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Winter 2014/2015

September 16th- Yackley Ranch Trans Ova Satellite Center
Breeding Season 2015

Each year here at Bieber Red Angus Ranch we grow and change. Through the last few years we have focused on growing our Embryo Transfer program. To do this we have added more donor cows, added more flush cycles and found more cooperating ranches to implant embryos in their cows and raise the ET calves to weaning. This fall we will have over 250 embryo calves coming back to the ranch from our cooperators at weaning time and we have implanted 600 embryos that were collected conventionally here at the ranch by our embryologist.



A new addition to our embryo program this year was taking a couple cows to Yackley Ranch a Trans Ova Satellite Center near Onida, SD for IVF collection. We currently have Bieber Adelle 311Y at Yackleys. This past week we picked up Bieber Tilly 399W who is Bieber Rollin Deep Y118's dam and we dropped off Bieber Tilly 233U, who is Bieber Spartacus A193's dam. 




We flushed Bieber TIlly 399W, who is currently bred, through the IVF collection process. This process also called an Aspiration or Ovum Pick Up, is the process of harvesting unfertilized oocytes directly from the ovaries of a donor cow or heifer. Rocovered oocytes are then fertilized one day after asperation and transferred into a recipient cows seven days later in a process which is similar to the transfer process for embryos produced through conventional (in vivo) embryo transfer. The IVF collection process can be used on cows that are currently bred (until they reach 100 days bred) and cows that have been unable to achieve success through conventional embryo transfer. One of the Trans Ova locations that offer IVF is Yackley Ranches just outside of Onida.


When driving through the pastures at Yackley Ranch it is obvious that this reproduction's main focus is cow comfort and low stress cattle handling. Every corral, each pasture and the three working facilities are set up for low stress, efficient cattle movements. Stress from things like cow pecking order, nutritional stresses, and overcrowding all cause cows to release certain hormones that negetively influence reproductive performance. The facility design and cattle handling at Yackley ranches help cows produce as many offspring as possible. On most reproduction centers the donor cows and the calves on side are kept in pens or individual runs, but at Yackleys all of the donors can be out on pasture. They are also set up for donors with special dietary needs and have individual runs and pastures available for donors who need their own space.


The working facilities are also set up to be low stress. There are three different working facilities at Yackleys. One is devoted to giving all of the injections to set the donors up for the next flush cycle. This barn is equipped with individual pens for keeping donors sorted/seperated if necessary, an overhead sprinkler system for keeping the working facility dust free, and overhead fly control sprinkler. The next working faclity is devoted to AI breeding the conventional donors. There is never a shot given in this barn, which is also equipped with sprinklers and fly control, because they want the donors stress level to stay as low as possible. This building also contains the Ranch's Heat Watch system. This system detects the precise onset of heat and tells you when the best time to AI that particular cow is. They use the Heat Watch system for all of the cows they are flushing conventionally. The last building is the lab which is set up with precise environmental conditons, that adds to the success of collecting and transplanting embryos. 


All of the pastures and cattle runs at the ranch are set up to flow toward the working facilities. Instead of chasing cattle up to the barn they instead open up gates the night or day before the cattle need to be worked and allow them to flow toward the working facilities. 


We waited for some time to get our cattle into Yackley satellite center and are happy that we choose them. It is comforting to know that Yackleys will treat your best cattle as if they are their own!





August 14th - Preconditioning the Spring Calves
Breeding Season 2015

This last week on the ranch we preconditioned all of the spring born calves and ultrasounded the cows.



 We're planning to wean the spring calves in Mid September, and give all of the weaning shots and tattoos at preconditioning to reduce stress on weaning day. This year we worked four bunches of pairs over a three day period. We started each day by gathering the pairs then walking them either to ranch headquarters or to the portable corrals, chute and alley. 








This group of pairs we walked back to ranch headquarters to work after working a bunch at a set of portable corrals at our West Ranch. We had lots of help on the ranch this year for preconditioning. Peggy's nieces and Sister-in-Law from Las Vegas stopped by the ranch for a few days after celebrating Jake & Kristin's marriage in Sioux Falls.  Ron & Lois's granddaughter, Erica, from Chicago was is also here visiting the ranch for a couple weeks. They were all out helping Precondition and Ultrasound.

