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Winter 2014/2015

September 24th - Weaning
Fall 2015

It's officially fall here at the ranch. It's not the cooler temperatures that signal fall around here but the sound of freshly weaned calves in the yard! Last week we weaned all of our natural born calves. Over a three day period we worked all of the spring born cows and calves.






It was a beatiful morning to gather the two year old pairs (check out that pair above!)


After we walked the pairs back to ranch headquarters we sorted all of the calves from the cows then all of the heifers from the bulls.




 We then worked each group of calves. This included giving them their weaning shots, including Bovi-Shield Gold, a wart vaccine and Somubac.




We also took a tissue sample for DNA parentage and 50K testing. 



First Peggy scans each of the collection vial number into the computer. Then she enters the calf's eartag ID number along with the calf's weaning weight. Lindley then used the vial to collect and store a tissue sample from the calf's ear. 



After we were done with the calves we worked the cows. We gave each cow a dose of Cattle Master, took her weight and evaluated her body condition score.


We are excited to watch all of our calves grow and change over the fall months! Remember our Fall Production sale is coming up soon on November 12th here at the ranch. We hope to see you there! 

September 16th- Yackley Ranch Trans Ova Satellite Center
Breeding Season 2015

Each year here at Bieber Red Angus Ranch we grow and change. Through the last few years we have focused on growing our Embryo Transfer program. To do this we have added more donor cows, added more flush cycles and found more cooperating ranches to implant embryos in their cows and raise the ET calves to weaning. This fall we will have over 250 embryo calves coming back to the ranch from our cooperators at weaning time and we have implanted 600 embryos that were collected conventionally here at the ranch by our embryologist.



A new addition to our embryo program this year was taking a couple cows to Yackley Ranch a Trans Ova Satellite Center near Onida, SD for IVF collection. We currently have Bieber Adelle 311Y at Yackleys. This past week we picked up Bieber Tilly 399W who is Bieber Rollin Deep Y118's dam and we dropped off Bieber Tilly 233U, who is Bieber Spartacus A193's dam. 




We flushed Bieber TIlly 399W, who is currently bred, through the IVF collection process. This process also called an Aspiration or Ovum Pick Up, is the process of harvesting unfertilized oocytes directly from the ovaries of a donor cow or heifer. Rocovered oocytes are then fertilized one day after asperation and transferred into a recipient cows seven days later in a process which is similar to the transfer process for embryos produced through conventional (in vivo) embryo transfer. The IVF collection process can be used on cows that are currently bred (until they reach 100 days bred) and cows that have been unable to achieve success through conventional embryo transfer. One of the Trans Ova locations that offer IVF is Yackley Ranches just outside of Onida.


When driving through the pastures at Yackley Ranch it is obvious that this reproduction's main focus is cow comfort and low stress cattle handling. Every corral, each pasture and the three working facilities are set up for low stress, efficient cattle movements. Stress from things like cow pecking order, nutritional stresses, and overcrowding all cause cows to release certain hormones that negetively influence reproductive performance. The facility design and cattle handling at Yackley ranches help cows produce as many offspring as possible. On most reproduction centers the donor cows and the calves on side are kept in pens or individual runs, but at Yackleys all of the donors can be out on pasture. They are also set up for donors with special dietary needs and have individual runs and pastures available for donors who need their own space.


The working facilities are also set up to be low stress. There are three different working facilities at Yackleys. One is devoted to giving all of the injections to set the donors up for the next flush cycle. This barn is equipped with individual pens for keeping donors sorted/seperated if necessary, an overhead sprinkler system for keeping the working facility dust free, and overhead fly control sprinkler. The next working faclity is devoted to AI breeding the conventional donors. There is never a shot given in this barn, which is also equipped with sprinklers and fly control, because they want the donors stress level to stay as low as possible. This building also contains the Ranch's Heat Watch system. This system detects the precise onset of heat and tells you when the best time to AI that particular cow is. They use the Heat Watch system for all of the cows they are flushing conventionally. The last building is the lab which is set up with precise environmental conditons, that adds to the success of collecting and transplanting embryos. 


All of the pastures and cattle runs at the ranch are set up to flow toward the working facilities. Instead of chasing cattle up to the barn they instead open up gates the night or day before the cattle need to be worked and allow them to flow toward the working facilities. 


We waited for some time to get our cattle into Yackley satellite center and are happy that we choose them. It is comforting to know that Yackleys will treat your best cattle as if they are their own!





September 9th - Moving the Coming 2-year olds
Ranch Updates

It's been a beautiful end of summer/beginning of fall here in South Dakota. Temperatures have been warm throughout the days with nice cool nights. We officially finished our third cutting of hay. We're just finishing up stacking all of the bales and will work on getting them moved into the hay yard for the coming fall/winter.




Work on our third hoop barn has continued. All of the I-beam posts are set. The steel rafters were all hung.





 Then they set all of the concrete panels for the backwall and bolted them into place, then hung the two tarps for the roof. 






Work on the interior of the building has also started. Some of the posts that will be used to hang gates are set. The forms and rebar for the bunkline concrete is also set and ready to be poured.



This building will be ready to go by our upcoming Fall Production sale on November 12th here at the ranch. If you have any questions about the buildings feel free to call or stop by the ranch anytime. 



This week we walked our coming 2-year old bulls the 6 miles home from summer pasture. These bulls were all born in May/June of last year. They will be offered for the first time on our Fall Production sale coming up on November 12th here at the ranch.











September 1st - Accelerated Genetic Rep Tour
Ranch Updates

This week on the ranch we had a group of Accelerated Genetics reps from around the country at the ranch for a tour. We looked through the herd sires that we have here at the ranch now and calves out of the different genetic lines Accelerated Genetics has an interest in. We were impressed with the great group we had this year, here are some pictures from the visit!



We stopped at a couple different pastures. At each pasture we used horses to bring the cattle up so everyone had a chance to walk through the cattle. After we got done in the pastures we had a picnic style lunch at ranch headquarters before looking though some herd sires, a few donor cows and a group of cattle that we brought up to the corrals.








Work has also continued this week on our third hoop calving building. The dirtwork is well underway around the new building and the footers that the I-Beam posts will bolt onto are all in.


We also finished up our third cutting of hay for 2015. Now we are working on getting the bales moved off the field  and rowed to be moved into the hay yard.



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