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Winter 2014/2015

January 22nd - Weighing yearling bulls off of test
Winter 2014/2015

It has been a wonderfully warm week here! This weekend we saw temps of nearly 40! We're hoping this nice weather continues through calving and Bieber Fever VIII coming up on March 5th. We started the week out by moving our summer calving cows to a fresh cornstalk field. All of our cows were out on cornstalks through the fall and winter. When we brought our spring calving cows home a couple weeks ago we walked our summer cows to another cornstalk field. This week we moved them onto a fresh cornstalks and as long as the weather stays nice we intend to keep them out on cornstalks or grass pasture through the rest of the winter. 




This week we weighed our yearling bulls off of test and took their yearling measurements. 


We recorded the yearling weight on each bull. This weight is calculated into each bull's yearling weight EPD and is used to determine how the bull ratios. Yearling weight EPDs can be used to compare bulls across the Red Angus breed. A bull with a low percentile rank for a certain trait (such as yearling weight) is one of the top bulls in the breed. For example a bull that ranks in the top 1% is at the top of the breed, while a bull in the top 99% percentile is near the bottom of the breed. A ratio compares that bull with other's within his contemporary group. Our contemporary groups are all of the 2 year old cows, all of the 3 year old cows and the mature cows. So a bull out of a 2 year old cow with a ratio of 100 was an average growing bull when compared to other bulls out of the 2 year old cows. A bull with a ratio under 100 was below average in his contemporary group and over 100 is above average within his contemporary group. Ratios can be used to compare bulls here at Bieber Red Angus and EPDs can be used to compare a Bieber bull to red angus bull from another breeder! 

Another measurement we take is hip height. This measurement is used to calculate the bull's frame score. We will make frame score data available for the bull's on Bieber Fever VIII via a supplement sheet. The supplement sheets will be available on our March Production sale page of the website prior to the sale and paper copies will be available here at the ranch on sale day. 

The last measurement we took is a scrotal circumference on each bull. These measurements will also be available in the supplement sheet!


If you have any questions about the different measurements that we take or how you can use them in your bull selection process, please feel free to contact us! 



January 15th - Clipping
Winter 2014/2015

Last week was down right frigid! We had an arctic blast which brought temperatures down to the -20's with windchills well below that. This upcoming week though it's warming up. Today the temperature was in the 30s which almost felt hot compared to last week!


All of our bred heifers are in the calving barn. The AI bred heifers are due on February 2nd but it looks like we could start anyday now! Earlier this week we walked our spring calving mature cows home from the west ranch. They're due to start calving at the beginning of March. We will keep them out on pasture near ranch headquarters and bring the close ups into the barn in a few weeks.

All of our spring calving mature cows walking back to ranch headquarters from our West Ranch.

A view of gathering the mature cows off of cornstalks over at the West Ranch. Craig Howard said it was simply to cold to open the window for a clearer picture!


Last weekend we clipped all of the bulls and females that will be offered on the upcoming Bieber Fever VIII here at the ranch on March 5th.


We start by cleaning off each animal. Tom and Dillion combed and brushed each bull, then blew all of the dirt, snow and debris out of their hair. Then one of the clippers clipped the hair off of their head.

The last step is to clip each animals neck, back and body. To do this they use both clippers and a torch clipper. They clip the neck, back and tailhead with the clippers. Then they use a torch to singe the hair. Singeing helps blend the hair and gives each animals haircoat a more uniform appearance. Don't worry it doesn't hurt the bulls! The whole process takes just a couple minutes per animal!



January 7th - Sorting our bred heifers
Winter 2014/2015

It's been a chilly first week of 2015 here in South Dakota. Within the past few days we've seen highs not quite reaching 0 degrees, with wind chills well in into the -20's. We also had some winter weather along with a couple inches of snow Monday afternoon/evening.

Despite the cold temperatures we're quickly approaching the start of the 2015 calving season. The AI bred heifers are due to calve on February 2nd. We have 160 AI bred heifers followed by 57 bull bred heifers all due within 30days. The AI bred spring calving cowherd is due to start calving on February 22nd!


In preparation for calving we bedded our calving barn and walked the bred heifers back from pasture.


We then sorted the heifers into AI bred and bull bred groups, then split each group into smaller groups of 15 head. Each group of 15 was placed into a pen in our new calving barn. 


The heifers enjoying their new accommodations!



Dillion and Tom sorting 15 heifers into each pen in the calving barn.


This week we also brought our two year old spring calving cows off of pasture about 7miles away from the ranch. We walked them from that pasture to one just a couple miles from ranch headquarters. They'll stay out in that pasture for a couple days then we'll walk them the rest of the way to ranch headquarters. 



Later this week we're clipping the cattle that will be offered on Bieber Fever VIII here at the ranch on March 5th.

January 1st - Happy New Year!
Winter 2014/2015


Happy New Year from Bieber Red Angus Ranch! We had a wonderful 2014 thanks to our great customers that believe in our program and cattle! We have a lot coming up in 2015! Our heifers are due to start calving in just a few short weeks.  Bieber Fever VIII is coming up soon on March 5th. We hope everyone can join us at the ranch or online as we sell 350 yearling bulls, open registered Red Angus heifers and open commercial Red Angus Heifers. 


This week on the ranch we sorted the summer calving cows off from the cowherd. These cows were then poured with Dectomax. Then we walked them to fresh cornstalks about 5 miles south of our West Ranch. The cows will stay there through the winter, weather depending, and calve on pasture near our West Ranch. 


