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June 18th - Summer Branding
Branding 2014

It's really storming here tonight! We hope all of our readers in the Ashley, ND and Wessington, SD areas made it through the reported tornados in their areas. Here it's been raining quite hard for about 2 hours with lots of lightning. This past week we have had several storms come through the area. We're hoping to get some dry days this upcoming weekend/week and we'll start haying then.


This past week we had our last branding of the season. We worked our 200 summer calving cows and branded/vaccinated the calves. Here are some pictures!


We branded on some Game and Fish ground that we rent located South of our West Ranch. We started gathering the pairs at 8am. Once we got the bunch into the corrals we sorted the cows into the OK Corral and put the calves into the branding pen.




We worked all the cows and gave them their breeding vaccinations, de-wormer, pink-eye vaccination, pour on fly control and Multi-Min an injectable vitamin supplement. 



We rope and drag the calves one at a time out of the branding pen. Two wrestlers then hold the calf while they get their vaccinations and their RAB freeze brand. We will give the calves de-wormer and pour-on fly control when we AI the summer cows. 


 Before we freeze brand the calves we shave the area, then our brand timers Quinnie and Jess apply alcohol to the area before the freeze brand is applied for 23 seconds.


Thank You everyone who came to help out. If you're interested in coming out to a branding be sure to watch the blog and Facebook page next spring. We were able to get done branding right before some thunderstorms rolled through the area! After we got done working we enjoyed a delicious smoked strip loin at Craig & Peggy's house!




April 23rd - Branding the Spring Calves
Branding 2014

Happy Easter! We hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family and friends. This past Saturday we branded the calves out of the spring calving cows. The weather throughout the weekend was beautiful with lots of sunshine and warm temps! 


Presley our Easter Bunny!


We worked all of our spring calving cows and branded all of their calves this past Saturday. The cows all recieved their breeding vaccinations and a mineral supplement injection. The calves all had their first round of vaccinations, a mineral injection and their RAB freeze brand.




We gathered all of the pairs out the pasture and walked them into the portable corral. The cows were then sorted from the calves and worked through the chute.





We then rope all of the calves and drag them out of the calf pen with the horses. Two wrestlers then keep the calf still while the vaccinations are given and the branding is done. 









Our great vaccination crew!


To freeze brand the calves we first shave the hair. Then we apply alcohol to the area which helps the freeze brand "stick" to the skin which creates an even brand that you'll be able to see well. The brand which has been cooled in liquid nitrogen is then held on the skin for 23 seconds. In a couple weeks the hair will grow in white in the area that was freeze branded.



     It takes a big crew to brand all of these calves! Thank You everyone who came to help!






We started gathering cows around 9am and were all done working 400 calves by 5pm! After the branding we had a great supper and some live entertainment courtesy of Seth Anderson who lives in Aberdeen. 


It was a great day and we couldn't have done it without all the great help. If you would like to experince a branding you're welcome to come to the summer branding, stay tuned for the date but it will be sometime in early June. You can participate if you'd like or just watch, and if you can't stay the whole day you can come and go as you please! 


Response 1
Wednesday 23rd of April 2014
Submitted by: Bieber Red Angus
Check out our Facebook Page for more branding photos!

April 2nd - The 1st Branding of the season!
Branding 2014

Winter is back.... and unfortunatly this isn't a belated April Fools day joke! On Monday we had a spring blizzard, after a beautiful branding weekend with temperatures in the 50s! The storm started Monday afternoon, and we got around 2 inches of snow with lots of wind with very little visability.


The guys prepared for the storm by making sure the windbreaks in the pairs pasture were well bedded. They fed the cattle up by the windbreaks in the hopes that they would stay close during the storm, and they also gathered the bunch once the snow started and pushed them even closer to the windbreaks. The storm was over by Tuesday morning and it got warm enough to melt a bit of the new snow! However it's snowing again and we are supposed to get another 1-2inches tonight, this time though without the big wind gusts. We sure hope that warmer spring weather is on it's way! 



Our calves weathered the storm great, but we hope they don't have to

experience to many more! 


We're almost done calving our spring cowherd. The second cycle cows started calving last week and we had a few days of 6-7calves a day, theres just around 50 cows left to calve. We had our first branding of the season last weekend. We worked all of the first calf heifers and branded their calves.




After we gathered all of the pairs out of the pasture, we sort the cows away from the calves and then work the cows through the chute and give them their vaccinations.



We had some great help out at the ranch! 



The calves waiting to move into the branding pen once we get the cows worked.








We then rope the calves heels in the branding pen and the pull them out of the pen.

Two wrestlers then hold the calves while they get their vaccinations and the RAB freeze brand!





To freeze brand the calves we clip the hair off of the left hip, where our brand is placed. Then we apply alcohol to the area right before the cold branding iron. The iron is held on the calf for 23seconds. After the brand the calf is all worked!





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