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September 25th - Weaning Calves and Putting up Silage
Fall 2013

The few days of fall have been beautiful! Temperatures have been in the mid 70s each day with lots of sunshine, hopefully this continues well into the fall season. 


This past week has been filled with lots of activity around the ranch. Late last week we weaned all of our spring born calves. The weaning process started on Thursday up at Durheims in Ellendale, ND. All of the pairs were gathered from the pasture and the cows and calves were seperated into two different groups. We ran both the cows and the calves through the chute and recorded their weight. The calves were then hauled back ranch headquarters, here in Leola, and put into a feedlot pen. The Durheim cows will stay at Durheims until around the first of December. Friday the guys weaned all of the spring born calves here at the ranch. The cows and calves were again gathered and seperated into two groups. We took weights on all of the calves, then sorted the bulls from the heifers and put them into two different feedlot pens. They are off to a good start on a mostly hay diet with some distillers grains mixed into their ration. On Saturday we weighed all of the cows and gathered the coming 2 year old bulls off of pasture and brought them into the feedlot. These coming 2 year old bulls as well as an offering of females will be sold on December 5th.



The newly weaned heifer calves, above, and the bull calves, below.


A few of the coming 2 year old bulls in the feedlot.


We are still hauling in straw and re-stacking it around our hay yard. That continued this past week, and kept Kenny busy.


We will be prepared to bed pens this coming winter!

The main project this week has been putting up silage. We have two fields that we planted with sorgham this spring. We started chopping that sorgham on Monday. The chopped sorgham was mixed with some ground corn stover to make a silage that we piled in a bunker. 


Chopping the first few round of sorgham out of the field late Monday, and dumping the first load into the bunker.



Mixing the chopped sorgham with corn stover.


Pulling silage down the pile and packing it with tractors


By Tuesday night all of the silage was in the bunker. This morning the guys continued to packed the pile. We will cover the pile with plastic sheeting, on a calm day sometime this upcoming week!



Response 1
Tuesday 1st of October 2013
Submitted by: Vonnie
WOW, what great fun to see all these pictures. Some of those animals are so fun to look at. Guess 'cute' would not be applicable but somehow it fits. I heard the weaning cries in Paris this year - it is loud! Best wishes for all your efforts.

September 18th - Preconditioning the Summer Calves
Ranch Updates

It was relatively cool through the end of last week and this past weekend here in Leola, with some nice rain on Saturday and Tuesday night. There was nothing cool about today though with humid temperatures reaching into the 90s. We had planned to wean our spring calves yesterday, but after seeing the forecast for heat we decided to hold off. Instead the spring calves will be weaned on tomorrow and Friday when the temperatures are supposed to stay more moderate/cool. Which will put the least amount of extra stress on the newly wean calves.

Last Friday the guys set up the portable corral and alley to precondition the summer calves on Saturday. They also pulled Cyclone out of the group of spring cows he was natural servicing; those cows will be joining the summer calving group next year.

The summer cows are currently over at our west ranch, those cows were synchronized and AI bred on August 2nd. Then they were sorted into four groups each with a natural service sire. The four sires we used natural service were: Bieber Roosevelt W384, Bieber Rushmore Y106, GMRA Peacemaker 1216, and Bieber Real McCoy Y124. 

To precondition the calves the guys gathered one group at a time and walked to group to the portable working facility. They then pulled the bull out of the cows and loaded him onto the horse trailer. Then the cows were sorted off of the calves. The calves were then worked through the portable chute and were given three preconditioning vaccinations. This year we gave Bovi Shield Gold a 5 way vaccination, Ultrabac 7 a 7 way vaccination and One Shot. We also gave each calf a shot of Multimin an injectable mineral supplement, which has been shown to increase the effectiveness of the vaccinations when given simultaneously. Unlike when we preconditioned the spring calves, we did not tattoo the calves on Saturday but we will tattoo each calf with both their individual identification number and our breeder code when we wean the calves. We will also Bangs vaccinate the summer heifer calves and the vet will give them with the corresponding tattoo.