At Ranch Headquarters this week we have focused on feeding cattle and making sure they have plenty of bedding. After that we have been taking some time to enjoy our families and the holidays! Happy New Year, we hope 2015 brings you lush green pastures and stout red calves!

December 26th - Merry Christmas!
Winter 2014/2015

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

We had a wonderful Christmas day on the ranch yesterday with Eric, Megan, and Presley as well as Kristan and Jake. Presley enjoyed her 2nd Christmas!



Late last week on the ranch we rebuilt some fence that we had to tear out late last summer to make room for all the equipment and dirt work around our new calving buildings. This week we rebuilt the fence in preparation for the upcoming calving season. This week on the ranch we've concentrated on bedding all the cattle and doing chores each day. Other than that we've been spending extra time with our families during this wonderful holiday week. Resting up before the heifers start calving in just a few short weeks!


Merry Christmas! 



December 18th - Working our Bred Heifers
Winter 2014/2015

It's been another nice winter week. The sun came out beautifully yesterday after many days of grey, fog and frost! Last weekend Craig Bieber and Craig Howard traveled to Bismarck, ND for the North Dakota Red Select Sale. It was a strong sale with great consignments. We saw a lot of Bieber genetics last weekend!


This week we worked our bred heifers. The heifers are due to start calving the first week of February. Yesterday we gave the heifers their Valbazen de-wormer, a pour on insecticide and their second dose of ScourBos. We started the day be gathering the cattle off of the cornstalks and pasture west of ranch headquarters and walked them down to the corrals. 







Tom brought the heifers into the tub and alley where Dillion applied the pour on insecticide. CraigH then gave the heifers their oral de-wormer and their dose of ScourBos.




December 11th - Working the Mature Cowherd
Winter 2014/2015

It's been a wonderful winter week. Temperatures have been mild and they're talking record highs this weekend! 


This week on the ranch we have been busy working the cowherd. Yesterday we worked the mature cowherd which is out grazing cornstalks as well as a few pastures. In about a week the cows will need to be moved. The spring cows will go to another group of pastures a bit closer to home. As long as the weather stays nice the spring calving cows will stay out grazing for another month. Then we'll bring them closer to ranch headquarters for calving season. The summer cows will be moved onto more cornstalks a bit farther from our West Ranch where the cows are currently. They'll continue to graze until the weather turns rough. 


Yesterday we de-wormed all of the cows with Valbezen and gave the spring calving cows their dose of Scour Bos, a vaccine to prevent scours in the newborn calves. It was a beautiful foggy/frosty morning.  





Once all of the cows were gathered and in the working facilites we caught each cow in the chute, gave her de-wormer, then determined if she was a spring or summer calver and gave the springs their vaccination.


Dillion working to get the cows to flow through the double alley and into the chute. Tom was in the back bringing cattle from the OK Corral and into the double alley.

Craig H giving a cow her de-wormer.


December 4th - South Dakota Cattlemen's Association Convention
Winter 2014/2015

Here we are in December already! It's been a cold past week with temperatures close to -20 degrees last week. Those temperatures really make mid-30s feel wonderful, and it's supposed to last at least through this week. Maybe this is finally some of that El Nino weather they were talking about!


Here at the ranch we enjoyed a quiet post-Thanksgiving weekend. We did chores around the ranch and made sure the cattle had fresh feed and bedding, then spent some time with our families. This week around the ranch we've been doing some small fix-it type projects as well as keeping the cattle's bedding fresh and dry. Today the last of the feed bunks for the new calving buildings were deliviered. After the new bunks are installed in the second building and the doors for both buildings are up the new calving barns will be ready for our 2015 calving season in just a couple short months!


Yesterday the guys attended the South Dakota Cattlemen's Association annual convention in Aberdeen. They listened to a variety of speakers throughout the day including talks by Dr. Kent Andersen of Zoetis, Craig Uden the NCBA Policy Division Chairman, and John Lundeen the Sr Executive Director of Market Research.

The speaker on the left is John Lundeen from NCBA speaking about Beef Consumer insights and the speaker on the right is Craig Uden from NCBA.


We enjoyed listening and speaking to others in the cattle industry!

November 27th - Happy Thanksgiving!
Winter 2014/2015

Happy Thanksgiving!



We're enjoying this wonderful holiday with our family and friends and hope you are as well!


Thank You again to our great customers who made Bieber Fever VII a big success two weeks ago. Heres the link to the sale report!


Earlier this week on the ranch we took tissue samples to DNA test the yearling bulls that will be offered on the March Production sale coming up on March 5th, 2015. This tissue sample will be used to 50K test the cattle. For more about 50K testing here's a link to the Red Angus Associations: The Rancher's Guide to 50K. 


Here's a photo journal of how we take a tissue sample.




This is a tissue collector. Each collector comes with it's own unique ID number.



The bottom of each collector has a scan code the corresponds with the collector's unique ID number.



Once we have a bull in the chute ready to have a tissue sample taken we scan the bottom of a collector.



The collector's unique ID number is scanned into the laptop right out by the chute. Craig H then enters the pen number the bull is from, the bull's eartag number and the bull's weight into the excel spreadsheet.  



Dillion then uses the collector to take the bull's tissue sample. The tissue sample is then sent in for the bull's 50K test. 



Have a great weekend!

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