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Winter 2014/2015

October 22nd - Building Update
Fall 2014

It's been a wonderful fall week here at the ranch. Temperatures have gotten into the mid 60s-70s each day this week and yesterday peaked at 83 degrees! We're hoping the weather is this beautiful on November 13th for Bieber Fever VII! 


The sale catalogs went out in the mail this week. If you didn't get a catalog mailed to you and would like one please email your contact information to office@bieberredangus.com and we'll get one to you! The catalog is also available online and can be found on our Fall Production Sale page. Next week we are clipping and videoing all of the sale cattle and the videos. If you have any questions while looking through the catalog feel free to contact us! We hope to see everyone on sale day!


This week on the ranch we put up our high moisture corn for the upcoming winter. 





As the corn is unloaded from the semi-truck we put it through a roller mill which smashes the corn and makes it more digestable for the cattle. As the corn come in the guys are constantly packing and shaping the pile. After the pile is packed it was covered with plastic  and dirt was placed along the edges of the bunker and the ends to seal the plastic.


Building Updates:

There's a lot of progress being made in the interior of both calving barns. The feed bunks, as well as the gating over the bunks, is starting to go in the first calving barn. The guys were also trenching in the waterlines and electrical wiring for the new water tanks in each pen.  



The end walls are also starting to go up on each of the buildings. There will be tin over most of the end walls as well as an overhead door.

In the second building they were pouring the concrete pad for the bunklines today. 

October 15th - Ranch Update
Fall 2014

We're just a little under a month away from our Bieber Fever VII Fall Production Sale here on the ranch on November 13th.


This offering will have over 400+ females for sale including 100 Registered Red Angus cows, 300+ commercial Red Angus bred Heifers along with 85 coming Two year old Red Angus Bulls. The registered cow offering will include around 50 March/April calving cows and 50 May/June calving cows. This includes a complete disperal of all of our 2007 cows, including donors and cows purchased in the Basin acquisition!


The commercial red angus heifers are AI'ed and come from some of our best customers, this is an offering you will have to see!


Our Coming Two year old bulls have never been offered before. They are stout, good looking cattle with great EPDs and are all 50K tested! 


If you are not currently on our mailing list and would like a catalog mailed to you please email us your contact information at office@bieberredangus.com and we'll get one to you!




This week was a great fall week with temperatures starting out in the low-mid 40s in the morning and rising to mid-60s through the day. We're hoping this weather persists for a couple more weeks! We brought in our last set of embryo transfer calves (ET) this week. Our ET calves are implanted into cooperater herds, those cooperator's cows raise the ET calves from birth to weaning. After weaning the calves are brought to our ranch where we work them through the chute and give them their weaning vaccinations, re-tag the calves with our yellow tags, and tattoo them with our breeder ID and the calves indiviual ID number.


Here are some shots of us working the last bunch of ET calves this week!

Craig using a reference list to make sure each calf is re-tagged correctly, and setting the tattoo press with the right calf's ID number. 

Both Mike and Tom (on the chute's left side) were giving each calf their weaning vaccinations.


  After the calf has recieved it's vaccinations Mike re-tags each calf with our yellow tags then Mike tattoos our breeder code in the calf's right ear and CraigH tattoos the calf's ID number in their left ear.


   Building Update:

We're putting up two 480 ft Hoop Beef System calving barns. So far they have the covers, and concrete back wall up on both of the buildings. Currently they're pouring the cement pad for the bunkline and apron. 

This shot was taken after the crew got the cover up on the first building. 

Here they have the cover up on both of the buildings.

Here the crew is working on pouring the concrete pad for the feed bunkline in front of the building. They have also poured the apron and set a few steel posts inside the building.


We hope to see you all soon at Bieber Fever VII here at the ranch on November 13th! 

October 8th - Weaning the Summer Calves
Fall 2014

We're 36 days away from our Bieber Fever VII sale on November 13th here at the ranch. We're working on getting the catalog put together and proofed. If you're not currently on our mailing list and would like a catalog sent to you, please email us your contact information at office@bieberredangus.com

We're excited to see everyone soon!


There's been a lot of progress on our new calving barns this week. They finished the structure on both barns and started to put up the sides on the first building today.  



This week on the ranch we're weaning our summer calves and ultrasounding our summer calving cows. 

Here is a picture of Lynnette Durheim and Dillion walking some weaned summer calves off of the Durheim cows onto the trailer. We weaned the calves at Durheims pasture near Ellendale, ND and hauled the calves back to ranch headquarters. The cows will stay on pasture at Durheims until around mid-December depending on the weather. 



Jazz helped move some summer bred cows to a different pasture. After weaning we group the cows into larger bunchs and turn them back out to pasture. Right now the groups at the ranch are all of the spring 2 year olds, spring mature cows, summer cows and sale cows. All of the Durheim cows are grouped together on pasture near Ellendale, ND.


Heres a shot of a group of weaned ET heifer calves being moved out to join the rest of the weaned heifer calves out to pasture. 

October 1st - Ranch Updates
Fall 2014

It's hard to believe it's already October! We're just a few short weeks away from Bieber Fever VII here at the ranch on November 13th. We're just getting started on the catalog and we're hoping to have them too you in a couple weeks! If you're not on our mailing list and would like a catalog sent to you please email your name and address to office@bieberredangus.com and we'll make sure you get one. 


Here on the ranch this week we've been doing a variety of projects to start getting ready for winter this year. The biggest project is the addition of two new 480ft calving barns. We started the dirt work for the building earlier this summer and late last week the crews were out pouring concrete footings, setting the steel posts and rafters for the first calving barn.




