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Bieber Fever III Sale
Bieber Fever III - November 30, 2012

Last Friday November 30th was our Bieber Fever III Sale here at the ranch. The sale went great, the morning started off a little frosty and foggy but it cleared up a little throughout the day. Overall our sale went really well and here are some picture highlights from saleday. For more sale pictures visit our Facebook Page



                We had all of the Registered and Commerical lots penned before the sale for preview 



                                One customer making friends with one of his potential purchases 



We sell all of the lots over video instead of running the lots individually through a sale ring. We switched over to this method a few years back and are very happy with the results! This year we had three 80inch TVs instead of projectors and screens, the videos looked really sharp!


                                                   A couple views from during the sale.




Thank You to all of the Buyers and Bidders! We hope to see you in March for our Annual Production sale! Here is the sale report of the top selling lots and buyers along with our volume buyers. To see more pictures from our sale please look at our Facebook page.

Bieber Red Angus Ranch






Bieber Fever III




November 30th 2012


2012 Fall Production Sale






Red Angus Bred Heifers






Red Angus Coming 2 Year old Bulls






Red Angus Spring Calving Cows






Red Angus Summer Calving Cows






Red Angus Commercial Bred Heifers






Red Angus Commercial Cows






High Selling Lots










Buyer Name


Red Angus Bred Heifers






Bieber Redcap Lady 385Y




Jon Marshall

Katy TX

Bieber Enchantress 360Y




Jon Marshall

Katy TX

Bieber Mimi 350Y




Jon Marshall

Katy TX

Bieber Tilly 348Y




Jon Marshall

Katy TX

Bieber Galee 388Y




Jon Marshall

Katy TX

Bieber Enchantress 294Y




Mud Creek Reds

Alavord IA

Bieber Birdy 382Y




Brenda & Sheldon Schlecht

Streeter ND

Bieber Designer 345Y




Terry Albrecht

Thuston NE

Bieber Flower 361Y




Jordan Rhodes

Faulkton SD

Bieber Kanna 347Y




Leroy Bieber

Leola SD

Bieber Queen 341Y




Leroy Bieber

Leola SD

Red Angus Coming 2s






Bieber Goldbar Y379




Green Mountain Red Angus

Three Forks MT

Bieber Boeing Y310




Steve & Amy Bieber

Beulah ND

Bieber Goldbar Y345




Hansmeier & Sons Inc

Bristol SD

Bieber Haymaker Y365




Steve & Amy Bieber

Beulah ND

Bieber High Noon Y377




Ammann Red Angus Ranch

Wilmot SD

Bieber EXT Y328




Otto Red Angus

Grace City ND

Bieber EXT Y364




Brenda & Sheldon Schlecht

Streeter ND

Bieber Roosevelt Y390




DWAJ Red Angus

AB, Canada

Bieber Haymaker  Y346




Wade and Suzie Tucker

Wood SD

Red Angus Spring Calving Cow










Jon Marshall

Katy TX





Jon Marshall

Katy TX





Greg Raasch

Odebolt IA





Weber Red Angus

Lake Benton MN





Mud Creek Reds

Alavord IA



Sale Week is Here
Bieber Fever III - November 30, 2012

Sale Week is here, we are excited to see everyone at the sale but the days leading up to the sale are packed with activity!

A few things that you will need to know if you are planning on attending/watching the sale, have never bought cattle from us before, or have never been to a Bieber Red Angus Ranch sale before

1.      The sale starts at 1:00pm CST and Sale order is catalog order!

2.       There are many tools available to help you preview the livestock, check out the videos! Please read pages 1-3 of the catalog carefully it contains all of our policies and lots of important information regarding what happens after you purchase a sale lot.

3.      The cattle are available for preview on Thursday, November 29th and for preview before the sale starting at 8am

4.      On Sale Day we will have rolls and coffee available by 9amLunch will be served at 11am and on the menu this year is Hot Beef Sundaes with a cherry (tomato) on top!

5.      Everyone is invited to a strip loin supper at Ron and Lois house after the sale. We are serving Meyer Natural Angus Strip Loin.

If you want to buy but cannot make it to the ranch on sale day there are many options available for you.

1.       DVAuction: Our sale is broadcast live over the internet through DVAuction Services to bid over the internet there is a two-step process that you need to complete. First you will need to register at www.dvauction.com follow this link to the registration page, or you can register by calling 402/474-5557. Then Apply for Bidding by selecting the Bieber Red Angus Sale and clicking Apply. Please refer to page 3 of the catalog for more information.

2.  Conference Calling: There is a conference call available which can accommodate 20-30 bidders. We ask that you call ahead of time and register as a perspective buyer with Craig or Peggy, but we do warn that in the past we have occasionally had problems with the phone services.  If you plan to bid via phone please call and make arrangements prior to sale day with Craig or Peggy at 605/439-3628.

