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February 26th - Prepping for Bieber Fever VI
Bieber Fever VI - March 6th, 2014

It was another cold week, but it didn't stop the heifers or cows from calving. We have about 175 calves on the ground so far. The natural service heifers and 218 AI bred cows are all starting to calve now. Here are some of the newest additions at RAB!




Last week we worked our replacement heifers. We collected yearling weights, pelvic and hip height measurements, applied a pour on, gave breeding shots and collected a tissue sample for 50K testing.





This week we carcass ultrasounded all of the bulls for Bieber Fever VI and our replacement heifers. The ultrasound data will be posted on our March Production Sale webpage before the sale and will be available as a supplement sheet at the ranch on saleday! One of our vets Dr. Muckey is here through the end of the week giving all of the bulls their breeding soundness exams.



Bieber Fever VI is coming up next week, March 6th here at the ranch starting at 1pm CST. It will also be held online at DVAuction.com. If you can't make it to the sale or watch on DVAuction, call us at 605-439-3628 for our absentee bidding oppourtunities! 

All of the videos of the bulls are available online, and video of the heifers will be uploaded soon be sure to check back. If you have any questions about the cattle on the offering feel free to call Craig Bieber 605-216-8169/605-439-3628


February 19th - Videoing Sale Heifers
Bieber Fever VI - March 6th, 2014

It was gorgeous here last week! We had bright sunny days with warm mild temps close to 50 degrees! It was a nice break from the cold, and we sure hope spring comes soon!


Tuesday night we had a producer meeting in Montrose, SD at Wellington Browns with a great turnout. Our last producer meeting will be next Wednesday, February 26th at Shed Bar and Grill in Ashley, North Dakota starting at 7pm. If you haven't been able to make it to a meeting yet we would love to buy you supper in Ashley, share our thoughts about what we believe you should look for in a genetic supplier and get to know you and your program better. Contact Peggy at 605-380-8169 or peggy@bieberredangus.com to RSVP! 


Bieber Fever VI is just 2 weeks away! The sale catalog is available for download on our March Production Sale webpage. Earlier this week we videoed all of the heifers that will be on the offering! We shot video of all the bulls last week and those videos should be available for viewing by the end of this week. You'll be able to find a link to the videos through our March Production Sale webpage! Next week we are carcass ultrasounding all of the sale bulls. If you have any questions about the cattle on the Bieber Fever VI offering as you work through the sale catalog and videos feel free to contact Craig Bieber 605-439-3628 or 605-216-8169 or Craig Howard 605-377-3128.


Tomorrow we are working our replacement heifers giving breeding shots, taking yearling weights, hip heights, pelvic measurements and applying pour-on. Check next weeks blog for more information. Also be sure to check the March Production Sale webpage later this week for new videos. 




February 12th - Calving Heifers and Videoing Bulls
Bieber Fever VI - March 6th, 2014

It's been another frigid week here in South Dakota, but the weatherman had the MILD graphic up on the forcast for this weekend and we are looking forward to it!


The catalogs for Bieber Fever VI should be at your door. If you did not get a catalog and would like one sent to you, request one by sending your address to office@bieberredangus.com.

The catalog is also available in PDF format on our March Production Sale webpage!


Yesterday we had a producer meeting at the Buffalo City Grill in Jamestown and tonight we are meeting in Watertown at Clifford's Steak House. Our next producer meetings are Wednesday, February 19th in Montrose, SD at Wellington Brown's at 7pm and Wednesday February 26th in Ashley, ND at Shed Bar and Grill at 7pm. Please RSVP with Peggy at 605-380-8169 or at Peggy@bieberredangus.com  if you're planning to attend.

The RAB booth out at the Black Hills Stock Show last week! 


Calving has slowed down some with the AI heifers all done. So far we have about 150 calves on the ground! The AI bred cows are due to start calving the beginning of March. 





This week we are taking video of all of the bulls on the Bieber Fever VI offering on March 6th here at the ranch and live online at DVAuction.com starting at 1pm CST. 


Jazz helped bring all of the bulls down out of their pen to be videoed. 

Caleb writing down each bull. 


Craig H and Caleb walking the bull into a set up then doing their best to grab the bulls attention and get his ears pointed their way.

Mark capturing great video that will be available soon on our March Production Sale page


If you have any questions about the bulls on the offering please feel free to contact Craig Bieber 605-216-8169 or Craig Howard 605-377-3128! 


Response 1
Friday 14th of February 2014
Submitted by: Vonnie
Hi to the Bieber Red Angus crew! It is so obvious that work on the ranch is hard but reading some of these blogs made it fun. Especially enjoyed the pictures of blue sky! Almost an unknown around here but yesterday was nice so I went to Grand Rapids, had my car serviced & visited a cousin. The lake is frozen solid all the way across, I see fishermen, wind surfers and walkers. I chose NOT to walk across when my neighbors invited me. Smart of me, don't you think? Keep sending those cute calf photos. Love, G Vonie

February 5th - Working our Spring Calving Cows
Calving 2014

It's been another blustery winter week here. We've been busy calving our 180 heifers for the last few weeks and have about 45 heifers left to calve. It has been some long busy days but it feels great to have brand new calves on the ground.

Visit our Facebook page to see our newest additions at RAB!

Craig and Peggy are in Rapid City this week for the Black Hills Stock Show, if you're going to be at the stock show this week/weekend stop by our booth! We have our new brochure for Bieber Fever VI available along with the pictures of some of our favorite lots on the offering. 


This week at the ranch the guys brought all of the mature spring calving cows in and worked them through the chute.



We vaccinated each of the cows with ScourGuard, treated them with a pour on and also gave them a dose of Multi Min. The spring calving cows are due to begin calving on March 7th. 



The Bieber Fever VI sale catalog is at the printer and should be at your door soon. If you're not on our mailing list and would like a catalog sent to you please email us your contact information at office@bieberredangus.com. The sale catalog will also be available online soon on our March Production Sale webpage. The quality available in this offering of bulls is really incredible. We would like nothing more than for you to come see the bulls yourselves, if you're passing by the ranch feel free to stop and take a look! Bieber Fever VI will be held on March 6th at 1pm CST here at the ranch and live online at DVAuction.com.

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