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April 23rd - We're Branding this Saturday
Branding 2015

We have the branding pens all set up for this Saturday. We're working the rest of our spring pairs. There will be about 400 cows and calves to work. Everyone is invited to come watch or come and participate. We will start around 9am and will work throughout the day. You're more than welcome to come when you want and leave when you want. After the branding we will be having supper and an afterbranding party at Craig and Peggy's garage. If you would like more information feel free to call the office at 605/439-3628, we hope to see you Saturday!


We finished breeding our replacement heifers last week. We sorted the heifers out of the chute into their natural service sire groups. Today we turned the bulls in with their heifers. The heifers will be exposed for 30 days. We talked about our 2015 bull battery in our April 8th blog post.  If you have any questions about the bulls we're using this year or how to incorporate some Bieber genetics into your 2015 AI program feel free to contact Craig Bieber 605/439-3628 or 605/216-8169.

April 16th - Breeding Heifers
Breeding Season 2015

It's been a warm spring week here in Leola. Theres a chance of rain this Saturday and we're really hoping to get it!


This week we had our last Spring 2015 calf. All of the pairs are out of the calving barns and out on pasture. We're planning to brand the rest of our spring calves on Saturday, April 25th. If you're interested in seeing or being a part of a branding we'd love to have you stop by the ranch on the 25th. You can help if you wish and stay as long as you have time for. For more information call the office at 605/439-3628. 



This year we are breeding our 335 replacement heifers in 3 groups. Each group is estrous synchronized using the 5 day CIDR protocol. This week we pulled CIDRs on all three groups on Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning and Thursday morning. We bred the first group this afternoon, the second group will be bred tomorrow afternoon and the last bunch will be bred Saturday afternoon. After the heifers were AIed we sorted them out of the chute into their natural service sire groups. The heifers will be exposed in their natural service groups five days after the groups were AIed and the bulls will be pulled 30 days later. Last week we talked about the different bulls we're using both AI and Natural Service this year. Be sure to check it out!




Here's Dillon applying the heat patches after the CIDRs were pulled. When we time breed each group we sort off any heifers that haven't been in heat according to their heat patch. These heifers are given a shot of GnRH. 12 hours after the rest of the group was time AI bred we breed those heifers. Tomorrow morning we will bred a few that we sorted off this afternoon. 



Dillon pulled straws and loaded the guns for Craig Howard who bred the heifers.

Wes gave each heifer a shot of GnRH as she was being bred. He then used her eartag number to look up which Natural Service sire group the heifer was mated to. Tom then sorted her into the correct group.




April 8th - Mating our Replacements
Breeding Season 2015

Breeding Season 2015 is almost upon us. This week we mated our 325 replacement heifers.Here at Bieber Red Angus we individually mate each cow & heifer. We study each females strengths and weaknesses in both her data and phenotype. We then choose an AI bull and a natrual service bull that will be the best match for that female.


Every female here on the ranch is AI bred using estrous synchronization. This year on our replacement heifers we are using a 5 day CIDR protocol followed by a 30 day natural service breeding window. We will AI our heifers in three groups late next week. The 3 AI sires that we will be using are Bieber Hard Drive Y120, Bieber Spartacus A193 and Bieber Federation B544. For Natural Service sires we are using Bieber Federation B544, LSF RAB Exclusive 2793Z, LSF SRR Triumph 3100, PIE Right Kind 342, MLK CRK Unified 4207 and Leachman Vision A278Z.



Bieber Hard Drive Y120




We have used Hard Drive for a couple years now on heifers. He's a low birthweight bull, high growth bull and we really like his calves! You can expect stout, huge ribbed, easy keeping cows that have a great disposition and great udders. We're using Hard Drive AI this year. Semen is available through Select Sires.




Bieber Spartacus A193


Spartacus was one of our high selling bulls on Bieber Fever VI in March 2014. He sold to Jefferies Land & Cattle and Accelerated Genetics. Spartacus has great data, he ranks in the top 25% or higher for eight traits. He's one of the breed's elite curve bending young sires who posts a -2.9 BW to a 118 YW EPDs. We used Spartacus as a clean up bull last year and this year we are using him AI. Semen is available through Accelerated Genetics.



Bieber Federation B544



Federation was the Lot 7 bull on Bieber Fever VIII this past March. He sold to Bachman Red Angus in Missouri. This bull is in the top 8% for HerdBuilder and top 2% for GridMaster. We are using his both AI and Natural Service and are excited to see his calves next spring. 





LSF RAB Exclusive 2793Z



We bought Exclusive from Ludvigson Stock Farms in 2013 and have used him over the past two years. He's another low birthweight high growth bull. He also ranks high for Stayability, Heifer pregnancy and Maintenance energy. His dam was a top donor at the R.A. Brown Ranch. We're using Exclusive natural service this year. Semen is available through Select Sires.  




LSF SRR Triumph 3100A



We bought this bull from the 2014 Ludvigson Stockk Farms Bull Sale in Montana. Triumph was used last year as a clean up bull and we have a few of his calves on the ground now. He's a calving ease bull ranking in the top 1% for CED and top 15% for BW. Triumph is a Conquest son who offers more maternal power when compared to his sire. He ranks in the top 10% for both MILK and TM. We're using him as a Natural Service sire this year on a group of heifers. Semen is available through Accelerated Genetics.


PIE Right Kind 342




This bull caught our eye last year at Pieper Red Angus's production sale. We used him some last year as a clean up bull and he seems to be a calving ease bull. We are using him as a natural service sire this year.


MLK CRK Unified 4207





We bought this high selling bull at Milk Creek Red Angus this year. He is a calving ease bull who was also one of the highest gaining bulls on the offering. This Fusion R236 son is very long bodied with lots of muscle. We're using him as a natural service sire this year. 


Leachman Vision A278Z




We bought this bull last year and used him for as a clean up bull. We have a few calves on the ground now and are going to use him as a natural service sire this year on our heifers. He has an excellent spread at -5.3 BW to a 114 YW. Vision also boasts 0.72 MARB which is in the top 9% along with a 0.93 REA in the top 1% for the breed. 

April 3rd - Branding the Two Year Old Pairs
Branding 2015

It's been on the cooler side and dry this past week. There have been many grass fires around the area and we hope for rain! This last weekend we worked our two year old pairs. We gave the cows their breeding vaccinations, and a multivitamin injection to help increase our conception rates. We gave the calves their vaccinations and our RAB freeze brand! We had a great time, and our next branding will be on April 25th here at the ranch. We will be working all of our spring calving cow pairs, so if you would like to see/help at a branding feel free to come! For more information call our office 605/439-3628 or watch for more information on future blogs! 


Here are some pictures from this branding!





We started the afternoon off by gathering all of the pairs from the pasutre and walking them into our portable corrals. 



Once all the pairs are in the corral we sort the cows from the calves. All of the cows stay in the OK corral and are worked through the chute, where they get their vaccinations. They are then let back out to pasture. The calves are sorted into the round branding pen. From there we rope and drag the calves from horseback out to two wrestlers. The wrestlers keep the calf down while it recieves its vaccinations and freeze brand. After the calf is done it also goes back out to pasture and pairs up with it's dam.






After we are all done working the cows through the chute then we start to rope and drag the calves and work them.








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