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March 26th - Putting CIDRs in the Replacement Heifers
Breeding Season 2014

Kristin and Jake have some exciting news!



She said YES! We are excited to welcome Jake to the Bieber Red Angus family in 2015!


It has been another busy week here at Bieber Red Angus! It was a little cooler this past week with temperatures around the mid 20s-30s but we can almost see spring from here! The forcast for this weekend says the temperatures will be close to 60 both Saturday and Sunday!


Calving has been going great and we have around 100 spring calving cows left to go. This weekend we are having our first branding of the season. We will be working the calves out of the first calf heifers this Saturday. If you're in the area you're more than welcome to stop out and help brand calves!


Craig and Peggy are working hard to get your Bieber Fever VI sale cattle delivered. This past week they delivered up to part of North Dakota, the Mobridge area, Missouri and later this week back into North Dakota! If you haven't seen the sale report for Bieber Fever VI you can view it here, there are also tons of sale pictures on our Facebook Page!


Today we put CIDRs in all 300 of our replacement heifers. We will use the 14 day CIDR protocol, which we have done for a few years now with good luck. With this plan we will time breed all 300 heifers at the end of April. We currently have all of the heifers in 4 feedlots pens sorted roughly by size. They will stay in the lots on their current rations through breeding in an effort to eliminate any unnecessary stress.



Here was our set-up by the chute. We clean the CIDR applicator in warm water with disinfectant, then we place the CIDR into the applicator and rinse the CIDR in clean warm water. Then we're ready to put the CIDR in the heifer.


Craig Howard getting ready to put CIDRs in



He first cleans off any manure off of the heifer, then inserts the CIDR!



We then use our horses to walk the heifers back to their pen and bring down the next pen! We'll talk more about our heifer breeding in a later blog! Stop back next week to see branding pictures!



March 19th - Moving Pairs out to Pasture
Calving 2014

It's been a beautiful last week here in Leola. This warm spring weather has been a wonderful break, and hopefully is here to stay. The nice weather has also made calving much easier. Last week we finished calving the natural service heifers and AI bred cows. So far we have a little over 400 calves on the ground so far, which leaves about 150 spring cows left to calve!


Craig and Peggy have been busy delivering sale cattle, thank you again to all of our program supporters! Follow this link to view the sale report. We also have lots of pictures on our Facebook page!


This past week we focused on getting pairs moved out to pasture. We keep all of our heavy cows together in our pen 9, when the cows calve we bring the pair into the calving barn and leave them penned together for at least a day. Once the pair is set we turn them out into our pen 10 which has the youngest calves. Once pen 10 gets full we move the pairs down into pen 11 then into pen 12. From there we sort the pairs into 3 different pastures. We keep all of the first calf heifer pairs together in a pasture, all of the 1A RAB cows together and all of the 1B Durheim cows together. We seperate the RAB and Durheim cows to make the sorting easier when we send the Durheim cows out to pasture near Ellendale, ND around the 1st of May. 


We start by choose which type of pairs we're going to sort (RAB, Durheim or 1st calf Heifers). We then find a pair and walk them out of the pen and into the pull alley. We sort 5-6 pairs then walk them up the pull alley and out into the pasture. At the pasture gate we make sure each pair is intact before we leave them in the pasture. We do all of our sorting and walking out to pasture from horseback.


Caleb and Craig Howard walking a pair out of the pen and into the pull alley.


LB is making friends with the calves.


Walking the pairs up the pull alley and out to pasture.



Walking the pairs out into the pasture, and making sure that each cow gets paired back up with her calf after the walk.



Some of the older heifers calves enjoying the warmer weather out in their pasture. 



March 12th - Bieber Fever VI March 7th, 2014
Bieber Fever IV - March 7th, 2013

We want to first say thank you to everyone who helped make Bieber Fever VI a great success! We appreciate each and everyone who came to the sale and bought or just looked at the cattle on the offering! The weather last Thursday was absolutely beautiful with bright clear skies and temperatures of nearly 40 degrees.












Lois and her ladies served a great Red Angus burger for lunch with all the fixings!  





We had several next generation cattlemen and women at the sale including Presley!





We had some great opening sale words from Larry Gran of Zoetis, Twig Marston from the Red Angus Association and our founder Ron Bieber.







Thank You again for your support! To see the sale report click here

March 5th - Bieber Fever VI
Bieber Fever VI - March 6th, 2014

Bieber Fever VI is tomorrow, March 6th beginning at 1pm CST here at the ranch. We hope to see everyone here for the sale but if you can't make it there are options available! The sale will be held live online at DVAuction.com. To bid/buy online there is a registration process that you must complete first. Go to DVAuction.com for more information. If you don't feel comfortable bidding online there is other absentee options, call the ranch today for more information 605-439-3628/605-216-8169. 


There's a ton of information available online at our March Production Sale Page including the sale catalog, videos of all the lots on the offering, and supplemental data. If you have any questions about the cattle on the offering feel free to call Craig Bieber 605-439-3628/605-216-8169 or Craig Howard 605-377-3128. 



The cattle are all sorted and penned for preview all day today and tomorrow before the sale. We will have coffee and fresh rolls ready tomorrow morning. Lunch will be served around 11am tomorrow and the sale will begin at 1pm CST. The sale order is catalog order, so be sure to download a copy of the catalog here! After the sale we will be serving a steak supper at Ron and Lois's house! Many specific questions regarding our different policies can be answered by reading pages 2-3 of the sale catalog! We hope to see everyone at the sale tomorrow.









The bulls are all sorted by lot numbers and penned for preview today and tomorrow!





Skyler and Caleb were sorting the heifers this afternoon and putting them into their preview pens.

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