A view of the rainy preconditioning day, last Saturday.

The early part of this week has been full of finishing up a bit more dirt work around the feedlot, and Caleb also finished up three new water tank lids that he has been building off and on for the past week or so. We had also bought some straw bales for bedding this upcoming winter. Those bales were delivered late last week and Kenny will be busy this week restacking the straw into a large stack in the hay lot here at ranch headquarters.


Calebs handywork on a couple of the new tank lids

Tomorrow the guys are headed up to Durheims to wean the spring calves up there and Friday they will be weaning the RAB cows here at the ranch!

September 11th - Final Feedlot Preparations for Weaning
Ranch Updates

We were blessed with some great rain this past weekend and in total we received around 1.5 inches. It has really perked the pastures back up and its nice to see green grass again before fall.

This past week has been another week of small projects around the ranch in preparation for weaning. One of the main projects this past week was replacing a fence in our feedlot between pens 3 and 4. This was the last line of feedlot fence that had wooden posts, and those posts were starting to really show their age. The guys pulled out the old posts and replaced them with steel posts. The cables on that fence were still in good shape, so we reused the cable and welded clips onto the new steel posts to string the cables back up. 


The old fenceline with wooden posts


Pulling the old fence posts out and the finished cleared fenceline.

Setting the new steel posts. 

While replacing the fenceline between pen 3 and 4 we also added another line of cable to the bottom of the fenceline between pen 4 and a shelterbelt. That should help keep the weaned calves out of the shelter belt! We also repaired any broken cables and picked up rocks throughout the feedlot pens. 

Dupers were also back this week hauling away the last of the manure piles in the feedlot pens. We also got the last of the straw and manure out of the pastures where we had calf shelters this past spring. 

Another necessary but not to much fun job that we got out of the way this past week was cleaning up around our bunkers. We have two large bunkers that will house high moisture corn and silage this fall/winter. Caleb pulled weeds in between those two bunks and picked up any trash or rocks. 


Although there was not to much exciting news to report this week, thats all about to change! This upcoming Saturday we will be preconditioning our summer calves, as well as getting loads of distillers grain in for a stockpile. Then next Tuesday the spring calves will be weaned and enter into the newly cleaned feedlot! 

Take a moment today to remember all those who lost their lives 12 years ago in NYC, as well as those servicemen and women who have fought and died for our country and freedom before and after 9/11/2001. 

September 4th - Summer Calf Update
Ranch Updates

This past weekend we got a break from the high temperatures of last week and also recieved around a quarter inch of rain, that was extremely welcomed!  The guys have been kept busy doing smaller projects around the ranch and rotating the cattle to new pastures. 

It was an especially beautiful evening tonight and we went out to look at the summer cowherd.

The cows were AI bred on August 2nd, and were sorted into four natural service sire groups a few days later. The natural service sires will be pulled on Saturday, September 14th, and the cows will be ultrasounded around 30 days later. Heres a few of the calves out of the summer group! 

LSF Cyclone Bull Calf 
LSF Cyclone Heifer Calves 

Beckton Epic Heifer Calves 

Gold Rush Heifer Calves 

Bieber H Hughes Bull Calf 

Bieber H Hughes Heifer Calf 

Basin EXT W103B Heifer Calf out of a Durheim Cow 

VGW Oly 903 Heifer Calf 

Bieber Roosevelt W384 Bull Calf 

Bieber Roosevelt W384 Heifer Calf 

Bieber Roosevelt W384 with his natural service group

Bieber Samurai X22 Bull Calf 

Bieber Samurai X22 Heifer Calf 

LSF Takeover Bull Calf 

We sell the summer bull calves as coming 2 year old bull in our Fall Production sale, so be looking for some of these great calves in the fall of 2014! The summer bull calves from last summer will be sold this year on our fall production sale!

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