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Winter 2014/2015

Mid-Winter Projects at RAB

It is the week before Christmas! We hope this blog post finds your family healthy, happy and ready for one of the greatest holiday of the year! Here at the ranch we took this past week to get a few projects done, which included replacing and replumbing a water tank in one of our pastures and starting the process of getting our calving barn ready for the upcoming calving season. This next week we will be weighing the yearling bulls that will be on the March 2013 sale to get a feel for how they are gaining.


This past week we replaced a tank that is out on one of the pastures that we rent. The old tank had worn out and needed to be replaced. To start the process we brought in clay and raised the area around where the old tank had sat. Then we extended the plumbing to accommodate so it could reach the new tank. The new tank was then set on top of the round metal tube, and hooked up the water line and new float up.


Mike got to brave the pipe and extend the water line up to the new tank

The other project we worked on this week was starting to get the calving barn ready for calving season. Steve hauled in new sand to replace some of the fill we lost through cleaning the barn out the last season. We also replace a few of the boards on the pens that were cracked or broken.

Scott also worked on making some new gates to go inside of a Quonset barn that we have in one of the pastures close to ranch headquarters that we turn groups new pairs out into. Our plan is to put a line of gates on each side of the barn that are lifted enough so the calves can get underneath while the cows can stay in the middle of the barn. This will get both the cows and the calves out of the weather but the room just for the calves will keep them from getting hurt. After we get the project finished I will post some pictures of the finished product.

Merry (early) Christmas from everyone at Bieber Red Angus, we hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and safe travels!

It's Beginning to Look alot like Christmas

Winter has officially hit in South Dakota. This past weekend we had our first winter storm of the season with a winter storm including a couple inches of snow and gusting winds.  The roads were a little treacherous Saturday and early Sunday morning with a few drifts and decreased visibility but cleared up pretty quickly. Although we are very grateful for the moisture, snow is just so hard to love!                  


Before this weekends winter storm we prepared around the feedlot by spreading fresh straw in their pens.

VGW 903 Oly appreciated his new bed. Oly and Roosevelt are going to World West in Montana soon to get collected.


The replacement heifer calves are in a pasture close to ranch headquarters


The rest of the cow herd is currently out grazing cornstalks.

Craig and Peggy have been busy getting the sale cattle into delivery loads, and are getting down to the last couple loads. Weather depending one of the last delivery loads will go out this week. The guys have also started to work on getting the calving barn ready to go and we will have a post about the updates they have been doing in a couple weeks! We hope that your family have had good weather and are enjoying this wonderful season. Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter and share your snow pictures with us!    

Bieber Fever III Sale
Bieber Fever III - November 30, 2012

Last Friday November 30th was our Bieber Fever III Sale here at the ranch. The sale went great, the morning started off a little frosty and foggy but it cleared up a little throughout the day. Overall our sale went really well and here are some picture highlights from saleday. For more sale pictures visit our Facebook Page



                We had all of the Registered and Commerical lots penned before the sale for preview 



                                One customer making friends with one of his potential purchases 



We sell all of the lots over video instead of running the lots individually through a sale ring. We switched over to this method a few years back and are very happy with the results! This year we had three 80inch TVs instead of projectors and screens, the videos looked really sharp!


                                                   A couple views from during the sale.




Thank You to all of the Buyers and Bidders! We hope to see you in March for our Annual Production sale! Here is the sale report of the top selling lots and buyers along with our volume buyers. To see more pictures from our sale please look at our Facebook page.

Bieber Red Angus Ranch






Bieber Fever III




November 30th 2012


2012 Fall Production Sale






Red Angus Bred Heifers






Red Angus Coming 2 Year old Bulls






Red Angus Spring Calving Cows






Red Angus Summer Calving Cows






Red Angus Commercial Bred Heifers






Red Angus Commercial Cows






High Selling Lots










Buyer Name


Red Angus Bred Heifers






Bieber Redcap Lady 385Y




Jon Marshall

Katy TX

Bieber Enchantress 360Y




Jon Marshall

Katy TX

Bieber Mimi 350Y




Jon Marshall

Katy TX

Bieber Tilly 348Y




Jon Marshall

Katy TX

Bieber Galee 388Y




Jon Marshall

Katy TX

Bieber Enchantress 294Y




Mud Creek Reds

Alavord IA

Bieber Birdy 382Y




Brenda & Sheldon Schlecht

Streeter ND

Bieber Designer 345Y




Terry Albrecht

Thuston NE

Bieber Flower 361Y




Jordan Rhodes

Faulkton SD

Bieber Kanna 347Y




Leroy Bieber

Leola SD

Bieber Queen 341Y




Leroy Bieber

Leola SD

Red Angus Coming 2s






Bieber Goldbar Y379




Green Mountain Red Angus

Three Forks MT

Bieber Boeing Y310




Steve & Amy Bieber

Beulah ND

Bieber Goldbar Y345




Hansmeier & Sons Inc

Bristol SD

Bieber Haymaker Y365




Steve & Amy Bieber

Beulah ND

Bieber High Noon Y377




Ammann Red Angus Ranch

Wilmot SD

Bieber EXT Y328




Otto Red Angus

Grace City ND

Bieber EXT Y364




Brenda & Sheldon Schlecht

Streeter ND

Bieber Roosevelt Y390




DWAJ Red Angus

AB, Canada

Bieber Haymaker  Y346




Wade and Suzie Tucker

Wood SD

Red Angus Spring Calving Cow










Jon Marshall

Katy TX





Jon Marshall

Katy TX





Greg Raasch

Odebolt IA





Weber Red Angus

Lake Benton MN





Mud Creek Reds

Alavord IA



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