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February 25th - One week until Bieber Fever VIII
Bieber Fever VIII - March 5th, 2015

We're a week away from Bieber Fever VIII which will be here at the ranch on March 5th. We're really proud of the offering we have for you this year. The depth of quality throughout the 350 lots we feel is unmatched and each bull on the sale has something to add to a person's program. We hope that you'll take the time to look through the catalog, come to the ranch either saleday or anytime before to look at the bulls and view the preview videos online. If you have any questions about the bulls, their pedigree, their performance or their dam/sire's pedigree/performance please feel free to call Craig Bieber 605/439-3628 or 605/216-8169 or cowboss Craig Howard 605/377-3128. We want each customer to find a bull that will add the most and be the best fit for their individual programs, and we are more than willing to help you find that bull! The full catalog, preview videos, and heifer data is available on our March Production Sale page. The videos are in the process of going up, so if you don't see one of the videos you'd like to preview please check back, we're hoping that all of the videos are up by the end of this week. Again if there's any questions we can answer for you please don't hesitate to call!


We hope that each of you can be at the ranch on sale day, but understand that distance, weather and your own ranch obligations sometimes make that impossible. If you can't be at the ranch we hope that you'll join us live online at DVAuction.com. If you haven't bid on DVAuction before just visit DVAuction.com or call 402/474-5557 to register. After filling out some personal informaiton you'll click on "Apply for Bidding" and select Bieber Red Angus Sale for the list of sales. Then click "Apply" and fill out some final Banking and Lending information. DVAuction will contact you to let you know that you have been approved to bid during the sale. If you purchase a bull through DVAuction, we will contact you after the sale to make payment and delivery arrangements. If you have any questions about DVAuction feel free to call our office 605/439-3628 or DVAuction at 402/474-5557.


We also offer absentee bidding with a conference call option and our sight unseen bidding. If you're interested in being a part of the conference call please call our office 605/439-3628 for more information. Our sight unseen bidding works by you calling us prior to sale day to discuss your bull needs, so that together we can select teh cattle that will best fir your specs. You then give us a budget and we buy those cattle for you on sale day just like you were sitting ringside with us. We then guarantee the cattle so that if they don't meet your ideals, you just return them to us. If possible we encourage the sight unseen buyers to stop by the ranch prior to sale day to inspect the cattle. For more information or to participate in Bieber Fever VIII as a sight unseen buyer please contact Craig Bieber 605/439-3628 or 605/216-8169, Craig Howard 605/377-3128, our auctioneer or any of the publication representatives listed on Page 1 of the catalog.

For more Sale Cattle Pictures, ranch updates and photos from Bieber Red Angus Ranch. Please visit our Facebook page and "Like" us!


Around the ranch we're in full sale prep mode and calving mode! It's been a cold past week with temperatures dipping down to the -20s last weekend. The early predictions for sale day though show a sunny day with a high of 28. We're definitly hoping for a warm up especially for the sale but also for our nearly 375 calves on the ground right now. Here are some pictures of the newest additions at BRAR!



These pictures were taken in our old calving barns last weekend on a -20 degree day. The calves were up and at it with their mom's taking good care of them!





All of these calves are in pairs pens in one of our new calving barns. The heifer pairs though are all out to pasture now. They do have a quanset building they can get into for shelter and to get away from their moms!




Here are some views of our calving buildings.


We hope to see each of you at Bieber Fever VIII here at the ranch on March 5th beginning at 1pm CST. For more sale information visit our March Production Sale page and for more calving/sale bull pictures visit our Facebook page!

February 19th - Videoing and Carcass Ultrasounding
Bieber Fever VIII - March 5th, 2015

We're two weeks away from Bieber Fever VIII here at the ranch on March 5th. The sale starts at 1pm CST. We're selling 350 yearling bulls, 75 open heifers, and 30 Commercial Open Red Angus Heifers. It's a large offering and we truely believe we have a bull for every program on this sale! We feel the depth of quality this year is something truely unique. We hope that you'll take the time to come look at the bulls or view the videos online. If you have any questions while looking over the catalog please don't hesitate to call Craig Bieber 605/439-3628 or 605/216-8169 or Craig Howard 605/377-3128. If we can mail you a catalog please email your contact information to office@bieberredangus.com. The sale catalog is also available online on our March Production Sale Page of the website. The link to the videos will also be posted on this page as they're uploaded. We're planning to feature bulls that will be on the offering throughout the next two weeks on our Facebook Page


Over the past few days we've been taking video of the sale lots. The weather is proving challenging this year with snow, wind and temperatures well into the negatives. The front end of the videos should be posted soon! Here are some shots from videoing!








Scratching some of the curious bulls waiting their turn to be videoed. 