This week the guys also worked on a variety of fix-it projects. Dillion made a couple replacement water tank lids. We remove the lids in the warm summer months and put them back on in the winter to keep the water lines from freezing. 




Craig Howard also replaced some uprights on a gate that were worn out. 



Throughout this past week we've also been working on getting all of our hay hauled back to ranch headquarters and stacked in our feedyard. 


This past week we got 3 groups of cooperator calves into the feedlot.


We work each group of calves that come in. We give them their weaning vaccinations, re-tag them, take a weight and bangs the heifer calves. Here are a few shots of Bangs vaccinating today. 


 The vet gives each heifer the Bangs vaccination and then tattoos her with the symbol that indicates that she has been vaccinated. 


We hope to see you soon at Bieber Fever VII on November 13th!



September 24th - Weaning
Fall 2014

Last week was weaning week here on the ranch. We also started to get cooperator calves into the feedlot as well as some of our groups of ET calves. 



  The spring calving cowheard was sorted into 3 groups here at ranch headquarters and the spring Durheim cows are on pasture near Ellendale, ND. We weaned the Durheim spring pairs and hauled the calves back to the feedlot at ranch headquarters. The cows will stay at Durheims until early/mid December, then we'll haul them back to calve here at the ranch. We spent split weaning into 3 days. Each day we started by gathering the pairs out of the pasture and walking them back to the corrals at ranch headquarters. 




Once we get the group of pairs back to the corrals the cows are then sorted from the calves.


Once the calves are all sorted off of the cows we sort the bull calves from the heifer calves.




We then work each group of calves. Each calf is weighed and given their weaning vaccinations, we used Bovi-Shield Gold 5 and Haemophilus Somnus this year. 



Craig Howard and Tom were giving the two vaccinations while Craig Bieber caught each calf's number and recorded the weights. 


Dillion brought the calves into the tub and got them into the alley while Mike helped get them into the chute.


After the calves are worked the heifers are placed in one feedlot pen while the bulls are placed in another. 

It's nice to see all the calves in the feedlot 


















September 17th - Spring Heifer Pairs
Fall 2014

Well fall is officially here in South Dakota.

How do we know? It's weaning time.



Next week on the blog we'll get into weaning pictures and our weaning vaccination protocol. This week though I thought I would showcase some of the first calf heifer pairs that are being weaned this week. These calves are really impressive and we're excited to see how they grow and develop through the fall/winter. 




Look at all the grass we have in mid-September! 


A heifer calf sired by Bieber Hard Drive Y120. She's out of a Red SSS Northern 625X first calf heifer. 



Heres a bull calf sired by Bieber H Hughes W109. He's out of the VGW Oly 903 first calf heifer pictured. 



A bull calf sired by Bieber H Hughes W109 and a Bieber Roosevelt W384 first calf heifer.



A bull calf sired by Paringa Iron Ore E27 and a GP Wallace 016 first calf heifer.



A heifer calf sired by Paringa Iron Ore E27 out of a Bieber Roosevelt W384 first calf heifer.



A heifer calf sired by Paringa Iron Ore E27 out of a GP Wallace 016 first calf heifer.




Three heifer calves sired by Bieber Rollin Deep Y118. 


A bull calf sired by Bieber Rushmore Y106 out of a Bieber Rouse Samurai X22 first calf heifer (not pictured).


A bull calf sired by BIeber Rushmore Y106 out of a Bieber Mighty Packer X178 first calf heifer.



Two shots of a heifer calf sired by Bieber Rushmore Y106 out of a GP Wallace 016 first calf heifer.


A heifer calf sired by Bieber Rushmore Y106 out of a Hust Chief Sequoya R336 first calf heifer (pictured).


Two bull calves sired by Schular Endurance 2101Z. Both calves are pictured with their mothers who are both LCOC High Noon A093R first calf heifers.

A bull calf sired by Schular Endurance 2101Z.


August 13th - Preconditioning Spring Calves and Ultrasounding
Fall 2014

We've gotten alot done this week! Late last week Craig Howard, with help from Erica & Alex, welded some new fencing to reform our silo pen after we demolished the silo a few weeks ago.  


We took a break Saturday to attend the Rumble on the Prairie: Bulls & Broncs in Leola. The ranch sponsored the pickup men.



This week our big project was to ultrasound the spring cowherd and gave all the spring calves their preconditioning vaccinations. It's always a big job but this year we had plenty of help around the ranch with Erica, Grant, Alex and Sabrina there to help!


Erica & Sabrina riding Blondie.


We preconditioned and ultrasounded 2 days here at ranch headquarters and 1 day at Durheims. Each day we started out early to gather the group and walk them into the corrals. Then we sort the cows away from the calves, and then sort the heifer calves from the bull calves. All of the calves recieved 3 vaccinations, One Shot, Ultrabac 7 and Bovi-Shield Gold FP5 L5 along with a dose of Multi-Min, an injectable mineral supplement. The vets also give all the heifer calves their Bangs vaccination and cooresponding tattoo. All of the calves are then tattooed with our breeder code RAB in their right ear and the calf's individual identification number (tag number) in their left ear. 






After we're done working both the bull and heifer calves we then pregnancy ultrasound the cowherd. While the cows are in the chute we trim the hair around their eartags to make sure we can read their tags! Out of the chute we sort the open cows off, pair the cow with her calf and keep them grouped seperatly to be bred to join the summer cowherd!





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