Peggy and her nieces Alyssa and Lindsey.




Alyssa and Lindsey after the gather.


After gathering all of the pairs we sort the cows from the calves. We did this horseback with Craig Howard and Anastasia at the gate. 





Notice the storm clouds? We didn't escape... The storm held off until after we had sorted all of the cows from the calves and sorted the bull calves from the heifer calves. We took our lunch break during the storm. This was the second group of pairs that we worked after we worked the calves out of the first bunch part of the crew gathered, sorted and worked the calves out of this second bunch. While we were gathering and sorting, the rest of the ranch crew were still over at the West Ranch with our vets from Ashley, ND ultrasounding the  first bunch of cows. Neither crew escaped this shot of rain! 

Erica and Ginny walking the cows back to pasture in the rain.

Dr. Dean Christenson and Katelyn, ultrasounding. 


After we sort the bull calves from the heifer calves we work the bull calves first. We give each bull a breeder tattoo in their right ear and their ID number tattoo in their left ear. This bull would have our breeder code RAB in their right ear along with his ID in his left C290.


While he's getting his tattoos we gave him a dose of 7-way vaccine, a Pasturella vaccine and Bovi-Shield Gold. We gave both the bulls and the heifers all of these vaccines. After the vets were finished ultrasounding they came to ranch headquarters and gave the heifer calves their Brucellosis, Bang's vaccine, and the Bang's vaccine tattoo. 


Katelyn putting both the breeder tattoo and the bangs tattoo in the heifer's right ear. Craig Howard is putting in the heifers individual ID number. 

Craig and Anastasia keeping track of the numbers and resetting the tattoo for the next calf in line. 


Alyssa poured each cow and calf with fly control as they came up the alley and helped keep the calves moving into the chute. Lindsey worked the alley while Jared kept the back tub full.



The calves are done being worked and ready to go back out to pasture until weaning day! 



May 28th - Moving our Summer Bulls
Breeding Season 2015

It's been another wet week here on the ranch. We've had a few days of rain this past weekend over the Memorial Day weekend. Then this evening the storms have been relentless! Next week looks like we'll have a dry day or two then a few days of thunderstorms. We're excited to see what the hay crop will look like this year after all this rain!


This week on the ranch we had the manure haulers here cleaning up the lots and spreading the manure. We also walked our summer bulls out to their summer pasture on a section south of ranch headquarters about 7 miles. These bulls were born last year out of our May/June calving summer cows. The bulls will sell as Coming 2 year olds on our November Production Sale. These bulls aren't for sale or offered until the sale!




This week we also moved our summer pairs from our West ranch to a new piece of land we recently bought in Long Lake, SD. We gathered the bunch, then sorted the cows from the calves. We hauled all of the calves to the new pasture corrals first, then hauled the cows. The cows were dropped off into the corrals where Mike and Ginny paired them up with their calf then let them out.  


With all of the cows out on pasture we also spent a good chunk of the week getting around all the fence and making sure it's in good repair! We also spent time with our families and remembered the sacrafices of all of our troops both past and present this past Memorial Day!

May 22nd - Sorting Breeding Pastures
Breeding Season 2015

It's been another wet cool week here in Leola. We've had so much rain this past week I've lost track, but I'm guessing we've had around 10 or so inches of moisture since the beginning of May. This week we even woke up to a bit of snow on Monday May 18th and frost a handful of other mornings this week.


Even though all of the rain was good moisture, it made for some bad sorting weather. We sorted the spring calving cows into their natural service sire pasture groups and walked them out the pasture.  We AI breed every female on the ranch through timed AI using the 7 day CIDR synchronization protocol. Each female is mated to an AI bull and a natural service sire that will best compliment her EPD profile and phenotype. All of our cows were in 4 large groups after calving. They stayed in these groups through AIing. After AIing we sorted the pairs in each group into 12 natural service sire groups then walked each sorted group out to pasture. Once the group was complete we haul the bull out to the group in the pasture. The bulls were introduced into the group 5-7days after AIing. This seperation allows our vets to detect which calves are AI sired and which are natural service sired come ultrasounding time.