3.       If you feel comfortable you can also call and leave your bids with Craig Bieber, Craig Howard, or any of the publication representatives located on page 1 of the sale catalog, all of the relevant phone numbers are also located on page 1. We handle many sight unseen bids and have very satisfied customers who feel confident in using this convenient service. You need to visit with us about the cattle you may be interested in for our sight unseen guarantee to be valid. 

The last important reminder is that for the last couple years we have switched to selling the lots off of the videos that can be viewed at this link. This means that the lots will not be run through a sale ring but all the cattle available for viewing at the ranch right next to the salebarn.  We have large video screens set up that show the video of the particular lot and their catalog information. We switched over to this format because we feel it keeps both the cattle and on the sale crew calmer and really makes the sale run smooth! It is important to remember this though so you plan enough time on sale day to preview the lots or tomorrow Thursday, November 29th.

Here are a few pictures of us getting the ranch ready for sale day! 



Kenny is spreading straw so Craig Howard can set up the panels to make the sale pens. Below is Mike and Steve cleaning out the shop getting it ready for sale day.


Steve and Scott have been busy moving the registered sale cattle around and making room for the groups of commercial heifers from Rick and Shelly Ammann, Greg and Erica Kracht , and Gene and Doretta Raap which arrived at the ranch on Tuesday and Wednesday. 



Here are some of the commercial heifers arriving at the ranch.         


Today we are also bringing the SEC Partnership heifers home from cornstalks that they have been grazing west of Leola. Here is some pictures of Belle, helping move the heifers home.


We hope to see everyone on Friday at the ranch for the Bieber Fever III Sale! If you have not had a chance to look at the catalog or the sale lot videos it is not too late to check them out. Also if you cannot attend the sale but are interested in some of the lots available for sale please contact Craig or Peggy 605/439-3628 and they can help you choose an absentee bidding option that you feel comfortable with. See you Friday! 

Getting the Most out of the Catalog Data
Bieber Fever III - November 30, 2012

The Bieber Fever III Sale is just a week away! We have been busy getting the lots ready.  We are in the processes of re-pregnancy testing all of the bred females to ensure that they are still bred and nothing has happened to the pregnancy since the initial pregnancy testing.  We also lot tagged those females while we had them in the chute. This past week Ashley Vet Clinic also came down and gave each of the 2 year old bulls their breeding soundness exam and we took the scrotal measurements at that time. By the end of this week we hope to have some of the sale pens set up so all the cattle will be sorted and ready for preview by next Thursday, November 29th.   

By now hopefully everyone has received their catalogs and has had some time to go through all of the different lots. If you did not get a catalog in the mail it is available online HERE along with pictures of some of the sale lots. Video of all of the sale lots is also available for view HERE.

We offer a ton of data in our catalog to help you choose the females and bulls that will best suit the needs of your cattle and operation. If you need a refresher on what the different EPDs mean and how to use each trait to help you select cattle please refer to page 52 of the catalog which explains what each of the EPDs mean. Page 51 in the catalog is an excerpt also from the Red Angus Association of Americas FREE 8 page flyer, Ranchers Guide to EPDs. For the full flyer and a more in depth look at EPDs follow this link.

While looking at the EPDs for the sale cattle in this offering keep in mind that you can see the breed averages for the relevant groups at the bottom of each page.  You can also use this chart from the Red Angus Association that shows not only the averages but also the minimum and maximum range for each of the traits.

This chart can help you determine where the animal that you are considering falls on the range. This chart and other EPD tools are available on the Red Angus Association website.  You can also look use the published percent rank that is shown beneath each animas EPDs in the catalog, with the average animal being 50% and the best 1%. There is also a chart that describes the percent rank on page 51 in the catalog!

Birth weight, weaning weight and yearling weight ratios are also great tools that you can use when deciding between two bulls. Ratios determine where the bull falls in relation to the other bulls in that particular contemporary group or in other words where one Bieber Red Angus 2 year old bull ranks in relation to another Bieber Red Angus 2 Year old bull. The difference between a ratio and an EPD is that you can use an EPD to compare a Bieber bull with a bull from another sale but a ratio can only be used to accurately compare two Bieber bulls. When you are looking at ratios remember that 100 describes an average bull in that contemporary group and above 100 is an above average bull.     

Another ratio that can be used to compare two cows is MPPA, Most Probable Producing Abilities. MPPA is a formula that estimates the cows future productivity based on her past productivity of weaning ratios and the number of progeny. So a cow that has produced a number of calves all with above average weaning ratios, will have an above average MPPA. So a cow with a MPPA of 100 is an average cow within her contemporary group and a cow with an MPPA of above 100 is an above average cow within her contemporary group. Remember you can only use MPPA to compare two cows within the same contemporary group; a cow with an MPPA of 102 on one ranch may be a lot different than a cow with an MPPA of 102 on a different ranch!

Hopefully this post has given you a few tips about what to look for when you are trying to compare animals within the catalog. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the sale on November 30th. Remember that all the animals will be penned and available for preview on Thursday November 29th. Next Wednesday we will talk more about setting up for the sale and what to expect if you are coming to the Bieber Red Angus sale! We hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

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