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Winter 2014/2015

January 27th - BHSS Goldrush Sale
Calving 2016

Coming up on February 1st we are offering the right to flush Bieber Adelle 311Y on the BHSS Goldrush Sale. She is the dam of Bieber Adelle 184B who sold at the Mile High Sale at the National Western Stock Show to the Scott Bachman family for $18,000. Any questions about this offering contact Criag Bieber at 605/216-8169. 





Bieber Fever X our annual Spring Production Sale is coming up on March 3rd, 2016 here at the ranch. We will be offering 400 yearling bulls! We are planning to mail out catalogs by February 5th. If you are not on our mailing list and would like a catalog, please email your contact information to office@bieberredangus.com and we will get one out to you!




Here on the ranch we are well into calving our AI bred heifers! We keep all of the close up heifers in the two hoop barns that we built last year. As they calve we bring the pair down to our old calving barn and pen them together for a day. After the pair is well established we take them up to the pairs hoop barn we put up this fall. Here are some pictures of our 2016 calf crop!

















To keep the bedding fresh in the close up and pairs barns we use our mini payloader and a front mounted bale processor to bed over the gating in the barns. 







The cows/calves all enjoy bedding day!











January 18th - Calving 2016
Calving 2016

We have started the 2016 calving season!













Meeting the new neighbors!




A big thank you to Scott Bachman who purchased Bieber Adelle 184Y at the Mile High Sale, and Sam Twedt who purchased Bieber Laura 158W at the Western Heritage Sale both held this past week in Denver at the National Western Stock Show!




Coming up on Monday February 1st at 7pm at the Black Hills Stock Show Gold Rush Sale we are offering the right to flush Bieber Adelle 311Y the dam of Bieber Adelle 184Y. If you have any questions feel free to contact Craig Bieber 605-216-8169






Bieber Fever X catalogs are set to be mailed on February 5th. If you are not currently on our mailing list and would like a catalog mailed to you please email your contact information to office@bieberredangus.com!




Bieber Fever X will be held here at the ranch on March 3rd starting at 1pm CST. We hope to see you there!

January 11th - Clipping for Bieber Fever X
Bieber Fever X

Our temperatures dipped into winter this past week. We had our first few days of below zero weather and highs in the single digits. It was all in time to clip bulls in preparation for Bieber Fever X, our spring production sale coming up on Thursday, March 3rd here at the ranch and on DVAuction!


We clipped all 400 bulls over a 4 day period. First we brought each bull in and cleaned all the dirt & debris off of him, as you can imagine this job would be a good candidate for Mike Rowe's "Dirty Jobs".



After the bulls are all cleaned off they get their faces and necks shaved.



The clippers then use regular clippers to trim along the bull's back and tailhead. Then they use a flame clipper to trim all of the hair on the bull's body and to blend the hair on the shoulder into the clipped neck hair. 



A few last minute touch ups and the job is done! 


Watch for more info on Bieber Fever X and start making plans to join us here at the ranch March 3rd!



January 4th - Mile High Classic Sale
Ranch Updates

Not only are we selling one of our top donor females, Bieber Laura 158W at the Western Heritage Sale, but we are also offering one of our top bred heifers on the Mile High Classic Sale. 


Mile High Classic Sale January 10th, 2016

In the Yards at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO 

Online bidding available at liveauctions.tv



Bieber Adelle 184B was selected by the Johnsen's from Johnsen Land & Cattle as the top replacement heifer in 2014. Adelle 184B's dam, Bieber Adelle 311Y is in our donor pen and is part of the cowline that has produced Bieber Makin Hay 9913 (Accelerated Genetics), Bieber Rough Rider 10712, Bieber Outrider W388 (Select Sires) and Bieber FAF Rollin Deep B627 (Green Mountain Red Angus). No cowline in the Red Angus breed has had the kind of impact that Adelle has had on the breed. Adelle 184B is AI bred to Beber Federation B544, due March 15th,2016. Bieber Federation B544 was one of the high sellers on our 2015 Spring Production Sale, selling to Bachman Red Angus, MO.


January 1st - Happy New Year!
Ranch Updates

Happy New Year from Bieber Red Angus! 


We are starting out 2016 by offering one of our top females on the Western Heritage On the Hill Sale. The sale will be held on January 8th at the National Western Club during the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO.


 Online bidding is available at www.liveauctions.tv


 We are selling Bieber Laura 158W. She is the dam of Bieber Hard Drive Y120 who is co-owned with Select Sires and the dam of Bieber Deep End B597, sho sold this fall and is leased by Genex. Bieber Laura 158W is on track to produce more outstanding progeny withthe natural calf she weaned and several ET sons currently on test. 


The data on this great breeding female sets her apart from the crowd. She is in the top 24% fo teh breed for Herd Builder and the top 1% for Gridmaster. She also ranks in the top 20% of the breed for CED and top 14% for BW. Her powerful genetic package also comes with an outstanding phenotype. She stands on sound feed and legs with great udder attachment and a docile disposition. Bieber Laura 158W is currently being collected via IVF at Trans Ova Genetics - Yackley Ranches, who have agreed to let the cow stay in continued IVF donor collection if the new buyer so desires. 


Link to the Western Heritage Catalog 


Video of Bieber Laura 158W


If you have any questions contact Craig Bieber at 605/216-8169


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