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Bieber Fever IX Nov. 12, 2015
Fall 2015

Big THANK YOU to everyone that came to the sale, watched online, bid on, and bought cattle. We appreciate each and every one of you! 





We had all the Coming 2 year olds penned outside for preview, while all the registered and commercial females were penned in our calving barns. Temperature wise sale day was nice but the wind was gusting around 40-60mph all day so the barn preview was really nice! 




Ginny, our past summer intern, delivering people from the hoop buildings back to the sale barn.



The people 'behind the screens'.


The ladies behind our wonderful lunch service.



Ron and Lois



Lunch was delicious roast beef, with scalloped potatoes and veggies on the side.




Ron and Harold Bertz speaking before the sale








Thank You for your business! We hope to see you again on March 3rd, for our Spring Production Sale. We're selling over 400 yearling bulls!

November 11th - Bieber Fever IX
Fall 2015

The ranch is ready and the cattle are sorted! Bieber Fever IX is tomorrow! The weather looks  ok with a high of 45 degrees and breezy. We will have hot coffee and rolls ready in the morning for you to enjoy while you preview the cattle.


If you have any questions about the cattle on the sale feel free to call any of the publication representatives listed in the catalog on page 1 or Craig Bieber 605/216-8169 or Craig Howard 605/377-3128.



We will start serving lunch around 11am, so come hungry! The sale will start at 1pm CST. The sale order will be lot order. If you plan to join us on DVAuction, please register with DVAuction prior to the start of the sale. Registration instructions are listed in the catalog on page 3. Also feel free to call us at 605/439-3628 if you have any questions tomorrow, prior to or during the sale and we will be happy to help you!


We are excited to sell this great group of cattle and to see everyone tomorrow! Again if you have any questions please call us anytime tomorrow at 605/439-3628. If you have questions about the cattle you can contact Craig Bieber 605/216-8169 or Craig Howard 605/377-3128 or any of the publication representatives listed on page 1 of the catalog!

November 5th - Bieber Fever IX
Fall 2015

We're just one week away from Bieber Fever IX. On the offering is 100 Coming 2 Year old bulls, 150 Registered Bred Females and 300 Commercial Bred Females. 


Click here for a copy of the catalog!


Bieber Fever IX will be held here at the ranch and live online at DVAuction.com on November 12th. The sale will start at 1pm CST. The catalog order will be sale order. If you cannot make it to the sale we have absentee bidding options other than DVAuction available just call our office at 605-439-3628 to make arrangements prior to sale day.


This past week on the ranch we took video of all of the cattle that will be offered on Bieber Fever IX. All of the videos are available now online!


Click here to watch the preview videos!


We will sell the cattle over video as we have done now for several years. The videos will also play on DVAuction.com during the sale. All of the cattle will be sorted by lot number and available for preview on Wednesday, November 11th and prior to the sale Thursday, November 12th. If you have any questions about the cattle being offered please call Craig Bieber at 605-439-3628/605-216-8169 or Craig Howard at 605-377-3128.


Here are some pictures of videoing this year:


It was a cold and windy day, but we worked through it and have some great video for you to preview! If you have any questions about the cattle feel free to call Craig Bieber 605-439-3628/605-216-8169 or Craig Howard 605-377-3128. We hope to see you next week!

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