This year our natural service sires are:

Loosli Right On 423

PIE Right Kind 342

LSF SRR Triumph 3100A

Bieber Rollin Deep Y118

LSF RAB Exclusive 2793Z

Bieber Spartacus A193

Bieber Federation B544

Bieber RReds Takeout 305A

Bieber Rumor Has It A554

Bieber Deep End B600

Bieber TR A168 - a VGW Oly 903 son 

Bieber Rollin Deep B586

Bieber Rollin Deep B597

Bieber Rollin Deep B599 


Each natural service sire group is compiled into a sort list. We sort each group from horseback then trail the sorted pairs on horseback out to pasture.


Ginny and Craig H checking over the sort list.


Walking the last bunch of the day out to pasutre and heading back before the next storm rolls through.






Once all the pairs are sorted and out to pasture we make sure that each group has a mineral feeder full of salt/mineral and that the water tanks are on and working properly.





There's not a much better sight than pairs out on pasture!





May 14th - Breeding the Twos
Breeding Season 2015

It's been a wet week. We've had moisture everyday this week. It started this Sunday which was the day we AI bred our 220 spring calving two year old cows. On Sunday we had around 1.3 inches of rain, which turned to a snow mix overnight. Our total moisture over the two day period was around 4.5 inches. With a little moisture accumulating each day after that this week we have had well over 5 inches of moisture, with more chances each day through the weekend. We're very thankful for the moisture and the heat that we're expecting next week. Our pastures should be full of grass and red cows/calves this summer! 


We AI breed every female on the ranch through timed AI. Each cow is synchronized using the 7 day CIDR protocol. Prior to AIing we mate each cow with both an AI sire and a natural service sire. We mate each cow to bulls that will best compliment both her phenotype and EPD profile. After AIing we sort the pairs into their natural service sire breeding groups and walk them out to pasture.



We gathered the pairs out of the pasture in the rain and walked them down to the working barn. 

Ginny was wet and cold after gathering horseback in the pouring rain. 

After we got the pairs walked down to the working corrals we sorted the cows from the calves. The pens were a bit sloppy after so much moisture!



It was quite cold this breeding day, so we had windbreaks up and heaters going trying to keep the work area as warm as possible.


The hot coffee was a necessity this breeding day. It kept everyone's spirits up!




We used three AI sires on this group of cows. Bieber Rollin Deep Y118, Bieber Hard Drive Y120 and Bieber Spartacus A193.





The rest of this week we are breeding the rest of our spring calving cows and sorting them into their breeding pastures. We're also calving on our summer cowherd now and have about 80 calves on the ground so far. Look for a calving update soon!


April 16th - Breeding Heifers
Breeding Season 2015

It's been a warm spring week here in Leola. Theres a chance of rain this Saturday and we're really hoping to get it!


This week we had our last Spring 2015 calf. All of the pairs are out of the calving barns and out on pasture. We're planning to brand the rest of our spring calves on Saturday, April 25th. If you're interested in seeing or being a part of a branding we'd love to have you stop by the ranch on the 25th. You can help if you wish and stay as long as you have time for. For more information call the office at 605/439-3628. 



This year we are breeding our 335 replacement heifers in 3 groups. Each group is estrous synchronized using the 5 day CIDR protocol. This week we pulled CIDRs on all three groups on Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning and Thursday morning. We bred the first group this afternoon, the second group will be bred tomorrow afternoon and the last bunch will be bred Saturday afternoon. After the heifers were AIed we sorted them out of the chute into their natural service sire groups. The heifers will be exposed in their natural service groups five days after the groups were AIed and the bulls will be pulled 30 days later. Last week we talked about the different bulls we're using both AI and Natural Service this year. Be sure to check it out!




