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Winter 2014/2015

January 29th - Calving Heifers
Calving 2014

We started calving last week and had just a few calves on the ground. As of today we have 60 calves on the ground, which means we are about a third of the way through the heifers.










Calving has taken up a lot of time this past week, but we've also been working on Bieber Fever VI. Last Wednesday we had LC Promotions here taking pictures of some of our favorite lots to be used in the sale catalog and sale brochures. We lot ordered all of the sale cattle and are working on getting the sale catalog off to the printer by the end of this week.    



Craig and Craig Howard working on the Bieber Fever VI sale brochure layout.

Bieber Fever VI will be here before we know it on March 6th, 2014 here at the ranch and live online at DVAuction.com! Bieber Red Angus will also have a booth at the Black Hills Stock Show starting this weekend, be sure to stop by to say hi if you're in the area! We hope you are surviving the winter in your area!   

January 22nd - Collecting Yearling Data
Bieber Fever VI - March 6th, 2014

It's been a nice past week here in Leola. This weekend was gorgeous with temps in the high 30s! We offically started calving heifers this past Monday and so far have 4 calves on the ground. 



  Late last week we walked the mature cows home from the cornstalks they have been grazing all fall/winter. They're now close to ranch headquarters and will be fed hay, cornstalks and ration through the winter.



We're always glad to have our dog ranch hands on long drives like this one!


This week we collected the yearling data for spring bulls. We measured their hip heights and scrotals and took a yearling weight. 



Peggy writing down all of the data and Craig Howard taking scrotal measurements.




Taking the hip height measurement. To get an accurate hip height we make sure the chute floor is clean and that the calf is standing up straight. We then place the level across the hip and over to the inches scale printed on the side of the chute.


Tomorrow we are taking pictures of some of the sale bulls. Later this week we are also lot ordering the sale bulls for Bieber Fever IV March 6th, 2014!  



Response 1
Friday 24th of January 2014
Submitted by: Vonnie De Vries
Hi to all at the Bieber Ranch. Why don't you have any snow? We have a ton of it and would be happy to share. The wind is so strong tonight that it is whistling at my street side door. Those puppies are so cute! I really enjoy reading your blog and got caught up now. We had sun one day so far. Love, G Vonnie

January 16th - Winter Update
Ranch Updates

We had a beautiful past weekend here in Leola with temperatures that were in the high 30s. The warm weather was a great break from the cold snap we've had through December, 'normal' January weather returned today with a snowy blizzardy day. There were gusts in the area that were clocked at up to 69mph!




The guys kept busy today feeding cows and making sure all of the cattle were up by their windbreaks. 


The calving barn is all bedded and ready for the heifers to move in later this week. The heifers are bred to start calving February 5th.


Bieber Fever IV is coming soon on March 6th, 2014. We finished clipping all of the bulls and heifers this past weekend. Next week we'll be taking pictures and putting all of the sale cattle in lot order!


We also had some great customers sell calves this past week,

Justin Jessop

12 Steers at 515lbs for $202.50

11 Heifers at 491lbs for $190.00


Pearl Creek Cattle

Donnie and Ben Miner


58 head at 715lbs for $185.00

18 head at 615lbs for $197.50


45 head at 625lbs for $190.00


We have several more customers selling calves in the upcoming weeks, as well as customers who have bred heifers for sale. Be sure to check our listings on the Customer Cattle Marketing webpage. If you have any questions about the cattle featured on our page or have cattle you would like to list contact Craig Bieber 605-439-3628 or 605-216-8169. 


January 8th - Clipping Cattle for Bieber Fever VI
Bieber Fever VI - March 6th, 2014

The beginning of this week brought us some bitterly cold temperatures. Last Monday we had a temperature of -20F and windchills around -55F. BRRR we hope it's been a bit warmer in your area!


New in 2014 we added a Customer Feeder Calf and Bred Cattle page to our website. We are hoping to connect interested buyers to our customers' high qualitly cattle with Bieber influenced genetics. If you have questions about the cattle listed or would like to list your cattle on our page, please contact Craig Bieber. Earlier this week we had a couple customers sell some great calves!

Gene and Arnie Beisch 

42 Steers at 641lbs for $185.5


Gary and Shirly Grosz

43 Steers 845lbs for $165

22 Steers 932lbs for $164.5 

18 Heifers 877lbs for $151.75 

16 Heifers 764 lbs for $150.50


Let our Bieber genetics go to work for you! Be sure to join us on March 6th for Bieber Fever VI!


This week at the ranch we had our clipper Zach here to get the bulls and heifers looking great for Bieber Fever VI. 


Craig Howard and Mike comb the manure out of each bull, then blow the dirt out of their haircoat before Zach clips them.



The guys use clippers to tighly trim each bulls head and neck. Clippers are also used to trim the hair along the topline and tail. A torch clipper is then used to lightly trim the hair on the bulls body. After each animal is clipped they are poured with a dewormer. 

New here in 2014 - Feeder/Bred Cattle Marketing Page
Customer Spotlight

Happy New Year! It has been a chilly start to 2014 with a few days of sub-zero highs in the next week. New here in 2014 we added a Customer Feeder Calf and Bred Cattle page to our website. We hope to direct interested buyers to our customers' high quality cattle with Bieber influenced genetics. Any questions about the groups of cattle listed on the webpage can be directed toward Craig Bieber 605-439-3628 or 605-216-8169.  


If you would like to list your feeder calves or bred females that you have for sale on our Customer Feeder Calf and Bred Cattle page, contact Craig Bieber. 



This past week at the ranch the guys have been keeping busy feeding cattle, opening water and bedding pens. 


Craig Howard and Caleb mixing rations for the cattle in the feedlot, the replacement heifers and the 2 and 3 Year Old cows on New Years day.



The yearling bulls waiting for Caleb and the feed truck, these bulls will all be available on the March 6th Bieber Fever VI Sale!



The horses were a little frosty this New Years Day also.



The Replacements out in the pasture waiting for and enjoying their ration.  


Response 1
Thursday 9th of January 2014
Submitted by: Ron
AZ looks better after looking at the blog------warmer weather is coming! keep on keeping on.

January 1st - Happy New Year


Happy New Year from all of us at Bieber Red Angus! We want to thank all of our customers for a wonderful 2013 and we look forward to bringing you more high quailty Red Angus seedstock in 2014! Check back for a new blog post in a day or two!

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