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New here in 2014 - Feeder/Bred Cattle Marketing Page
Customer Spotlight

Happy New Year! It has been a chilly start to 2014 with a few days of sub-zero highs in the next week. New here in 2014 we added a Customer Feeder Calf and Bred Cattle page to our website. We hope to direct interested buyers to our customers' high quality cattle with Bieber influenced genetics. Any questions about the groups of cattle listed on the webpage can be directed toward Craig Bieber 605-439-3628 or 605-216-8169.  


If you would like to list your feeder calves or bred females that you have for sale on our Customer Feeder Calf and Bred Cattle page, contact Craig Bieber. 



This past week at the ranch the guys have been keeping busy feeding cattle, opening water and bedding pens. 


Craig Howard and Caleb mixing rations for the cattle in the feedlot, the replacement heifers and the 2 and 3 Year Old cows on New Years day.



The yearling bulls waiting for Caleb and the feed truck, these bulls will all be available on the March 6th Bieber Fever VI Sale!



The horses were a little frosty this New Years Day also.



The Replacements out in the pasture waiting for and enjoying their ration.  


Response 1
Thursday 9th of January 2014
Submitted by: Ron
AZ looks better after looking at the blog------warmer weather is coming! keep on keeping on.

Olson Ranch Visit and Summer Calving
Customer Spotlight

The weather has been absolutely beautiful this past week here in Leola! The grass has turned green and with temperatures in the mid 70s for the past couple days, it will not be long before it starts really growing.  This past week at the ranch was quite low key. Craig and Peggy had the opportunity to attend the Kentucky Derby and it sounded like they had a wonderful trip despite the rain on Derby Day. Ron and Lois also spent the week away in Chicago visiting their grandchildren.

Here at the ranch the summer cows have started calving. We have just a few calves on the ground so far. Both the cows and the guys are really enjoying calving out in the pasture. To process the baby calves we carry a toolbox with the scale, tags, sire breeding paperwork, and calving book. Here are a few shot of the newest additions at Bieber Red Angus


Processing newborn calves out in the pasture





 Customer Spotlight

Back at the beginning of February Craig, Peggy, Craig Howard and I traveled to the Wessington Springs, South Dakota area and visited Larry and Paulette Olson who have been great Bieber Red Angus customers. We wanted to spotlight their operation on our blog and are planning to spotlight other great beef producers and customers throughout the year.


Larry and Paulette Olson ranch northwest of Wessingtion Springs and have been ranchering their entire life. Larry got his start about 40 years ago in a combination of purchasing his own cows and taking over for his father. Larry started off with Gelvieh females and started using Red Angus bulls. He decided to start using Red Angus bulls to downsize his cattle, improve the udder quality and the look of his cattle.  Happy with the outcome Larry purchased around 25 head of Red Angus females to add to his herd and kept his replacement heifers, breeding them back Red Angus. His herd today has a high percentage of Red Angus genetics.


Craig Howard, Larry Olson and Craig Bieber looking through the cows at Larrys ranch, above and his bred replacement heifers, below. 


We enjoyed our morning looking through Larrys cow herd. He has done a great job and has moderate nicely balanced and conditioned females. Larry started calving his AI bred heifers on April 1st, and his cows on April 20th. He reports that he has had a great calving season so far and is at 100%. 

In 2008 Larry purchased his first bulls from Bieber Red Angus. He had heard about the ranch through advertisements, and from other producers who had seen RAB cattle and/or done business with RAB.  He was impressed with the ranchs attention to EPDs and quiet disposition in the sale bulls. Larry also mentioned that he likes the relationship that he has developed with Craig and appreciates how dedicated RAB is to customer service and satisfaction. After purchasing his first bull he returns to the production sale each year for high quality Red Angus bulls.    



Bieber bulls wintering at Larry Olsons ranch.


We appreciate Larry and Paulettes contiuned support of our program and are happy to see our genetics at work in a great program! Thank You for your hospitality during our visit!

Larry, Paulette Olson and their son 








Response 1
Sunday 19th of May 2013
Submitted by: Vonnie De Vries
WOW! What an impressive blog. Lindley, how can you do all this & have a job & a sister visit and all? You must be a human dynamo. I hope to go to the farm this weekend for Memorial Day. Hope it is nice so we can do Red Angus steaks on the grill! I love you, Craig & Katie. G Vonnie

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