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June 26th - Summer Branding
Branding 2013

It has been a really fun week! Ron and Lois's daughter Sandra, Sandras friend Sherryl, Lois and Rons granddaughter Erica Gibbs and Ericas friend Alice, were all at the ranch visiting this past week. Erica and Alice are from Chicago, and it was Alices first trip to the ranch. She said she had a blast and learned many new things. Sherryl is from Alabama and met Sandra through Ron and Lois's son Stewart. This was also her first time on the ranch and she really enjoyed the trip, although one of her favorite parts was meeting Gibb the border collie. Sherryl had seen pictures of Gibb on Facebook and had been anxiously awaiting the chance to meet him!


Sherryl and Gibb

With all the extra help around the ranch we packed as many activities as we could into the few days they were visiting! Our biggest ranch project was branding all of our summer calves last Friday. We vaccinated, dewormed and poured fly control on all of the cows and vaccinated and freeze branded about 140 calves. Here are some pictures: 


The cows and calves are sperated and the horses are ready, Craig is making sure everyone on the crew knows the plan for the day.



A few of our ropers 


Eric and Ron running the branding irons

        Sandra shaving the calves hair prepping for the freeze brand. Erica and Alice, Katie and Lacey helping Ron and Eric by applying the alcohol to the shaved area and running the timers. Below, the freeze brand during and after each calf gets their RAB.


Craig and Tiny giving the vaccinations

Peggy keeping track of each cow and calf that gets worked.

Heres a whole bunch of action shots!










so We really enjoy ranch visitors that are willing to jump in and help with ranch activities. If you are ever in the Leola area and would like to stop in please do not hesitate to call! We enjoy showing others what we do around the ranch on a daily basis. 

June 19th - Natural Service Sires
Breeding Season 2013

Guess what time it is?


You guessed it, Haying season is upon us. Kenny has kept busy this past week cutting a portion of our alfalfa hay ground. So far we have cut around 200 acres of alfalfa and have around a 150 to go, along with a bunch of ground we will be cutting for grass hay a little later on in the summer.


Today Craig Howard, Mike and Jake set up the branding pen for this upcoming Friday. We are branding all of our summer calving pairs.


We are in the middle of our 45 day natural service breeding period for our spring calving cows. The cows were all AI bred then sorted into specific breeding pastures. The bulls were then turned into their respected pastures on June 3rd. Here are the bulls that we are using on the RAB cows. 

LSF Takeover 9943W 

Takeover is a proven calving ease sire and had the high selling sire group in our 2013 March production sale. 

Bieber Stormer Z433

Stormer was the high selling bull at our 2013 March Production Sale, Craig Bieber has said that Stormer stacks profitable traits in both his data and pedigree. He is co-owned by Scott Bachman and Accelerated Genetics. 

GMRA Peacemaker 1216

We like Peacemaker for his overall phenotype. His calves have outstanding performance and muscle mass. 

Peacemaker with a cow in his natural service group.

Bieber Rushmore Y106

Rushmore is out of Bieber Roosevelt W384, he combines calving ease with plenty of growth and muscle mass.

Bieber Rouse Samurai X22

Bieber Rouse Samurai X22 with a few cows in his natural service group.

Samurai was raised by one of our cooperaters Gene Rouse. He is our of a Boone daughter that is a moderate framed cow with a great udder. Samurai will add pounds and thickness to his calves. Semen is available through Select Sires.

LSF RAB Exclusive 2793Z

This is the bull we bought out of Ludvigson Stock Farms 2013 spring sale. He is out a the Nebula P707 son Brown Paramount X7879. We co-own this bull with Select Sires. 

Schuler Endurance 2101Z 

This is another bull we bought this spring out of the 2013 Schuler Red Angus spring sale. Enduracne is out of the Nebula P707 son Schuler Nebula P707 0050X. He is a moderate framed bull with a big scrotal and we expect him to add to the Bieber Red Angus progam.


Bieber 2nd Take Z156

2nd Take is a Takeover son that was sold on our 2013 March Sale to Gene Rouse and Mud Creek Reds. We liked this bull so much we are sampling him natural service. 

