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November 27th - Happy Thanksgiving!
Winter 2014/2015

Happy Thanksgiving!



We're enjoying this wonderful holiday with our family and friends and hope you are as well!


Thank You again to our great customers who made Bieber Fever VII a big success two weeks ago. Heres the link to the sale report!


Earlier this week on the ranch we took tissue samples to DNA test the yearling bulls that will be offered on the March Production sale coming up on March 5th, 2015. This tissue sample will be used to 50K test the cattle. For more about 50K testing here's a link to the Red Angus Associations: The Rancher's Guide to 50K. 


Here's a photo journal of how we take a tissue sample.




This is a tissue collector. Each collector comes with it's own unique ID number.



The bottom of each collector has a scan code the corresponds with the collector's unique ID number.



Once we have a bull in the chute ready to have a tissue sample taken we scan the bottom of a collector.



The collector's unique ID number is scanned into the laptop right out by the chute. Craig H then enters the pen number the bull is from, the bull's eartag number and the bull's weight into the excel spreadsheet.  



Dillion then uses the collector to take the bull's tissue sample. The tissue sample is then sent in for the bull's 50K test. 



Have a great weekend!

Bieber Fever VII - Sale Day!
Bieber Fever VII - November 13th, 2014

We had a great sale here at the ranch last Thursday, November 13th, 2014. It was a chilly but clear day here at the ranch and we're glad that so many were able to join us here at the ranch as well as online through DVAuction! 

Our Sale Averages were: $3,634 for 140 Registered Bred Red Angus Cows, $6,700 for 71 Coming - Two Year old Red Angus Bulls and $3,115 for 249 Commercial Bred Red Angus Heifers. The high selling lots can be seen on our websites homepage. Thank You to all of our wonderful customers we appreciate each and every one of you!


Sale Day morning preview:



Mike spent the morning making sure all the cattle on the ranch were fed.





All of the females on the offering were penned in our newly finished calving barns. The cattle and customers sure seemed to enjoy being inside the new building and out of that South Dakota wind!


Previewing the bulls. They were penned outside like normal.


The BRAR chauffeur service getting customers to and from the preview pens!



Lois and her ladies served a wonderful hot beef sundae meal with scalloped potatoes.





During the morning preview and lunch Peggy, Lindley, and Megan worked to get all of our buyers registered.




Presley enjoying her 3rd Bieber Fever sale. Presley turned one on October 26th.

Our sale started at 1pm CST with a few opening words from Larry Gran of Zoetis, Barrett Carlisle from the Red Angus Association, our founder Ron Bieber and Craig Bieber. 


 Here are a few shots during the sale and the check out process!



A "behind the screens" look at Justin from DVAuction and Mark Hodgekiss our video professional working throughout the sale in front of the block, behind the video screens!






Sale day concluded with a steak supper grilled by our friend Stu Campbell.



We hope to see everyone again in March for our Spring Production Sale! For more pictures visit our Bieber Red Angus Facebook Page 





November 12th - Bieber Fever VII
Bieber Fever VII - November 13th, 2014

Tomorrow is sale day!  

The cattle in the offering are all sorted and ready for preview tomorrow morning. We will have coffee and rolls available in the morning and a hot beef sundae lunch will be served starting at 11am. The sale starts at 1pm CST here at the ranch and the sale order will follow catalog order! If you have any last minute questions about the cattle in the offering feel free to call 605/439-3628 tonight or tomorrow morning. If you cannot be here at the ranch with us tomorrow, join us live online at www.dvauction.com. The DVAuction bidding instructions are available on page 3 of the catalog, at www.dvauction.com, or by calling DVAuction at 402/474-5557.


Yesterday we walked the sale cows home off of pasture and sorted them by lot number into smaller groups.



Our calving buildings are finished! We're using them this week as preview pens for all of our registered and commercial females on the offering! 


The buildings will make previewing much nicer for both the cattle and the customers!


We hope to see you all tomorrow!

Response 1
Tuesday 18th of November 2014
Submitted by: Jerry Lindquist, MSU
The new barn looks great! I caught the 1st hr of the sale on DVA. Good job! Had to be those Michigan folks that helped it to go so smooth!

November 5th - Bieber Fever VII
Bieber Fever VII - November 13th, 2014

We're just one week away from Bieber Fever VII here at the ranch on November 13th. The catalog, video of all the lots, and various supplement sheets can be found on our Fall Production Sale page of our website. The sale begins at 1pm CST and the sale order will follow catalog order. On sale day coffee and rolls will be available in the morning and a hot beef sundae lunch will be served starting at 11am. 


If you have any questions about the sale or the cattle being offered please feel free to call Craig Bieber 605/439-3628 or 605/216-8169 or Craig Howard 605/377-3128


If you cannot attend the sale and would like to bid there are a variety of absentee bidding options available to you.


The first is to watch the sale live-online and purchase through DVAuciton. To bid from your computer at home visit www.dvauction.com and register. Then apply for bidding by selecting the BIeber Red Angus Sale from the list of sales and clicking 'Apply'. DVAuction will contact you and let you know you have been approved to bid and buy at our sale. If you have questions about using DVAuction you can call our office!


We also have a conference call dedicated to bidding. The line can only accommodate around 20 callers. If the conference call is something you're interested in please call the office a few days prior to the sale to make arrangements with Craig 605/439-3628.


The last option is to leave your bid with one of the publication representatives listed on page 1 of the catalog, Craig Bieber or Craig Howard. We handle numerous sight unseen bids each sale and have very satisfied customers who feel comfortable using that service. We prefer to discuss your needs over the phone prior to sale day. If this is a service you're interested in please call Craig Bieber 605/439-3628 or 605/216-8169 or Craig Howard 605/377-3128.


This week at the ranch we've continued on our building project. The builders finished all of the concrete work, hung all of the interior gating and finished the majority of the bunkline. The guys also hauled in all of the fill for the building.



We've also started getting the commercial heifer lots re-tagged and ready for sale day!



We hope to see everyone next week!

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