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August 16th - THIRD cutting!!

The storms that came through last week gave us nearly 4 inches of rain. Add this to an already wetter than usual July and you get a third hay cutting. For us it's nearly unheard of and we are grateful for it!


In this picture you can also see more building supplies and two brand new alleys. We're building a new working facility here at ranch headquarters. The dirt work is nearly completed and a bit behind from the moisture but that's a small compromise for the bountiful hay! 


The building should be done by the end of August/beginning of September and the internal work should be done by November. Make plans to come check it out November 10th at our Fall Production Sale!


August 12th - Jason's Last Day

Today we said goodbye to our intern Jason Lipps. Jason is an animal science student at the University of Findlay in Ohio. We really enjoyed getting to know Jason this past summer. He was a hard worker and a great guy to be around, he's welcome back anytime!




August 8th-10th - Pregnancy Ultrasounding the Spring Cows

Along with Preconditioning our spring calves, we pregnancy ultrasound our spring cows. After all of the calves are worked we turn all of the calves out into one of the pens in our lot. This allows us to sort the cows two ways into a bred group and an open group out of the chute. 

We turn all the open cows out with the calves to pair up before sorting the pair off into a seperate pen. After we have all the open cows paired with turn the rest of the herd, all of the spring bred cows, into the pen to pair up with their calf before heading back to pasture.

Bred cows after ultrasounding waiting for the rest of the herd to get done!


One of our vets Dr. Brian Watkins ultrasounding with a tech helping, both from the Ashley Vet Clinic in Ashley, ND.


Rod ran the tub and alley.


While the cows are in the chute we take the oppourtunity to replace any faded/missing/broken eartags as well as trim any ear hair that is blocking her eartag!


August 8th-10th - Preconditioning the Spring Calves

What a week! We've had two large storm systems come through to drop nearly 4inches of rain! This July/August has been so wet it has us gearing up for a THIRD cutting, which is almost unheard of in this country! Also this week we preconditioned all of our spring calves and pregnancy ultrasounded our spring cows.


Preconditioning is when we run all of the calves through the chute adn work them pre-weaning in an attempt to make weaning less stressful on the calves. This year at pre-conditioning we gave them their vaccinations, tattooed them, took a weight to see how they're growing, and collected a DNA sample. We try to work the calves through the chute as little as possible which means getting a lot done when we do work them!


  The first step in preconditioning is to seperate the cows from the calves, and then to seperate the bulls from the heifers. We work the bull calves to get them done before the vet arrives to work the heifer calves, which all recieve their vet administed Bangs vaccination, and cows.




 We work all of the calves through the tub and alley and into the chute. While one calf is being worked in the chute Harley read off the next eartag number to Craig who set the tattoo gun and Peggy who entered the eartag number into the computer with the corresponding scanned DNA collection device. They also recorded the calf's weight. Getting the right number is one of the most critical jobs of the day! As you can imagine, a wrong number can create a whole lot of problems down the road!



Jason, along with Rod's grandson's and Harley ran the tub/alley.

Although she was just visiting Jason, Harley dove in and helped all week. She took on the role of tub/alley boss and had kept everyone on track! 


Craig keeping all of tattoo guns set and keeping track of the calves on paper as they come through the chute.

Each of the DNA collecters have a code that you scan into the computer and enter the corresponding calf ID number. Peggy kept all of the DNA samples straight and Dillon took the samples and ran the chute.


After Craig Bieber set all of the tattoo guns with the correct calf and breeder ID he passed them onto Craig Howard who tattooed along with our vet. Dr. Brian also tattooed the Bang's code into the heifers ear which signifies she was vaccinated.




Rod and Mandy from the Ashley Vet Clinic gave all of our vaccinations this year. All of the calves got a dose of Ultrabac (a 7way vaccine), Pulmo-Guard PHM-1, and Multi-Min (an injectable vitamin/mineral supplement). The heifers also got doses of Bovi-Shield Gold FP5 L5 HB and their Bang's vaccine, while the bulls recieved a dose of Bovi-Shield Gold 5.


July 27th - BeefPros

While at the BIF Annual Meeting in Manhattan, KS. Craig sat down with Garrett Thomas and Ben Spitzer on BeefPros. Craig shares some background about Bieber Red Angus and his insight into the future of the beef business!


Click Here to listen to the Podcast on Beef Pros.com




July 29th - Summer AI Herd Matings

Next week we are AIing our summer calving herd. Before AIing we individually mate each of our heifers and cows. Meaning that we decide which bulls we want to use AI and Natural Service. Then we sit down and discuss the potential calves that each mating could produce. We do our best to choose the mating that will balance each cow's individual EPD values as well as her phenotype and produce calves that we believe will help drive our program, as well our customer's programs, forward. Part of this includes trying young new sires that we believe are the future of the breed. While mating our cattle we focus on creating bulls and heifers that will go on to produce cattle that will be profitable in our commercial customer's herds!


Here are the AI sires we used on our summer cows this year!


Spartacus A193

Spartacus was a crowd favorite in our 2014 spring production sale. He sold to Accelerated Genetics and Jefferies Land and Cattle. He is a great disposition bull stacked for profit. Powerfully made and very stout boned, Spartacus was heavily used in our program in the 2015 breeding season. Spartacus is a very complete bull that leaves a breed program in a very good porstion going forward. Semen is available for purchase through Accelerated Genetics.


Hard Drive Y120

Hard Drive Y120 sold to Select Sires in our 2013 production sale. When you study Hard Drive's data you are pretty hard pressed to find a sire that will post as many traits in as high of percent rank as he does. Hard Drive is low on Birth Weight and High on growth so expect his progeny to be in high demand. We weaned over 180 Hard Drive calves last fall!


Bieber LB Mitigator C314

We sold Mitigator on our 2016 spring production sale. He is co-owned with Crump Red Angus and ST Genetics.


Bieber Deep End B597

Bieber Deep End B597's EPDs read across the board about as good as one could make them. Deep End's dam is the dam of Hard Drive Y120. Deep End B597 was used natrual service in our herd. This bull brings together two top sire lines not to mention, two of what are some of the very top cowlines at Bieber Red Angus Ranch. Deep End is leased to Genex and co-owned with Rouse Red Angus.


This year we also used Pieper Stockman 4051 - Photo coming soon!



We know that there is some thinking that larger producers don't spend a lot of time on matings, but here at Bieber Red Angus Craig and Craig Howard sit down and discuss each mating. We really try to mate each cow with the producer and our own herd in mind. We always aim to produce cattle that will add profitability to both our program and our customer's programs! 


If you ever have any questions about how we decide to mate our cattle, about any of the bulls we are using, or if you are looking for a different opinion about bulls to choose for your program we are always willing to answer questions! Feel free to contact Craig Bieber 605-216-8169, 605-439-3628 or craig@bieberredangus.com or Craig Howard 605-377-3128. 

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