Our cows and calves look great out on pasture. They are really enjoying the tall green grass. We have been impressed with how the calves are growing and looking so far this year! Here are a few pictures:

Bieber Hard Drive heifer calf


Two heifer calves out of Bieber H Hughes W109

Bull calf out of Paringa Iron Ore E27

Bull calf out of Bieber Real McCoy Y124

June 12th - Moving cattle
Ranch Updates

Its been another rainy week here in Leola. We have had scattered showers all week with rain all day this past Saturday and today. I personally have lost track of how much rain we have gotten this spring but I know Ron has been keeping track. I will have to check with him and get back with our spring rainfall totals in the next blog post.

Today even with the persistent rain we moved our replacement heifers from our ranch headquarters to our west ranch about 5 miles away. We used our main helpers our border collies.

Here are a few pictures from moving heifers today:



Craig Howard and his dog Belle

Mike and his dog Chase


Our dogs These dogs are trained to know directional commands which allow the handler to send the dog around to bring a misguided cow back to the bunch or to watch an open gate as we are moving the bunch down the road. We get a lot of use out of our dogs!  Another bonus to having a dog is they are extremely helpful when you need to move cattle out of a pasture with a lot of water in it. When you are using a Ranger instead of horses getting cattle out of the water gets pretty difficult, border collies make a lot of things easier!


June 5th - Sorting Pairs and Summer Calving Updates
Breeding Season 2013

It has been another cool rainy week here in South Dakota. The local radio station announced this morning that the 2013 spring season (March, April, May) in Aberdeen has set a record for the coolest average temperature. The previous record was set in 1950 with an average temperature of 37 degrees and the 2013 spring average temperature was a record setting 35 degrees. This past weekend when Craig Howard was up by Bruce and Lynnette Durheims ranch near Ellendale, North Dakota AI breeding a bunch of cows they noticed a few snowflakes, on June 1st! So it is good to know we have set a record this spring and were not just imagining the much cooler temperatures.

This upcoming Saturday we will breed the last bunch of Durheim cow which will mark the end of AI breeding our spring calving cowherd. The AI schedule that we worked through these past couple weeks along with a more detailed description of the Estrus Synchronization program we used this year can be found on the blog post from May 22nd.

The beginning of this week was filled with sorting the AI bred pairs into smaller bunches that are to be turned out with a natural service sire. As we mentioned in the past couple weeks blog posts the spring calving cowherd was divided into 5 groups: all of the 2 year old cow pairs, 2 groups of cow pairs located here on the ranch in Leola and 2 groups of Durheim cow pairs that are being bred and summered on Durheims ranch in Ellendale, ND.

At the ranch we sorted the 2 year old pairs last Saturday, the first group of cow pairs Monday and the final group of cows pairs Tuesday. We used the portable corral system that we had set up for AI breeding the 2 year old cows, to sort all three groups. Each sort day we gathered the entire group and walked them to the corral system. From there each guy sorting was given a list which listed each natural service sire and the cows that were to be turned out with each bull. The guys choose a group to start sorting, usually the largest group of the day is sorted first, and working on horseback with one guy on foot watching the gate they search for each cow on the list. They find both the cow and her calf, then walk the pair through the gate. The guy stationed on the gate has the job of keeping close records of which pairs have been sorted and periodically all of the guys will gather and check off the pairs that have been sorted. Once a whole natural service group has been sorted one or two guys walk the sorted group to pasture, while the remaining guys start sorting the next group. The remaining 2 groups of cow pairs that are being bred and summered at Durheims will be sorted into their natural service groups after the final group is AI bred this upcoming Saturday. 

Walking sorted groups to pasture

This past Monday we turned all of the natural service bulls out into the sorted bunches of cows. These bull were servicing replacement heifers, but were pulled last Friday. That gave the heifers a 30 period to be bred by the bull after being AI bred. Those 274 heifers are grouped together in a pasture and will be ultrasounded in 30-35 days. Anything that is ultrasounded as not bred will be sorted off and re bred with the summer calving cow herd around the beginning of August.


Summer Calving Update

About 140 cows out of the 165 summer calving cows have calved so far. We calve them out in the pasture. Here are some pictures of our newest additons:




This past weekend we said goodbye to our interns from South Africa, Scott Marwick and Steve Keyser. They have been here for the past year and we will miss them around the ranch! Scott and Steve are traveling around the western United States for 30days before they fly out of LAX bound for South Africa with a pit stop in New York City for 3 days. 


Safe Travels Scott and Steve!

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