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Mating our Replacement Heifers
Breeding Season 2013

Next Monday we are AI breeding all of the replacement heifers. This week we are focusing on the sires we plan to use on the heifers this year and how we mate each heifer.

Our 270 replacement heifers are synchronized using the 14 day CIDR method. CIDRs were inserted on April 3rd and removed them 14 days later. On Friday we will run all of the heifers through the chute and give them a shot of Lutalyse. On Monday we will time breed all of the heifers and give them a shot of GnRH. Today Craig, Craig Howard and Ron sat down and worked on mating all of the heifers. We mate all of the females at Bieber Red Angus based on EPDs. Through our computer system CowSense Craig is able to enter all of the replacement heifers Red Angus Association registration numbers into the RAA Animal Search and pull up each replacement heifers current EPDs. He then does the same with all of the bulls we are planning to use both AI and Natural service.

For each replacement heifer the program takes her EPD values and shows what her calfs EPDs would be if she were mated with each of the selected bulls. Craig, Craig Howard and Ron then choose the best EPD match for an AI sire and the best match for a Natural service sire. We also print out
each of the replacement heifers full pedigrees and make sure the bulls we have chosen AI and Natural service, dont have any common relatives with the heifer. As we work through the matings we keep track of how many heifers we have bred AI and natural service for each bull. Yearling bulls will get 25-30 heifers to cover natural service and older bulls get around 50 heifers. Heres the list of bulls we are using on our heifers this year:

Bieber Hard Drive Y120: 2013 AI Sire


A bull and heifer calf on the ground this year out of Bieber Hard Drive Y120.

Hard Drive was bought by Select Sires off of our March Production Sale in 2012. We sampled this bull last year and his calves are low birthweight and look really good. Semen is available through Select Sires.

Bieber H Hughes W109: 2013 AI Sire


Bull and Heifer Calves out of Bieber H Hughes

Hughes sold on our 2010 Production sale to Jeffries Land and Cattle. We sampled Hughes in 2010 and didnt end up using him in 2011. After we saw how his few calves from 2010 grew up and his updated EPDs we realized the mistake we made! We used him heavy in 2012 and plan to use him hard this year too. Hughes calves are low birthweight with lots growth and style. Semen is available through Bieber Red Angus.

Pardinga Iron Ore E27: 2013 AI Sire


2013 Bull and Heifer calf out of Iron Ore E27

Iron Ore E27 resides in Australia and was introduced to us last year through Leachman Cattle of Colorado. We are excited by the look of his calves on the ground. They are calving ease along with plenty of growth and style. 

Bieber Stormer Z433: 2013 AI Sire

We sold this bull last March to Accelerated Genex and Bachman Red Angus and are sampling his this year. 

Bieber  Rushmore Y106: 2013 AI and Natural Service Sire

This bull sold on our 2012 March Sale. Ludvigson Stock Farms used him in 2012 and we are sampling him this year both AI and Natural Service.

Schuler Endurance 2101Z: 2013 AI and Natural Service Sire

We purchased this bull in March from Schuler Red Angus.He is a son out of Schuler Nebula 0050 who is a son of the popular Nebula P707. He has impressive ultrasound ratios, impressive growth numbers and low birthweight.   

Bieber Rouse Samurai X22: 2013 Natural Service Sire


2013 Samurai Bull Calves

We have used Samurai hard for 2 years now, his calves are always calving ease and grow well. We sold his first set of sons on the March production sale this year. Samurai semen is available through Select Sires.

 LSF Takeover 9943W: 2013 Natural Service Sire

2013 Takeover Bull Calf

We bought the natural service rights for Takeover and had our first calves out of him in 2012. The calves are always calving ease and the calves out of Takeover have excellent carcass numbers. We are using two sons out of Takeover this year as Natural Service Sires this year.

GMRA Peacemaker 1216: 2013 Natural Service Sire


2013 Peacemaker Bull and heifer calf 

We purchased Peacemaker with Accelerated Genetics from Green Mountain Red Angus in 2012. We sampled him last year and his first calves are on the ground. Semen is available through Accelerated Genetics.

Bieber Take 2, Bieber Secondtake, Rouse Olaf Z104: 2013 Natural Service Sires

All three of these yearling sires sold this year on our March Production Sale. We are using them all Natural Service. Take 2 and Secondtake are both Takeover sons and Olaf is an Oly son. 

LSF RAB Exclusive 2793Z: 2013 Natural Service Sire

We bought this sire with Select Sires a few weeks ago from Ludvigson Stock Farms. Exclusive is out of the Nebula P707 son, Brown Paramount X7879. We are excited to see what this bull has to offer.

We are excited to see the calves out of these great herd sires. If you have any questions about our herd sires or would like help choosing the best Bieber sire for your females, feel free to contact Craig Bieber 605/439-3628 or Craig Howard 605/377-3128. Bieber Red Angus sells semen out of many of our herd sires, to purchase semen contact the office 605/439-3628. Also stop by our facebook page and Like us!


April Snow Showers, Bring May Flowers - April 17th, 2013
Ranch Updates

It has been a snowy past week here at Bieber Red Angus. Last Thursday we got about 6 inches of snow and we got a few more inches along with blizzard like conditions last Sunday. If that wasnt enough heres a picture of the weather outside today, and it is supposed to continue through tomorrow.  

So I am sure you can guess what the guys did this past week. They pushed snow, in April!

They also worked hard making sure the cows and calves were well bedded and sheltered from the storm. The calves are sure ready for some warmer weather! The summer cows, below, are really hoping for warmer weather before they start calving in May!


