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August 28th - Prepping the Lots for Weaning
Ranch Updates

It has been a hot dry past week here! Temperatures have been in the high 80s and 90s for the past week now and are expected to continue through Saturday.  We did receive around a tenth of an inch of rain last night which we were very grateful for!


Last Friday we moved our 90 coming 2 Year Old bull from our Pheifle unit, closer to ranch headquarters. The Pheifle is 7 miles from ranch headquarters and normally we would drive cattle to and from the Pheifle unit, but with the high temperatures we decided to haul the bulls to their new pasture. They will stay on pasture until mid-September when we wean the calves. A day or so after we bring the calves into the feedlot we will walk the coming 2 year old bulls back to ranch headquarters and put them in the feedlot also.


Gathering the coming 2 Year Olds at the Pheifle.


And arriving in their new pasture.

The other big project we have worked on this week is getting the feedlots ready for weaning. The lots were all cleaned and the manure was hauled out and was used as fertilizer on our hay ground earlier this summer. Now the guys have been hauling new fill into each of the lots. The new fill is then spread around the lots to fill any holes and to also correct any drainage issues.






Caleb has also been busy building a few new water tank lids for a few of the tanks in the feedlot. After this week the lots will be ready for the weaned calves come mid September!

August 21st - Spring Calf Update
Ranch Updates

Summer has reappeared here in Leola this past week. Temperatures have reached up into the 80s and 90s. We had almost forgotten what summer felt like and for the most part we enjoyed the reminder! The Brown County Fair took place last week in Aberdeen, and here at the ranch we kept things pretty low key so everyone could enjoy the fair with their family and friends. This past Saturday the gals of Bieber Red Angus held a baby shower for Megan. Eric and Megan are expecting their first little girl in late October!

Kristin, Megan and Lindley at the shower.

We have kept busy with some smaller projects around the ranch, checking pairs and mineral feeders. Last week we ultrasounded our spring calving cows and preconditioned our spring calves. This week we thought we would highlight some of the calves out of our great herd sires and to give you sample of how the spring calves are growing and developing. 


LSF Cyclone 9934W Heifer Calves

LSF Cyclone Bull Calf 


Beckton Epic R297 K Bull Calves


Beckton Epic R297 K Heifer Calves 

RHRA Gold Rush Bull Calf 

Bieber Hard Drive Y120 Bull Calf 


Bieber H Hughes W109 Heifer Calves 

Bieber H Hughes W109 Bull Calf 


Paringa Iron Ore Bull Calves

Paringa Iron Ore Heifer Calf 


VGW Oly 903 Bull Calves

GMRA Peacemaker Heifer Calf 

Bieber Real McCoy Y124 Bull Calf 

Bieber Real McCoy Y124 Heifer Calf 

Bieber Rollin Deep Y118 Bull Calf 

Bieber Rollin Deep Y118 Heifer Calf 



Bieber Roosevelt W384 Bull Calves

Rouse Samurai X22 Heifer Calf 

LSF Takeover 9943W Heifer Calf 

We like what we have seen so far in our spring calf crop! If you would like to see how all of our calves are doing we welcome visitors and love showing off our cows and calves. If you are driving by feel free to stop in!

Response 1
Saturday 24th of August 2013
Submitted by: G Vonnie
The one I want is the LSF Cyclone Bull Calf! Love you & your blog.

Ultrasounding the Spring Calving Cows
Breeding Season 2013

This past week we have been busy this past week ultrasounding our spring calving cowherd and preconditioning our spring calves. On Monday we worked about half of the RAB cows here at the ranch headquarters in Leola. Tuesday we went up to Durheims and preconditioned and ultrasounded there. Then Wednesday we finished up the spring bred cow ultrasounding back at the ranch with the second half of the RAB cows. 

It was a beautiful morning gathering cows this morning!



We started each ultrasounding day by sorting the cows from the calves.




We then sorted the calves into groups of bull calves and heifer calves.


We then precondition all of the calves. Which involves tattooing each calf with their ID number, which is also their eartag number and our RAB breeder code.



 We then give all of the calves three preconditioning vaccinations. This year we gave Bovi Shield Gold a 5 way vaccination, Ultrabac 7 a 7 way vaccination and One Shot. We also gave each calf a shot of Multimin an injectable mineral supplement. The heifer calves were also given their Bangs vaccinations by our vets as well as the corresponding tattoo.

The cows were all ultrasounded by our vets from the Ashley Vet Clinic in Ashley, ND.


