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September 24th - Weaning
Fall 2014

Last week was weaning week here on the ranch. We also started to get cooperator calves into the feedlot as well as some of our groups of ET calves. 



  The spring calving cowheard was sorted into 3 groups here at ranch headquarters and the spring Durheim cows are on pasture near Ellendale, ND. We weaned the Durheim spring pairs and hauled the calves back to the feedlot at ranch headquarters. The cows will stay at Durheims until early/mid December, then we'll haul them back to calve here at the ranch. We spent split weaning into 3 days. Each day we started by gathering the pairs out of the pasture and walking them back to the corrals at ranch headquarters. 




Once we get the group of pairs back to the corrals the cows are then sorted from the calves.


Once the calves are all sorted off of the cows we sort the bull calves from the heifer calves.




We then work each group of calves. Each calf is weighed and given their weaning vaccinations, we used Bovi-Shield Gold 5 and Haemophilus Somnus this year. 



Craig Howard and Tom were giving the two vaccinations while Craig Bieber caught each calf's number and recorded the weights. 


Dillion brought the calves into the tub and got them into the alley while Mike helped get them into the chute.


After the calves are worked the heifers are placed in one feedlot pen while the bulls are placed in another. 

It's nice to see all the calves in the feedlot 


















September 17th - Spring Heifer Pairs
Fall 2014

Well fall is officially here in South Dakota.

How do we know? It's weaning time.



Next week on the blog we'll get into weaning pictures and our weaning vaccination protocol. This week though I thought I would showcase some of the first calf heifer pairs that are being weaned this week. These calves are really impressive and we're excited to see how they grow and develop through the fall/winter. 




Look at all the grass we have in mid-September! 


A heifer calf sired by Bieber Hard Drive Y120. She's out of a Red SSS Northern 625X first calf heifer. 



Heres a bull calf sired by Bieber H Hughes W109. He's out of the VGW Oly 903 first calf heifer pictured. 



A bull calf sired by Bieber H Hughes W109 and a Bieber Roosevelt W384 first calf heifer.



A bull calf sired by Paringa Iron Ore E27 and a GP Wallace 016 first calf heifer.



A heifer calf sired by Paringa Iron Ore E27 out of a Bieber Roosevelt W384 first calf heifer.



A heifer calf sired by Paringa Iron Ore E27 out of a GP Wallace 016 first calf heifer.




Three heifer calves sired by Bieber Rollin Deep Y118. 


A bull calf sired by Bieber Rushmore Y106 out of a Bieber Rouse Samurai X22 first calf heifer (not pictured).


A bull calf sired by BIeber Rushmore Y106 out of a Bieber Mighty Packer X178 first calf heifer.



Two shots of a heifer calf sired by Bieber Rushmore Y106 out of a GP Wallace 016 first calf heifer.


A heifer calf sired by Bieber Rushmore Y106 out of a Hust Chief Sequoya R336 first calf heifer (pictured).


Two bull calves sired by Schular Endurance 2101Z. Both calves are pictured with their mothers who are both LCOC High Noon A093R first calf heifers.

A bull calf sired by Schular Endurance 2101Z.


September 10th-13th - Red Angus Convention

Last week we attended the National Red Angus Convention in Savannah, Georgia. 



We felt welcomed by everyone in Savannah and especially from our Red Angus hosts. Attending the convention gives you the oppourtunity to take a part in shaping the Association for the upcoming year from electing representatives to helping decide what goals the association will focus on through the upcoming years. We try to always attend to make sure our and our customers voices are heard. Convention also gives you the chance to meet others within the association and form new friendships and visit with old friends from across the U.S. that you may not see regularly.





Savannah was a wonderful city filled with history and industry. If you ever have the chance to visit you should!



The view from the Riverfront Marriott where the convention was located on the Savannah River.









Traveling with the Red Angus Convention gave us the chance to talk with other travelers about Red Angus and beef production. With such a large group of cowboy hats in Savannah nearly everyone we saw would ask "What group is that?" or "Why are you in Savannah?" or "What's this Red Angus all over our hotel?". It was a great conversation starter and we were able to talk about our breed and livelihood. One of the most interesting conversations we had was before dinner with a couple from Ohio (we hope you're reading!). We talked about raising beef in South Dakota and how we use the scientific tools available to us to create the best bulls for our customers, who then produce high quality nutritious beef for the consumer. We encourage all of you to remember to start conversations about beef and beef production on your own travels, we never know who we will impact and who they will in turn impact!


Next years Convention will be located in Grapevine, Texas and we hope to see you there! 

Response 1
Sunday 21st of September 2014
Submitted by: Vonnie
WOW! What a great report, Lindley and such beautiful pictures. I didn't recall all these places as we were in Savannah such a long time ago. Love your report. G Vonnie

September 3rd - Summer Calf Update
Ranch Updates

We've had more rain this past week! The grass is still growing here in South Dakota, which made taking pictures this morning quite challenging! 


 This week we walked last year's summer bull calves home from pasture about 8 miles away from ranch headquarters. These Coming 2 Year Old Bulls will be offered on our Fall Production Sale coming up on November 13th. Be sure to check back for more sale information!




Our dogs make moving cattle much easier!



Here's another round of summer calf updates. Our summer calves are born in May/June. The heifer calves are grouped with our spring heifers and are all AI bred in the spring. If they are ultrasounded open after the spring breeding sequence, the heifers are synchronized again and bred to join our summer calving herd. The summer bull calves are developed through the winter, then turned out to pasture for the spring/summer. After we bring them home in the early fall they are then offered on our Fall Production Sale as Coming 2 Year Olds.

A summer heifer calf from Bieber Rollin Deep Y118.




Three summer bull calves from Bieber Rollin Deep Y118. The bottom calf is nursing his mother a Loosli New Deal 503 daughter.


A summer bull calf from LSF RAB Exclusive 2793Z out of a LSF JBOB Expectation 6034S two year old daughter.



Two summer bull calves from LSF Cyclone 9934W.



Two summer calves: bull (left) and heifer (right) both from Bieber H Hughes W109.


A summer bull calf out of RHRA Gold Rush 402 17T.


A summer bull calf from VGW Oly 903 nursing his mother a Messmer Jericho W041 two year old daughter.


A Bieber Take 2 Z216 summer heifer calf.



Response 1
Sunday 21st of September 2014
Submitted by: Vonnie
Lindley - do you take all the photos of these beautiful animals? Good job. G Vonnie

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