These past two days we have also been taking the carcass ultrasound measurements. We measure all of the yearling cattle including those on the Bieber Fever VIII offering. This carcass data will be available in a supplement sheet that will be posted to our March Production Sale page and will also be available at the sale. The traits measured through carcass ultrasound are the rump fat, ribeye area, fat thickness between the 12th and 13th rib and the percentage of intramuscular fat (marbling). These traits are analyzed through ultrasound images taken on the ranch and sent to a certified lab. The data is then sent to the Red Angus Association where adjustments and ratios are calculated. We want you to have the most reliable and useful data on hand to use while selecting your next herd bull and the future of your program!  

February 12th - Bieber Fever VIII Catalogs
Bieber Fever VIII - March 5th, 2015

The Bieber Fever VIII catalogs are in the mail and should be at your house soon! If you're not on our mailing list but would like a catalog sent to you, please email your contact information to office@bieberredangus.com or call 605/439-3628. The full catalog is also available online via the March Production Sale pageEach year we say that the cattle on the offering are better than ever, but each year we get a little better at all the things invoved in bringing you this offering. We believe that if you take the time to look you will be impressed with the depth of quality!  If you're looking for a Red Angus bull we truely believe that we have one that will fit your program! As you look through the offering please don't hesitate to call with any questions; Craig Bieber 605/439-3628 or 605/216-8169 and     Craig Howard 605/377-3128.  


We started taking video of the cattle on the offering yesterday. Once the videos are completed they will be made available on our March Production Sale page


This week on the ranch it has been a frigid past few days. We had some nice warm weather this past Saturday that gave way to single digets and windchills in the negative teens. We're nearly 200 calves into our 2015 calving season. So far this year we have lost 3 calves but with 3 sets of twins we're currently sitting at 100%. The AI bred heifers are all calved along with the majority of the bull bred heifers. On Tuesday the spring cows started calving and we scrambled through the day to get the AI bred cows sorted off of the natural service sired cows and into the calving barns. To make room in the new calving barns for the close up AI bred cows we started kicking the oldest first-calf heifers pairs out to pasture. All of the AI bred cows are now in the barn and ready to calve. Prior to being in the calving barn these cows have been out grazing since last summer and they're all in great condition still. The hay/roughage these cows will recieve in the calving barn will be the first feed they've have had this winter. 




On the right Craig Howard walked a newborn calf the the pairs pen this past Saturday. When temperatures are warmer the heifers/cows calve in the new calving barns. We bring pairs down to the individuals pens located in our old calving barns when temperatures fall, to help the calves get off to the best start!



We're still working on completely calf proofing our new calving barns!






February 5th - Calving
Calving 2015

If you're traveling to Rapid City for the last weekend of the Black Hills Stock Show plan to stop by the Bieber Red Angus booth and visit with Craig and Peggy!



It's been a cold week here in Leola with a couple days in the negative teens. So far we are 135 calves into the 2015 Calving Season. We are almost done with the AI bred heifers with around 25 left to calve along with 57 bull bred heifers left to calve. The AI bred spring calving cows are set to start on February 22nd. In the next week or so we're going to start cycling pairs out of the calving barn and out to pasture so we can start to bring in the cows. This week we installed some panelling to create a calf pen in each of the pairs pens. This gives the calves a place to rest that keeps them safe from being accidentally stepped on.






We vaccinate each calf intranasally with Inforce 3 for the prevention of respiratory disease caused by BRSV. Here are some shots of CraigH and Dillon vaccinating a pen of pairs. After they vaccinate a calf they mark it with a paint stick. 







This week with temperature around -10s and wind chills well below that it's too cold even with the new calving barns for a newborn calf. The fully enclosed old calving barn makes it a bit warmer and we can keep the individual pens bedded extra heavy. On these really cold days we try to walk heifers down into the old barns as soon as they start to calve. That way she can calve in the old building and we can pen the pair as soon as she has the calf. If they calve in the new building on these cold days we will sled the calf down to the old barn. Once the calf is dry, has successfully nursed and bonded with it's dam, we walk the pair back up to a pairs pen in the new calving barns. When the temperature is warmer we let them calve in the new barns and dont bring the pairs down to the old barns. 

A brand new calf born in the new calving barn. We sledded him down to our old calving barn where the pair stayed until he was dry.


Craig H walking a group of heifers who had all just started to calve down to the old barns to have their calves.



Here are some more pictures of our 2015 calves so far!















Response 1
Monday 16th of February 2015
Submitted by: Greg Raasch
I was wondering what age you try to target for the enforce 3 vaccine.
Response 2
Friday 20th of February 2015
Submitted by: Craig Howard
Hi Greg, We give the Enforce 3 vaccine when we tag the calves which would be in the 1-2 days old range.

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