This past week, Craig, Peggy, Craig Howard and I all traveled to Billings, Montana for Ludvigson Stock Farms production sale and to visit the bull studs in the Billings area. The weather in Montana was beautiful while we were there, including temperatures in the mid 50s! Ludvigsons sale was held at their bull development facilities in Park City, Montana west of Billings a ways. The sale went well and we purchased a new bull that we are planning to use in the upcoming breeding season. He is a son out of Brown Paramount X7879 and a Misson Statement daughter. He is numbered really well and ranks in the top 10% of the breed for Calving Ease Direct, top 4% for Birth Weight top 11% for Weaning Weight and top 17% for Yearling Weight. We are excited to see how he performs this upcoming breeding season! Bieber Red Angus co-owns this bull with Select Sires.


I also want to make a shout out to one of our loyal blog followers, Ron Bieber. About a month ago a semi truck miscalculated while pulling away from the loading chute and decimated the previous mailboxes. Ron has been working on the replacement for a while now and finished the project. We were all really impressed with the new mailboxes. Good Job Ron!


Hopefully all of our customers and friends in the area are faring well with this weather and are ready for the upcoming breeding season. If you are thinking about which bulls to use AI this season, Bieber Red Angus has semen available from some great herd bulls, for more information or to order semen contact Craig Bieber. We will talk more about which bulls we are using this season and why in an upcoming blog post. Until then we are hoping that these April Snow Showers will still bring many May Flowers!   

Branding the 2 Year Old Pairs
Branding 2013

My personal favorite time of the year is here, its Branding season!!  So why do we like branding season so much? Well first off it means that spring is finally here, and secondly because there is something so fun about getting together and working cattle with your neighbors and friends. Here in the Leola area there is a group of five different ranches who will help work each others calves throughout the spring and early summer. More hands make the work faster and way more fun!

Last weekend we worked our 120 two year old pairs. We set up our portable chute/alley, the Ok Corral and some portable panels which formed a holding pen for the pairs and a branding pen. The two year old pairs are all in one pasture, and we set up the working system right out in the pasture with them.

We started by gathering all of the pairs out of the pasture and into the holding pen and OK Corral. We then sorted off all the calves and put them into the branding pen separate from the cows. The cows were then worked through the chute and given Bovishield Gold a 5 way prebreeding vaccination against respiratory viruses. The cows were also given Multimin which is an injectable that provides a supplemental source of Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Selenium, which have been shown to play critical roles in reproduction and immunity.


The cows in the corral waiting to be worked through the chute and get vaccinated.

The calves sorted into the branding pen. 

 After the cows are worked we open a portion of the branding pen, which allows us to rope and drag the calves out of the pen. We rope the calfs back two legs between the ankle and the hock, and drag them with a horse out of the pen. This method is really low stress and painless for the calf. Once the calf is out of the branding pen two helpers handle the calf while it gets vaccinated and branded. 




We give the calves two vaccinations, one is a seven way which protects against clostridial disease and the other is Bovishield which is a five way vaccination that protects against respiratory viruses.  Both vaccinations are given in the calves neck.


Tiny and Betty Hoyle customers and friends from Ipswich, SD were vaccinating.

The calves are then freeze branded with our RAB brand. To freeze brand we clip the hair on the calves right hip. We then apply generous amounts of ethyl alcohol, which helps the brand make good contact with the skin. The freeze brand, which is kept cold in liquid nitrogen, is then applied for 23 seconds. This briefly freezes the skin causing the hair of the RAB brand to grow back white.


Lacey was running one of the timers

We really enjoy working calves this way and will have a two more branding this year. April 20th we are branding the rest of the calves born this spring. We will also have one branding later in the summer to brand all of the summer born calves. If you are in the area stop by for a branding!

Response 1
Saturday 13th of April 2013
Submitted by: Jerry Lindquist
Lindley - great job on this blog! I plan to stay tuned. Your Dad has got me interested in Bieber bulls this year. Can you get me the frame scores of Samurai, High Noon, Jericho, and Harddrive.
Response 2
Wednesday 17th of April 2013
Submitted by: Lindley
Thanks Jerry, I passed your question onto Craig Bieber along with your email. He should get you an answer back soon. Thanks for your interest!

Synchronizing our Replacement heifers
Ranch Updates

It has been a beautiful week here in Leola! The temperatures have been in the mid 30s with clear sunny skies. This upcoming weekend the temperature is supposed to reach into the 40s and 50s, which is wonderful since we are planning to have our first branding of the season this Saturday (more on that next week).

This past week we started synchronizing our spring and summer replacement heifers. For estrous synchronization we use a 14 day CIDR combined with timed AI. In the past we have had good luck with this protocol. We inserted CIDRs in our spring replacement heifers last Wednesday and in our summer replacement heifers last Thursday. The CIDRs are left in place for 14 days and are then removed, so next Wednesday we will remove the CIDRs from the spring replacements and next Thursday from the summer replacements. 16 days after the CIDRs are remove we will give them a shot of Prostaglandin, we use Lutalyse, but Estrumate, In Synch, EstroPLAN, and ProstaMate are also common brand names. 3 days after the Prostaglandin shot we will time AI the replacements for an estimated calving date of February, 5 2014.   

Here are a few pictures:


Jazz helping bring the replacements down to the working barn from their pen 

Cody working the alley 


Mike loading the CIDRs into the applicator

Craig Howard inserting the CIDR

This past month Craig and Peggy have been busy putting together loads and delivering sale cattle to customers. They are getting close to having everything delivered! We also flushed our donor cows this week, we will have a blog post about our flush program coming up. Other than that we have been enjoying the much anticipated spring weather, and the Easter holiday. Join us next week for our first branding post!

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