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December 25th - Merry Christmas from all of us at RAB!
Ranch Updates



Merry Christmas to all of our customers and friends. We hope that this holiday season brings you lot of joy and new memories with your loved ones! We have been taking the holiday a little slower to give everyone some time to relax with their families. The weather has been beautiful and mild this Christmas. It snowed about an inch on Monday but since then temperatures have been in the high 20s and 30s with bright beautiful sunshine. This Friday the temperature is supposed to reach into the high 30s and possibly 40 before it cools off again this weekend. 


All of us here at Bieber Red Angus have enjoyed a relaxing Christmas holiday. Caleb left with one of the last loads of cattle to deliver in Michigan's upper peninsula from Bieber Fever V and stopped to spend Christmas with his family. The rest of us spent Christmas Day on the ranch enjoying a prime rib and time with Eric, Megan and Presley Payne. 

Presley trying out her first New Holland tractor from Papa Craig. 


Megan and Presley opening gifts. 


Craig Howard and I also had a nice Christmas suprise. Craigs dog Belle, who can in many pictures helping move cattle around on the ranch, had the next generation of cowpuppies on Christmas Day. 


 Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year! We hope to see all of you at the upcoming Bieber Fever VI here at the ranch on March 6th, 2014!


December 18th - Winter Update

Brr it's been another cold week here in Leola, currently it's snowing and really starting to look like Christmas! Last Monday and Tuesday we had a warm up with temperatures in the 20s-30s, which were a nice change from the sub-zero temperatures.On these cold winter days at the ranch the guys are busy pushing snow, keeping water tanks open, and bedding pens to keep all the cattle on the ranch clean and comfortable! 


When the winter weather began to hit we moved the coming 2 and coming 3 year old cows close to ranch headquarters and feed those cows hay and silage each day. The rest of the cowherd is out on cornstalks at our west ranch. We feed those cows some distillers each day. When they get closer to calving we will move the cowherd back to ranch headquarters and feed them a hay/silage ration before calving. 



We hope you're staying warm and enjoying this holiday season with your friends and families!

Merry Christmas!

December 11 - Bieber Fever V, Sale Day
Bieber Fever V - December 5th, 2013

Bieber Fever V was held last Thursday, December 5th here at the ranch. We had our first winter storm of the holiday season on sale week, which made for poor travel conditions. We are very appreciative of the customers who braved the weather and sub-zero temperatures to join us at the ranch for Bieber Fever V. We had a total of 540 viewers who watched the sale live on DVAuction! 


Sale Averages 

149 Red Angus Bred Cows     $2,680

8 Red Angus Bred Heifers     $2,313

72 Red Angus Coming 2 Year Old Bulls     $4,774

337 Red Angus Commercial Bred Heifers $2,213

94 Red Angus Commercial Cows     $2,326


High Selling Lots - Red Angus Bred Cows 

Lot 10 - $15,500  J&J Andrews Inc., Waxhaw, NC

Lot 12 - $8,500  J&J Andrews Inc., Waxhaw, NC

Lot 14 - $7,000 J&J Andrews Inc., Waxhaw, NC

Lot 15 - $6,500 J&J Andrews Inc., Waxhaw, NC

Lot 50 -$6,500 J&J Andrews Inc., Waxhaw, NC

Lot 5 - $5,500 Jordan Rhodes, Faulkton, SD

Lot 81- $5,000 J&J Andrews Inc., Waxhaw, NC

Lot 152 - $4,750 J&J Andrews Inc., Waxhaw, NC

Lot 6 - $4,500 King B Ranch, Selby, SD


High Selling Lots - Red Angus Coming 2 Year Old Bulls 

Lot 189 - $14,000 Hansmeier & Sons Inc., Bristol, SD

Lot 170 - $12,500 Scott Stock Farms, Crossfield, Alberta

Lot 209 - $9,500 Jim Enge, Stanley, ND

Lot 171 - $9,000 Shawn Claymore, McLaughlin, SD

Lot 172 - $8,000 Shawn Claymore, McLaughlin, SD

Lot 181 - $8,000 Shawn Claymore, McLaughlin, SD

Lot 173 - $7,500 Mark Gross, Bridgewater, SD

Lot 186 - $7,250 Duane Bueber, Kaylor, SD

Lot 174 - $7,000 Travis Johnson, Sisseton, SD

Lot 178 - $7,000 Mark Gross, Bridgewater, SD

Lot 184 - $6,750 Hughes Cattle Co, Glasgow, KY


Thank You to all of the bidders and buyers, we appreciate each and every one of you!  



Mark setting up the TV screens which show the video during the sale.


Enjoying the lunch served by Lois and her ladies. This year we had hot beef sundaes which were delicious!





Plan to join us March 6th, 2014 for our Spring Production Sale!


December 4th - Bieber Fever V Tomorrow!
Bieber Fever V - December 5th, 2013

Winter weather has hit Leola these past 2 days, but despite the weather Bieber Fever V will be held as scheduled tomorrow December 5th here at the ranch and on DVAuction at 1pm CST. All the sale cattle are penned and ready for preview, the shop is almost sale-ready, and we are excited to see all of our customers and friends tomorrow for sale day.



 All of the bulls and females are penned according to their lot numbers and are ready for preview tomorrow!




 The shop/clerking station is almost set up and ready for tomorrow and one of the last trucks delivered the commercial heifers today.


Visit our Fall Production Page for catalog information, supplemental data, and videos!


If you cannot make it to the sale there are a variety of options available for you to purchase cattle from Bieber Fever V.  


DVAuction - Bieber Fever V can be seen live online through DVAuction Services. To bid from your computer at home during the sale complete this simple two step process. Visit www.dvauction.com or call 402/474-5557 and register for bidding by entering a User Name and password then your personal information. Then Click "Apply for Bidding" and select Bieber Fever V Sale from the list of sales then click "Apply". Complete the process by filling out the Banking and Lending information requested. DVAuction will contact you to let you know that you have been approved to bid and buy at the sale "live" from your computer at home. We will also provide you with a buyer number for the sale.  After the sale Bieber Red Angus will contact you to make arrangements for payment and delivery of your online purchases.

Conference Calling - We will have one phone line available that can accomadate 20-30 bidders. Please call prior to the sale and register as a prospective buyer and for the conference calling number.


Sight Unseen Bidding - If you feel comfortable doing so you can leave bids with Craig Bieber, Craig Howard or any of the Publication Representatives listed on page 1 of the catalog. We have handled many sight unseen bids and guarantee your satisfaction as long as you visit with us to make sure the cattle you select meet your standards.


 We hope to see everyone at the sale tomorrow but if you cannot make it to the sale due to prior commitments or weather concerns please utilize our various absentee bidding options!  

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