spring weather has been a wonderful break, and hopefully is here to stay. The nice weather has also made calving much easier. Last week we finished calving the natural service heifers and AI bred cows. So far we have a little over 400 calves on the ground so far, which leaves about 150 spring cows left to calve!


Craig and Peggy have been busy delivering sale cattle, thank you again to all of our program supporters! Follow this link to view the sale report. We also have lots of pictures on our Facebook page!


This past week we focused on getting pairs moved out to pasture. We keep all of our heavy cows together in our pen 9, when the cows calve we bring the pair into the calving barn and leave them penned together for at least a day. Once the pair is set we turn them out into our pen 10 which has the youngest calves. Once pen 10 gets full we move the pairs down into pen 11 then into pen 12. From there we sort the pairs into 3 different pastures. We keep all of the first calf heifer pairs together in a pasture, all of the 1A RAB cows together and all of the 1B Durheim cows together. We seperate the RAB and Durheim cows to make the sorting easier when we send the Durheim cows out to pasture near Ellendale, ND around the 1st of May. 


We start by choose which type of pairs we're going to sort (RAB, Durheim or 1st calf Heifers). We then find a pair and walk them out of the pen and into the pull alley. We sort 5-6 pairs then walk them up the pull alley and out into the pasture. At the pasture gate we make sure each pair is intact before we leave them in the pasture. We do all of our sorting and walking out to pasture from horseback.


Caleb and Craig Howard walking a pair out of the pen and into the pull alley.


LB is making friends with the calves.


Walking the pairs up the pull alley and out to pasture.



Walking the pairs out into the pasture, and making sure that each cow gets paired back up with her calf after the walk.



Some of the older heifers calves enjoying the warmer weather out in their pasture. 



February 5th - Working our Spring Calving Cows
Calving 2014

It's been another blustery winter week here. We've been busy calving our 180 heifers for the last few weeks and have about 45 heifers left to calve. It has been some long busy days but it feels great to have brand new calves on the ground.

Visit our Facebook page to see our newest additions at RAB!

Craig and Peggy are in Rapid City this week for the Black Hills Stock Show, if you're going to be at the stock show this week/weekend stop by our booth! We have our new brochure for Bieber Fever VI available along with the pictures of some of our favorite lots on the offering. 


This week at the ranch the guys brought all of the mature spring calving cows in and worked them through the chute.



We vaccinated each of the cows with ScourGuard, treated them with a pour on and also gave them a dose of Multi Min. The spring calving cows are due to begin calving on March 7th. 



The Bieber Fever VI sale catalog is at the printer and should be at your door soon. If you're not on our mailing list and would like a catalog sent to you please email us your contact information at office@bieberredangus.com. The sale catalog will also be available online soon on our March Production Sale webpage. The quality available in this offering of bulls is really incredible. We would like nothing more than for you to come see the bulls yourselves, if you're passing by the ranch feel free to stop and take a look! Bieber Fever VI will be held on March 6th at 1pm CST here at the ranch and live online at DVAuction.com.

January 29th - Calving Heifers
Calving 2014

We started calving last week and had just a few calves on the ground. As of today we have 60 calves on the ground, which means we are about a third of the way through the heifers.










Calving has taken up a lot of time this past week, but we've also been working on Bieber Fever VI. Last Wednesday we had LC Promotions here taking pictures of some of our favorite lots to be used in the sale catalog and sale brochures. We lot ordered all of the sale cattle and are working on getting the sale catalog off to the printer by the end of this week.    



Craig and Craig Howard working on the Bieber Fever VI sale brochure layout.

Bieber Fever VI will be here before we know it on March 6th, 2014 here at the ranch and live online at DVAuction.com! Bieber Red Angus will also have a booth at the Black Hills Stock Show starting this weekend, be sure to stop by to say hi if you're in the area! We hope you are surviving the winter in your area!   

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