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Bieber Fever X - March 3rd, 2016
Bieber Fever X

Thank you to all of our bidders and bull buyers! We had a great day and appreciate each and every person who came to the sale and watched online. Thanks again!



Tom with one of our past interns Cody Luthy, he ranches in Nebraska with his family.







Our wonderful lunch team!



Ginny Miller our past summer intern along with day help. She's a student at Iowa State University.

The team behind the screens, Tammy from DVAuction with the video crew from The Livestock Link. They keep the sale running smooth!










The crew that makes sale day happen, Peggy, Craig's wife and office manager, and the full time staff Craig Howard, Tom Churchwell and Dillon Spurr.






One of our past employees Caleb Acciacca with his dad Steve. They ranch in the Michigan's upper peninsula.




The insurance team, Eric Payne and his associate from Insurance Plus in Aberdeen, SD.




Taking a break in between load outs.

Jared Schaefer, he night calves, day helps and is a loyal bull customer!




Thank you again, we had a great sale!


March 2nd - Bieber Fever X
Bieber Fever X

Bieber Fever X is tomorrow! The sale will start at 1pm CST here at the ranch and live online at DVAuction.com. If you are planning to join us online, please log onto DVAuction as soon as possible to Apply for Bidding by selecting the Bieber Red Angus Sale from the list and clicking Apply. If you have any questions contact DVAuction at 402/474-5557. If you purchase on DVAuction tomorrow, we will contact you during the day Friday to arrange payment/delivery. 


If you have any last minute questions about the bulls call Craig Bieber 605/439-3628 or 605/216-8169 or Craig Howard 605/377-3128. 


Early this morning we sorted all of the bulls into smaller pens by lot number. The bulls will stay penned together until after the sale, making the preview easier. Come as early as you want to start walking through the bulls tomorrow!




We will have coffee and rolls ready for you to enjoy starting around 9am. 


On sale day we will be serving lunch starting around 11:30am. The sale will start at 1pm CST, and the bulls will sell in lot order. After the sale we will be serving a steak supper at Ron and Lois's house, everyone is invited! 


We hope to see you tomorrow!

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