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Tips for Setting Up and Videoing Cattle
Ranch Quick Tips

Welcome back, we have been busy this past week! The catalog and sale pictures are available online please stop by and check it out. We are also now on Facebook so please stop by and Like our page to get updates quickly!

This past week we have taken video of all the sale lots, some of those videos are available today and the rest will be available by Friday, November 15th, make sure to check them out!! We use cattle videos for a variety of purposes including sale preview, promotions and also in the recent years we have switched our sale over to selling the lots over video instead of running them through a sale ring. So getting a quality video of the cattle is very important! The biggest key to getting quality video is to have the pen set up correctly. We use the very talented Marc Hotchkiss to take our videos and while he was here we asked him to give our readers some helpful hints to use if they setting up a pen to take video of their cattle.

The three keys to being set up to make a great video is, the right pen size, a good backdrop and the right people there to help you take the video. The video pen that we use is approximately 35 feet wide by 55 feet long. It is made out of freestanding steel panels, a wooden windbreak backdrop and fresh straw on the ground. Here is a picture of our set-up.


The size that you make your video pen is a key part of making a great finished product. If you make the video pen to short and/or narrow it will make taking video awkward and the finished product choppy. Also if the pen is excessively long or wide large it can work from a video quality standpoint, but it will require more people to help move the animal around a large pen and without the right help a large pen can add a lot of extra (wasted) time to the videoing process. The best pen design allows the videographer to stand a comfortable distance away from the cattle, and allows the cattle to walk in a long natural line. 



The second portion of setting up the pen is the backdrop you choose. A great backdrop is neutral and does not detract from the cattle. Common backdrops that work well are stacked bales and a clean wooden or solid fence. Tarps are ok if you have to cover some sort distracting/messy area but they tend to cause a glare or flap around in the breeze both of which are distracting in the video and detract from the cattle.

The last and possibly most important aspect of setting up for videoing is making sure you have the right people there to help. They should be calm, quiet and used to being around and handling cattle. Making a great video takes some finesse. You should have people who understand how to move and stop cattle without making too much noise or sudden jumpy movements. A crew that understands how to work cattle quietly will make videoing a quick and painless process! 




We hope that these few quick hints will help you when you go to set up your video pen. Be sure to check out the sale cattle videos and the catalog! 


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