The open cows were sorted with their calves and were taken to a seperate pasture with LSF Cyclone 9934W to be bred for summer calving. The bred cows were taken to another pasture.




August 7th - AI Breeding the Summer Cows
Breeding Season 2013

We have had another wonderfully mild week! The sun has been shining and the temperatures have been moderately warm during the day and have cooled off at night. It has been a great August so far! We have been busy around the ranch with our second cutting of hay which was cut at the end of last week and the last of it is getting baled today.  


The 160 summer cows in our summer calving cow herd were synchronized using a 7 day CIDR. The CIDRs were removed last Tuesday, and the cows were AI bred last Friday. Craig Howard has been out of town this past week which left our ranch hands Mike Chapman and Caleb Accicca and myself as the AI technicians for the summer cows. Peggy came out to keep track of the paperwork which includes the sires that each cow is to be AI bred to, and recording the AI technician that services each cow. Skylar helped keep the chute and alley full of cattle and Craig Bieber ran the chute and gave each cow a shot of GnRH. He also helped a visiting vet student, Melissa learn how to run the hydraulic chute and give GnRH as well as answered any questions she had throughout the day.

Melissa is a vet student at Purdue University, who is job shadowing the vets at the Ashley Vet Clinic for a few weeks this summer. Melissa grew up in Singapore, and did her undergraduate studies at UC Davis in California. She is currently heading into her second year of vet school at Purdue, and hopes to be a large animal veterinarian. She asked to come out to the ranch a couple days a week to gain some more practical experience with cattle in a working ranch environment. We have been impressed with her willingness to learn and help with different tasks and she was a great asset on AI day!

Here are some pictures from AIing,



For working facilities we had our portable OK Corral and hydraulic chute and double alley hooked onto a portable breeding barn all in a pasture at our West Ranch.


We AI bred the summer cows to three different sires:

Beckton Epic R397

We purchased the pasture rights for Epic R397 last fall. Epic puts a number of measurable traits right in the sweet spot. His pedigree makes him an outcross for us, and we really like the muscle, volume, and growth we have seen in his progeny.

Bieber Rollin Deep Y118

Rollin Deep was the high selling bull on our 2012 March Production Sale. We sampled this Roosevelt son last year and were pleased with the conception rate he stacked up. We have been flushing his dam and expect that she will be one of the donor cows that really impacts our program. Looking at his data, it is pretty hard to find sires that will put as many traits in the top 10% as Rollin Deep does. His phenotype is exactly his namesake: deep and easy moving. We expect that this sire will do great things, we have many calves on the ground this summer and are really impressed by how they are growing and developing.


Bieber Real McCoy Y124 AI and Natural Service Sire

Real McCoy has gotten a lot of attention as one of Bieber H Hughes leading sons. He has hit every observation point at the top of his group and he offers the leading edge of genetics that the Red Angus breed has to offer. This cowline has been consistently at the top of our program. We have a few Real McCoy calves on the ground this year and like what we have seen so far! We used Real McCoy as both an AI Sire and as a Natural Service Sire on our Summer Cowherd.


 Natural Service Sires 

Bieber Roosevelt W384

Roosevelt was our pick of the bulls on test in 2009-2010. He exhibits depth of flank with lots of style and a great disposition. We are currently using some great Roosevelt sons as herd sires including Bieber Rollin Deep Y118 and Bieber Roosevelt Y106. We like the way his daughters and his calves this year are growing and developing. There will be Roosevelt sons in the March offering!

GMRA Peacemaker 1216      


We co-own this bull with Accelerated Genetics. Peacemakers data and phenotype are both hard to get around. We are proud of the was his calves are growing and developing this summer and look forward to watching them continue to bloom in the feedlot this fall.  

LSF Takeover 9943W

Takeover sold in Ludvigsons 2011 offering, his kind and data were both extremely impressive. The synergy between the combination of Conquest and Packer in Takeovers pedigree creates progeny that offer great potential for profit. His calving ease is also excellent! We sold his first offering of sons on our 2013 March Production Sale and two of our high selling bulls were Takeover sons.

Bieber Rushmore Y106

Bieber Rushmore Y106 is one of the top selling bulls in 2012. He is a calving ease sire with calves that will grow and have impressive Weaning and Yearling data.  Rushmore is a well made, structurally sound sire, with some impressive calves on the ground right now!



Response 1
Monday 12th of August 2013
Submitted by: G Vonnie
Nice review, I'm learning a lot!

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