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Winter 2014/2015

July 2nd - Ultrasounding our Replacement Heifers
Breeding Season 2014

The weather has been a bit cool with a few showers throughout this past week. This upcoming week though sounds like perfect haying weather with low chances of rain and temps in the mid-high 80s all week. We're planning to cut hay through the weekend. 


Today we pregnancy ultrasounded our replacement heifers. We AI bred these heifers on April 28th and sorted them into their natural service groups. We pulled the bulls on May 28th and combined all of the natural serivice groups into one large group. Since then the heifers have been out grazing on some rented pasture we have near Long Lake, SD. Earlier this week the guys set up our portable corrals in the pasture, and we started the morning by gathering the heifers. 


The vets brought their portable chute which we connected to our chute/alley. A catch pen was also located in front of the vets chute to hold the open heifers. The opens were given a CIDR and will be set up to get AI bred again to join our summer calving herd.



Criag Howard getting some CIDRs ready and inserting one

Dr. Dean Christianson ultrasounding and sexing the calf. The techs take a measurement of the embryo's head to determine the heifer's due date. 


May 21st - Breeding Durheim Cows & Sorting Pastures
Breeding Season 2014

It's been another wonderful spring week here. The grass is really coming now with the high 60s-70s temperatures! There's nothing better than seeing the sun shining and grass growing after a long winter!


This week we finished up AIing our Spring Calving cowherd. Here's the schedule we have been following throughout estrous synchronization and AIing: 


May 3rd - Put CIDRS in and gave GnRH to the 2 Year Old Cows

May 5th - Put CIDRs in and gave GnRH to Group 1 of the RAB cows

May 6th - Put CIDRs in and gave GnRH to Group 2 of the RAB cows

May 8th - Put CIDRs in and gave GnRH to the Durheim cows

May 10th - Pulled the CIDRs and gave Lutalyse to the 2 Year Old Cows  

May 12th - Pulled the CIDRs and gave Lutalyse to Group 1 of the RAB cows

May 13th - Bred the 2 year old cows and Pulled the CIDRs and gave Lutalyse to Group 2 of the                    RAB cows   

May 15th - Breed Group 1 of the RAB cows and Pull CIDRs and give Lutalyse to the Durheim                        cows

May 16th - Breed Group 2 of the RAB cows 

May 18th - Breed the Durheim cows 



This past Sunday we completed our AI schedule with the Durheim cows.


Keeping all of the records & Loading the AI guns in the breeding barn.



CraigH and Ginny running the chute and alley into the breeding barn. Ginny was giving all the cows a dose on GnRH and gave them a dose of injectable dewormer.


This week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we sorted the spring cowherd into their Natural Service pastures. During calving we sorted our cows into four different groups; all of the First Calf Heifer pairs, the older RAB pairs, all of the Durheim pairs and the younger RAB pairs. We AIed the cowherd in these 4 groups. Before we AIed the Durheim cows we hauled those pairs up to Durheims ranch in Ellendale, ND where they will be sorted into their breeding groups. When we sorted we gathered one group of cows and sorted them into the different breeding groups and walked each group to their breeding pasture. 





May 14th - AI Breeding the Cowherd
Breeding Season 2014

We've had another rainy and cool spring week here in Leola.  The forecast is calling for a couple days of rain next week with the temperatures in the mid-high 60s throughout the week. 


We AI bred our replacement heifers on April 28th and they are currently in the sorted Natural Service breeding groups. The Natural Service sires were turned out into their breeding groups last Tuesday. 


We're currently in the middle of AI breeding our cowherd. All of the pairs were sorted into 4 seperate groups back when we first turned them out to pasture. We have all of the 2 year old pairs together, one group of older RAB pairs, one group of younger RAB pairs and all of the Durheim cows together. We then synchronized the cows in each group using the 7 Day CIDR protocol.


Here is the schedule we're following: 


May 3rd - Put CIDRS in and gave GnRH to the 2 Year Old Cows


May 5th - Put CIDRs in and gave GnRH to Group 1 of the RAB cows


May 6th - Put CIDRs in and gave GnRH to Group 2 of the RAB cows


May 8th - Put CIDRs in and gave GnRH to the Durheim cows


May 10th - Pulled the CIDRs and gave Lutalyse to the 2 Year Old Cows  


May 12th - Pulled the CIDRs and gave Lutalyse to Group 1 of the RAB cows


May 13th - Bred the 2 year old cows and Pulled the CIDRs and gave Lutalyse to Group 2 of the                    RAB cows   


May 15th - Breed Group 1 of the RAB cows and Pull CIDRs and give Lutalyse to the Durheim                        cows


May 16th - Breed Group 2 of the RAB cows 


May 18th - Breed the Durheim cows 


After we're done AI breeding all four groups, we then sort the pairs into their Natural Service pasture breeding groups. We are planning to sort on May 19th, 20th and 21st!



Response 1
Sunday 18th of May 2014
Submitted by: L & R
We arrived in Vienna today, cool and raining here. Glad to see every thing is doing well. See ou in a week or so.

May 7th - Putting CIDRs in the cowherd
Breeding Season 2014

We recieved sad news this past Sunday. Kenny Meidinger, our feed/equipment manager for the past 13 years, passed away after a battle with cancer. We appreciate everything that Kenny did here at the ranch throughout the years. We're happy that we had the oppourtunity to know and work with Kenny, he will be missed. 

