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June 25th - Spring Calf Update
Calving 2014

We've had a rainy past week! Showers/thunderstorms came through the area nearly everyday last week. We've been slowly getting started on our first cutting of the year and have around 150 acres down now. Hopefully we'll get some good drying weather this upcoming week so we can get some acres baled up!



This week we have an update on our spring born calves. Our spring cowherd is currently split into their natural service sire groups out on pasture. The bulls will be pulled from the groups in about 10 days and we'll combine the small natural service breeding groups back into 3 larger bunches. Our spring calves are really growing out on this abundent grass!

A bull calf from LSF Takeover 9943W.

A bull calf from Bieber Rouse Samurai X22.


Heifer calves (left & bottom) and a bull calf (right) from Paringa Iron Ore E27. 

A bull calf from Bieber Rushmore Y106.

A bull calf from Bieber Rollin Deep Y118.


Heifer calves (above) and bull calves (below) from Andras Fusion R236.


A heifer calf from Bieber H Hughes W109.

A heifer calf from Bieber Hard Drive Y120.


A heifer calf (left) from Schular Endurance 2101Z

and a bull calf (right) from LSF RAB Exclusive 2793Z.



June 18th - Summer Branding
Branding 2014

It's really storming here tonight! We hope all of our readers in the Ashley, ND and Wessington, SD areas made it through the reported tornados in their areas. Here it's been raining quite hard for about 2 hours with lots of lightning. This past week we have had several storms come through the area. We're hoping to get some dry days this upcoming weekend/week and we'll start haying then.


This past week we had our last branding of the season. We worked our 200 summer calving cows and branded/vaccinated the calves. Here are some pictures!


We branded on some Game and Fish ground that we rent located South of our West Ranch. We started gathering the pairs at 8am. Once we got the bunch into the corrals we sorted the cows into the OK Corral and put the calves into the branding pen.




We worked all the cows and gave them their breeding vaccinations, de-wormer, pink-eye vaccination, pour on fly control and Multi-Min an injectable vitamin supplement. 



We rope and drag the calves one at a time out of the branding pen. Two wrestlers then hold the calf while they get their vaccinations and their RAB freeze brand. We will give the calves de-wormer and pour-on fly control when we AI the summer cows. 


 Before we freeze brand the calves we shave the area, then our brand timers Quinnie and Jess apply alcohol to the area before the freeze brand is applied for 23 seconds.


Thank You everyone who came to help out. If you're interested in coming out to a branding be sure to watch the blog and Facebook page next spring. We were able to get done branding right before some thunderstorms rolled through the area! After we got done working we enjoyed a delicious smoked strip loin at Craig & Peggy's house!




June 11th - Prepping for our summer branding and Checking Cows
Ranch Updates

It's been another cooler week with quite a few showers coming through the area. In total we have gotten close to a half inch throughout the week. This upcoming week looks like more of the same with a chance of rain each day and highs in the high 60s-70 degree. The rain is always welcome but we're probably going to hold off on our first cutting. The good news is that our hay ground is looking great and we're expecting a big first cutting! 


With the hay season fast approaching the guys made sure all the hay equipment was ready to go. They put new sections and guards on haybines and fixed any broken teeth on our hayrakes. They'll be ready to go when we get a stretch of haying weather! 


All of our pairs are in breeding pasture groups with their natural service sires. They'll stay out with the bulls for another couple weeks yet. Once we pull the bulls we will combine the pairs into a few larger groups, instead of keeping them in the small breeding groups they're in currently. The guys get out to each pasture every other day and check/replace the salt & mineral, check to make sure the water is working properly, check all the cows in the group and check the fences. 


There's no better sight than cows out on pasture, grazing and raising calves! 





A few other projects this past week were; we starting to spray weeds throughout our pastures and we set up the branding corral for branding our summer calves. 


We're branding this Saturday and everyone is invited to come. We work the cows and give them their breeding season vaccinations. Then we rope&drag the calves to give them their vaccinations and our RAB freeze brand. You can come just to watch or you can jump into the action if you're interested.

The branding will be out by our west ranch. To get there go 6 miles west of the ranch on highway 10, turn south on 348ave (co road 13) and go 8 miles, the corrals are on the east side of the road.  

After we're done with the work we'll have food and drinks back at the ranch. We hope to see you there! If you have any questions feel free to call the office 605-439-3628.

June 4th - Moving Cattle out to Pasture
Ranch Updates

The end of May brought rain showers to the area. We recieved around an inch here at the ranch and we heard reports of 4+ inches to the south and north of us. The inch of rain was very welcome.  Our hay crop is really coming now, we're starting to get the hay equipment ready to go throughout this upcoming week and we're planning to start cutting possibly by the end of next week! 


 This week the guys were busy working both the replacment heifers and the summer bulls! The replacement heifers were AI bred given an injectable de-wormer. We also pulled the bulls from their natural service sire groups. All of our replacment heifers were AI bred on April 28th and have been in groups for the 30day natural service breeding period. The heifer's natural service groups have been in our feedlot. After we worked and pulled the bulls we combined all of the small natural service groups and turned the heifers out to pasture. The heifers will be pregnancy ultrasounded in mid-July and any open heifers will be set up and AIed with the summer calving cowherd around the end of July. 


 The summer bulls were also worked this past week. We gave them an injectable de-wormer, wart vaccine and pink-eye vaccine. These bulls were born last year and will be sold as coming 2 year olds on our November 13th production sale this fall. After working the bulls we turned them out to pasture for the summer also. 


The manure haulers were also here this week helping us get the manure piles out of our lots and pastures! We're also working on getting around the rest of our fences and make sure they're ready for cattle when we need to rotate pastures! 

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