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June 26th - Summer Branding
Branding 2013

It has been a really fun week! Ron and Lois's daughter Sandra, Sandras friend Sherryl, Lois and Rons granddaughter Erica Gibbs and Ericas friend Alice, were all at the ranch visiting this past week. Erica and Alice are from Chicago, and it was Alices first trip to the ranch. She said she had a blast and learned many new things. Sherryl is from Alabama and met Sandra through Ron and Lois's son Stewart. This was also her first time on the ranch and she really enjoyed the trip, although one of her favorite parts was meeting Gibb the border collie. Sherryl had seen pictures of Gibb on Facebook and had been anxiously awaiting the chance to meet him!


Sherryl and Gibb

With all the extra help around the ranch we packed as many activities as we could into the few days they were visiting! Our biggest ranch project was branding all of our summer calves last Friday. We vaccinated, dewormed and poured fly control on all of the cows and vaccinated and freeze branded about 140 calves. Here are some pictures: 


The cows and calves are sperated and the horses are ready, Craig is making sure everyone on the crew knows the plan for the day.



A few of our ropers 


Eric and Ron running the branding irons

        Sandra shaving the calves hair prepping for the freeze brand. Erica and Alice, Katie and Lacey helping Ron and Eric by applying the alcohol to the shaved area and running the timers. Below, the freeze brand during and after each calf gets their RAB.


Craig and Tiny giving the vaccinations

Peggy keeping track of each cow and calf that gets worked.

Heres a whole bunch of action shots!










so We really enjoy ranch visitors that are willing to jump in and help with ranch activities. If you are ever in the Leola area and would like to stop in please do not hesitate to call! We enjoy showing others what we do around the ranch on a daily basis. 

Branding a few late calving pairs and the Select Sires South America Tour
Branding 2013

It has been a week of beautiful weather here! We are hoping for some rain this upcoming weekend though and hope that all of our readers are getting the moisture that they need! 

This past week the main activity around the ranch has been cleaning up the feedlot pens and the bedding areas from winter. We scrap all of the manure and straw from one pen into a large pile. After we had all the pens and pasture bedding areas cleaned up we called Duppers, who custom haul manure. With two guys, two trucks, a payloader and a couple days they turn can turn huge manure piles into clean pens and fertilized fields!


 We branded the main cowherd on April 27th. There was 80 pair that were to young to vaccinate and brand on the 27th so we took the morning to work those today. It was just the Bieber crew working and we each took turns roping throughout the morning and had a great time.








Today we also had a group of Select Sire South America affiliates stop by the ranch to tour the cows, calves and herd bulls. Many of the visitors were from Uruguay, a few from Brazil and one from Columbia. They were visiting a few different ranches in the USA throughout a week long tour. All of the visitors were interested in looking at the bulls, daughters and calves out of Select Sires owned bulls. Many were veterinarians, breeding consultants, agronomists and beef producers. We had a great time getting to know the group and learning about beef production in their countries.



Looking at the replacement heifers that were AI bred and are currently with a natural service sire. The herd sire Rushmore is pictured in the bottom left  


Looking at Bieber Rouse Samurai X22 and the heifers that are currently with him. Samurai semen can be purchased through Select Sires. 


Walking through the Spring calving pairs.  


Looking at the seven donor cows that we are currently flushing.

Everyone at Bieber Red Angus enjoys showing visitors our cowherd and explaining our breeding program. If you ever have any questions do not hesitate to ask and if you are driving by feel free to stop in!

 Visit our Facebook page for more branding and tour pictures from today! 

Branding the 2 Year Old Pairs
Branding 2013

My personal favorite time of the year is here, its Branding season!!  So why do we like branding season so much? Well first off it means that spring is finally here, and secondly because there is something so fun about getting together and working cattle with your neighbors and friends. Here in the Leola area there is a group of five different ranches who will help work each others calves throughout the spring and early summer. More hands make the work faster and way more fun!

Last weekend we worked our 120 two year old pairs. We set up our portable chute/alley, the Ok Corral and some portable panels which formed a holding pen for the pairs and a branding pen. The two year old pairs are all in one pasture, and we set up the working system right out in the pasture with them.

We started by gathering all of the pairs out of the pasture and into the holding pen and OK Corral. We then sorted off all the calves and put them into the branding pen separate from the cows. The cows were then worked through the chute and given Bovishield Gold a 5 way prebreeding vaccination against respiratory viruses. The cows were also given Multimin which is an injectable that provides a supplemental source of Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Selenium, which have been shown to play critical roles in reproduction and immunity.


The cows in the corral waiting to be worked through the chute and get vaccinated.

The calves sorted into the branding pen. 

 After the cows are worked we open a portion of the branding pen, which allows us to rope and drag the calves out of the pen. We rope the calfs back two legs between the ankle and the hock, and drag them with a horse out of the pen. This method is really low stress and painless for the calf. Once the calf is out of the branding pen two helpers handle the calf while it gets vaccinated and branded. 




We give the calves two vaccinations, one is a seven way which protects against clostridial disease and the other is Bovishield which is a five way vaccination that protects against respiratory viruses.  Both vaccinations are given in the calves neck.


Tiny and Betty Hoyle customers and friends from Ipswich, SD were vaccinating.

The calves are then freeze branded with our RAB brand. To freeze brand we clip the hair on the calves right hip. We then apply generous amounts of ethyl alcohol, which helps the brand make good contact with the skin. The freeze brand, which is kept cold in liquid nitrogen, is then applied for 23 seconds. This briefly freezes the skin causing the hair of the RAB brand to grow back white.


Lacey was running one of the timers

We really enjoy working calves this way and will have a two more branding this year. April 20th we are branding the rest of the calves born this spring. We will also have one branding later in the summer to brand all of the summer born calves. If you are in the area stop by for a branding!

Response 1
Saturday 13th of April 2013
Submitted by: Jerry Lindquist
Lindley - great job on this blog! I plan to stay tuned. Your Dad has got me interested in Bieber bulls this year. Can you get me the frame scores of Samurai, High Noon, Jericho, and Harddrive.
Response 2
Wednesday 17th of April 2013
Submitted by: Lindley
Thanks Jerry, I passed your question onto Craig Bieber along with your email. He should get you an answer back soon. Thanks for your interest!

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