We will say our final goodbyes to Kenny this Friday at 11am here in Leola.



We've had some beautiful spring days this past week along with quite a few spring showers throughout the week. Ron and Lois took advantage of the nice weather last week and planted the first portion of their garden. So far they have 8 rows done and many more to go. Monday they flew to Isreal for a 2 week trip.  


Here at the ranch we've worked on putting CIDRs in our cowherd this week. We put CIDRs in the 2year old cows on Saturday, and two groups of mature RAB cows on Monday and Tuesday. The Durheim cows will get their CIDRs tomorrow.



After we gather the pairs out of the pasture, we seperate the cows from the calves. The calves must be seperated so they don't get injured while the cows are working through the chute. 

Each cow gets a CIDR and a shot of GnRH. This is to synchronize the cows heat cycles so we can AI time breed each group of cows. 



We turned the Natural Service sires out into the sorted groups of heifers this past Tuesday. Each heifer was mated to an AI sire which we AI bred her to on April 28th. We also mated each heifer to a Natural Service sire for her to be bred by in the event that she didn't settle AI. Here are a few pictures of the bulls and heifers in the lots through their Natural Service cycle.




April 30th - AIing our Replacement Heifers
Breeding Season 2014

It's been a rainy past week. Ron reports that we have gotten 1.60inches of rain over the past few days. It's nice to see the pastures start to green up some and once it warms up we should be able to literally watch the grass grow!


Monday we AI bred our 290 replacement heifers.



  Last week Craig Bieber and Craig Howard mated all of the heifers to their AI sire and Natural Service sire. We put a lot of thought into our matings and take into consideration the heifer's pedigree and cow family history, her EPD values and her physical phenotype. We try to mate each female to the bull that will create a calf that is balanced across their EPDs as well as phenotype. This year we AIed the replacement heifers to Bieber Rough Country A523, Andras Fusion R236, Bieber Rouse Samurai X22, Paringa Iron Ore E27, and Bieber Hardrive Y120. We also sort the heifers as they come out of the chute into their natural service sire groups. This year we are using Pie Right Kind 342, Siever Take 2 Z216, Schuler Endurance 2101Z, Bieber CL Iron Ore A124, Bieber Iron Ore A104, GMRA Peacemaker 1216, and LSF SRR Triumph 3100A. The natural service sire groups were penned individually into pens in our feedlot where they will stay through the natural service period before the bulls are pulled and the heifers are turned out to pasture.



This week's sire spotlight is on Bieber Rouse Samurai X22. We sold Samurai on our March Production Sale 3 years ago. We've used him heavily through the past few years and are using him again this year. Here is a sampling of the calves we have on the ground from Samurai this year!


Bull Calves:




Heifer Calves 






April 9th - Pulling CIDRS
Breeding Season 2014

It's been a great spring week here in Leola! We got a few showers on Monday and it really warmed up today with 70 degree temperatures. 


Today we pulled the CIDRs from our replacement heifers. We're using CIDRs, vaginal progesterone implants, to syncronize our replacement heifers to be AI bred on April 28th. We put the CIDRs in on March 26th and are using a 14day protocol.  




We have 280 replacement heifers that are split into 4 different feedlot pens. We will keep the heifers in those pens through AI and natural service breeding. We gathered the heifers one pen at a time and brought them down to have their CIDRs pulled.




Caleb brought five heifers at a time into our tub and alley. We pushed all five into the alley then pulled the CIDRs from all the heifers then let them all go out through the chute without catching them.


We also collected yearling data on our Summer replacement heifers. The summer heifers are also synchronized to be bred on the 28th. 



We took the heifers hip height measurement, pelvic measurements and yearling weights.






March 26th - Putting CIDRs in the Replacement Heifers
Breeding Season 2014

Kristin and Jake have some exciting news!



She said YES! We are excited to welcome Jake to the Bieber Red Angus family in 2015!


It has been another busy week here at Bieber Red Angus! It was a little cooler this past week with temperatures around the mid 20s-30s but we can almost see spring from here! The forcast for this weekend says the temperatures will be close to 60 both Saturday and Sunday!


Calving has been going great and we have around 100 spring calving cows left to go. This weekend we are having our first branding of the season. We will be working the calves out of the first calf heifers this Saturday. If you're in the area you're more than welcome to stop out and help brand calves!


Craig and Peggy are working hard to get your Bieber Fever VI sale cattle delivered. This past week they delivered up to part of North Dakota, the Mobridge area, Missouri and later this week back into North Dakota! If you haven't seen the sale report for Bieber Fever VI you can view it here, there are also tons of sale pictures on our Facebook Page!


Today we put CIDRs in all 300 of our replacement heifers. We will use the 14 day CIDR protocol, which we have done for a few years now with good luck. With this plan we will time breed all 300 heifers at the end of April. We currently have all of the heifers in 4 feedlots pens sorted roughly by size. They will stay in the lots on their current rations through breeding in an effort to eliminate any unnecessary stress.



Here was our set-up by the chute. We clean the CIDR applicator in warm water with disinfectant, then we place the CIDR into the applicator and rinse the CIDR in clean warm water. Then we're ready to put the CIDR in the heifer.


Craig Howard getting ready to put CIDRs in



He first cleans off any manure off of the heifer, then inserts the CIDR!



We then use our horses to walk the heifers back to their pen and bring down the next pen! We'll talk more about our heifer breeding in a later blog! Stop back next week to see branding pictures!



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