Here's Dillon applying the heat patches after the CIDRs were pulled. When we time breed each group we sort off any heifers that haven't been in heat according to their heat patch. These heifers are given a shot of GnRH. 12 hours after the rest of the group was time AI bred we breed those heifers. Tomorrow morning we will bred a few that we sorted off this afternoon. 



Dillon pulled straws and loaded the guns for Craig Howard who bred the heifers.

Wes gave each heifer a shot of GnRH as she was being bred. He then used her eartag number to look up which Natural Service sire group the heifer was mated to. Tom then sorted her into the correct group.




April 8th - Mating our Replacements
Breeding Season 2015

Breeding Season 2015 is almost upon us. This week we mated our 325 replacement heifers.Here at Bieber Red Angus we individually mate each cow & heifer. We study each females strengths and weaknesses in both her data and phenotype. We then choose an AI bull and a natrual service bull that will be the best match for that female.


Every female here on the ranch is AI bred using estrous synchronization. This year on our replacement heifers we are using a 5 day CIDR protocol followed by a 30 day natural service breeding window. We will AI our heifers in three groups late next week. The 3 AI sires that we will be using are Bieber Hard Drive Y120, Bieber Spartacus A193 and Bieber Federation B544. For Natural Service sires we are using Bieber Federation B544, LSF RAB Exclusive 2793Z, LSF SRR Triumph 3100, PIE Right Kind 342, MLK CRK Unified 4207 and Leachman Vision A278Z.



Bieber Hard Drive Y120




We have used Hard Drive for a couple years now on heifers. He's a low birthweight bull, high growth bull and we really like his calves! You can expect stout, huge ribbed, easy keeping cows that have a great disposition and great udders. We're using Hard Drive AI this year. Semen is available through Select Sires.




Bieber Spartacus A193


Spartacus was one of our high selling bulls on Bieber Fever VI in March 2014. He sold to Jefferies Land & Cattle and Accelerated Genetics. Spartacus has great data, he ranks in the top 25% or higher for eight traits. He's one of the breed's elite curve bending young sires who posts a -2.9 BW to a 118 YW EPDs. We used Spartacus as a clean up bull last year and this year we are using him AI. Semen is available through Accelerated Genetics.



Bieber Federation B544



Federation was the Lot 7 bull on Bieber Fever VIII this past March. He sold to Bachman Red Angus in Missouri. This bull is in the top 8% for HerdBuilder and top 2% for GridMaster. We are using his both AI and Natural Service and are excited to see his calves next spring. 





LSF RAB Exclusive 2793Z



We bought Exclusive from Ludvigson Stock Farms in 2013 and have used him over the past two years. He's another low birthweight high growth bull. He also ranks high for Stayability, Heifer pregnancy and Maintenance energy. His dam was a top donor at the R.A. Brown Ranch. We're using Exclusive natural service this year. Semen is available through Select Sires.  




LSF SRR Triumph 3100A



We bought this bull from the 2014 Ludvigson Stockk Farms Bull Sale in Montana. Triumph was used last year as a clean up bull and we have a few of his calves on the ground now. He's a calving ease bull ranking in the top 1% for CED and top 15% for BW. Triumph is a Conquest son who offers more maternal power when compared to his sire. He ranks in the top 10% for both MILK and TM. We're using him as a Natural Service sire this year on a group of heifers. Semen is available through Accelerated Genetics.


PIE Right Kind 342




This bull caught our eye last year at Pieper Red Angus's production sale. We used him some last year as a clean up bull and he seems to be a calving ease bull. We are using him as a natural service sire this year.


MLK CRK Unified 4207





We bought this high selling bull at Milk Creek Red Angus this year. He is a calving ease bull who was also one of the highest gaining bulls on the offering. This Fusion R236 son is very long bodied with lots of muscle. We're using him as a natural service sire this year. 


Leachman Vision A278Z




We bought this bull last year and used him for as a clean up bull. We have a few calves on the ground now and are going to use him as a natural service sire this year on our heifers. He has an excellent spread at -5.3 BW to a 114 YW. Vision also boasts 0.72 MARB which is in the top 9% along with a 0.93 REA in the top 1% for the breed. 

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