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June 19th - Rhubarb Days and our last Branding
Branding 2015

It's been another rainy week here at the ranch. So far we have recieved over an inch this week and are expecting another inch or so tonight. It's been a rainy late spring/early summer here. The grass is really growing!


A couple weekends ago the Rhubarb Days Festival was held in Leola. During Rhubarb Days Ron won the Rhubarb King title. He won the title after his Rhubarb Delight dessert won firt place!





This week on the ranch we branded the last of our ET calves and the last few summer calves that were to young to brand a couple weeks ago. We flush our donor cows throughout the year and freeze the embryos. In the spring we implant those frozen embryos and some fresh embryos into a handful of cooperator herds. These cooperators calve their cows and raise the calves through summer. At weaning time we buy the ET calves back and bring them to the ranch and develop them alongside the natural calves that were born on the ranch. All of our cooperators use our vaccine program when they work the calves in the spring and if the herd is close we come to help and brand the calves. This year for the calves we used Bovi-Shield GOLD, Ultra Choice 7 and a Pinkeye vaccine. The consistent vaccine program helps all of the calves stay healthy not only as they grow this summer but when we move them back to the ranch!


Here are some pictures of working the ET calves at one of our cooperators just west of the ranch near Eureka, SD.




June 7th - Branding our Summer Calves
Branding 2015

A few weeks ago we hauled all of our summer pairs over to the property we recently bought near Long Lake, SD. With the majority of our summer calves on the ground we worked the cows and branded the calves at the Long Lake place late last week.




We had around 150 pairs to work and did it with a small crew. We worked all of the cows through the chute first thing in the morning and gave each a dose of CattleMaster GOLD, Spirovac, Pinkeye vaccination and a dose of MultiMin an Injectable mineral/vitamin supplement. These vaccinations help keep the cow healthy throughout the year and prepare her for a healthy future pregnancy. We branded each of the calves and also gave them a dose of MultiMin, Pinkeye vaccination, Bovi-Shield GOLD a 5-way vaccination, and a 7-way Clostridium vaccine (Ultra choice 7). These all keep the calf healthy and growing! Here are some shots of our day. 












Since we had a smaller crew for this branding instead of wrestling the calves while we branded and vaccinated them we used Nordforks. These hold the calf head while the roper/horse hold the calfs feet while the crew on the ground make sure the calf gets all of it's vaccines and brand. After the calf is done a person on the ground takes the Nordfork off of the calfs head then the roper pops his dally and allows the calf to walk out of the rope.









Response 1
Tuesday 23rd of June 2015
Submitted by: Vonnie
Wow. What a lot for me to learn. Ha, G Vonnir

May 6th - Branding our Main Cowherd
Branding 2015

We branded our main cowherd on April 25th. It was misty and cool but we had great help and a good day! The cows were in three bunches. We gathered each bunch of pairs and walked them to the branding corrals closest to the bunch. The first two bunches we worked and branded at our AI corrals. We then moved the branding pen and chute/alley out to the pasture where we gathered and branded our last bunch. After gathering each bunch we sorted the cows from the calves. We moved the calves into the branding pen and worked the cows through the double alley/chute. We gave each of the cows a shot of Cattle Master GOLD, Spirovac, Pinkeye vaccine and a shot of MultiMin Injectable minerals/vitamins. Once the cows were worked for each group we roped and dragged the calves from the branding pen. Wrestlers keep the calves on the ground while we gave them shots of Multimin,  Pinkeye vaccine, a 5-way vaccine Bovi Shield GOLD, and a 7- way Clostridium vaccine (UltraChioce 7)


Here are the pictures from the day, for more pictures be sure to visit our facebook page!




It was really foggy and misty as we gathered the first bunch of pairs in the morning.









After we branded the first two bunches we moved the branding pen panels and chute/alley out to the pasture. Here we gathered the last bunch of pairs and sorted the cows from the calves. We worked the cows first then we roped and dragged the calves. 






Waiting for her baby to get it's shots and come back out to pasture!





Our Zoetis rep Mike Ringgenberg keeping trach of the vaccine and syringes!



Peggy keeping track of the cows/calves numbers that come through so she can make a record of the shots that we gave each cow and calf. Sandy also helped througout the day.





We started the day right away in the morning. We had a pasture lunch at noon then a steak supper after the branding in Craig and Peggy's garage with Seth Anderson as our evening entertainment. 







Seth Anderson is from Aberdeen. He's played at our branding afterparty for two years now and plays around Aberdeen throughout the year. He also sells cars at Pierson Ford if you're in the market!



We hope that you can come to our next branding! 



April 23rd - We're Branding this Saturday
Branding 2015

We have the branding pens all set up for this Saturday. We're working the rest of our spring pairs. There will be about 400 cows and calves to work. Everyone is invited to come watch or come and participate. We will start around 9am and will work throughout the day. You're more than welcome to come when you want and leave when you want. After the branding we will be having supper and an afterbranding party at Craig and Peggy's garage. If you would like more information feel free to call the office at 605/439-3628, we hope to see you Saturday!


We finished breeding our replacement heifers last week. We sorted the heifers out of the chute into their natural service sire groups. Today we turned the bulls in with their heifers. The heifers will be exposed for 30 days. We talked about our 2015 bull battery in our April 8th blog post.  If you have any questions about the bulls we're using this year or how to incorporate some Bieber genetics into your 2015 AI program feel free to contact Craig Bieber 605/439-3628 or 605/216-8169.

April 3rd - Branding the Two Year Old Pairs
Branding 2015

It's been on the cooler side and dry this past week. There have been many grass fires around the area and we hope for rain! This last weekend we worked our two year old pairs. We gave the cows their breeding vaccinations, and a multivitamin injection to help increase our conception rates. We gave the calves their vaccinations and our RAB freeze brand! We had a great time, and our next branding will be on April 25th here at the ranch. We will be working all of our spring calving cow pairs, so if you would like to see/help at a branding feel free to come! For more information call our office 605/439-3628 or watch for more information on future blogs! 


Here are some pictures from this branding!





We started the afternoon off by gathering all of the pairs from the pasutre and walking them into our portable corrals. 



Once all the pairs are in the corral we sort the cows from the calves. All of the cows stay in the OK corral and are worked through the chute, where they get their vaccinations. They are then let back out to pasture. The calves are sorted into the round branding pen. From there we rope and drag the calves from horseback out to two wrestlers. The wrestlers keep the calf down while it recieves its vaccinations and freeze brand. After the calf is done it also goes back out to pasture and pairs up with it's dam.






After we are all done working the cows through the chute then we start to rope and drag the calves and work them.








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