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June 15th - Breeding our last two groups of reCIDR spring cows!

What a week! We had some MUCH needed rain in our area! It's been so dry, we're thankful for every bit of moisture. We are working on breeding our last two groups of reCIDR spring cows.


Want more information about our reCIDR program?
Check out the past blog posts from May 10th and May 31st


Here are some pictures of us out pulling heats:




June 9th - Add a Bieber bull to your AI sire line up

AI season is in full swing. When you're picking sires for your your line up look close at these Bieber bulls! If you have any question about bulls or want to stop by to look at cows/calves contact us today!

Craig Bieber
605-439-3628 or 605-216-8169

Craig Howard

Bieber Federalist B543 - Available through Genex


Bieber RReds Takeout 305A - Available through Select Sires


Bieber CL Atomic C218 - Available through Accelerated Genetics


Bieber Deep End B597 - Available through Genex


Bieber Spartacus A193 - Available through Accelerated Genetics




Bieber Roosevelt W384 - Available through ORIgen


Bieber Commissioner B599 - Available through ORIgen


Bieber Stormer Z433 - Available through Accelerated Genetics



Bieber Rouse Samurai X22 - available through Select Sires


If you're looking for semen on a bull not listed with a stud we may have semen available privately. Contact Craig Bieber for more information! 




June 4th & 10th - Happy Birthday Kylie Jo and Cayson!


Today Kylie Jo Payne turned 1! Kylie is the daughter of Eric and Megan Payne. Eric is Craig and Peggy's son as well as Ron and Lois's grandson. Kylie brings such joy to our lives and we cherish her!


Cayson also turns 1 on June 10th! 


See our ranch babies at our two production sales coming up in November 2017
and March 2018!

June 1st - Spring Cows reCIDR

Whew! After a long few weeks of synchronizing and AIing all of our Spring Calving cows we can almost see the end of this spring breeding season, almost..... 


Just like we did with our Replacement Heifers this year we are using reCIDR on all of our spring cows as well. If this is your first BRAR Blog post on the subject, reCIDR is a new process that we sampled last year on our summer cowherd and we liked the results we saw and decided to reCIDR every cow this year. We came across reCIDR while looking for new ways to increase our number of AI pregnancies and in turn decrease the number of clean up bulls and breeding groups needed. 


SO you may be wondering what is reCIDR? Here is the protocol we used on cows:

To start we used the standard 7-day CIDR protocol on all of our cows and time AI bred them. On day 13 post-breeding we re-inserted a CIDR into each cow (yes the ones we just synchronized and time AI bred!) We pulled the reCIDRs after 7-days and placed Estrotec patches on each cow. We then pulled heats and bred twice a day for 3 days. On day 4 (after the reCIDR pull) we turned the natural service bulls out. 


The thinking behind reCIDRing is that we will be able to identify, synchronize and AI breed the cows that didnt concieve on the initial AI breeding without disrupting the pregnancies of the 50+% of cows who did concieve during the first timed AI. The implanted CIDR works by releasing the hormone progesterone which a pregnant female's body produces naturally gestation to maintain the pregnancy. It is believed that the additional progesterone and the progesterone shift that occurs from placing/pulling a CIDR from a pregnant animal isn't enough to disrupt the pregnantcy. Using reCIDR we are able to AI without waiting until the next heat cycle or pregnancy ultrasound. This helps tighten up calving groups, have more AI pregnancies and turn out less clean up bulls. The cons are the added expense of reCIDRing pregnant animals and the time factor to place/pull the reCIDRs as well as heat check.

As always, check with your veterinarian before adopting any new practices into your herd. If you have any questions about how we use reCIDR feel free to contact Craig Bieber craig@bieberredangus.com or at 605-439-3628/605-216-8169!

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