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February 22nd- Carcass Ultrasounding & Bieber Fever XIV

Bieber Fever XIV is 1 week away! We're busy getting everything ready for sale day! There is lots of sale information on the March Production Sale Page including the catalog, links to videos, and supplement sheets. Head over there now and check it out!


March Production Sale Page 


Have questions about any of the bulls on the offering or would like to come out to the ranch this weekend to look through the bulls? Call Craig Bieber at 605-439-3628 or 605-216-8169  and we will be happy to help you out! 


Remember if you can't be here at the ranch next Thursday, March 1st we have absentee bidding options available to you! The sale will be live online at www.DVAuction.com if you plan to use this option head over and preregister before the sale! If that option won't work for you we will have a conference call line on sale day that can accomidate a limited number of bidders. Call 605-439-3628 prior to sale day to get set up to be on the conference call line!


We also offer absentee bidding services. Call Craig Bieber or Craig Howard and share with us what bulls you're interested in and the goals of your operation. Then on sale day we bid on the bull for you as if you were sitting ringside with us. Once the bull is delivered if he doesn't fit your expectations simply return the bull to us! 


All of the Absentee Bidding details can be found in the
Bieber Fever XIV Catalog!


Earlier this week we carcass ultrasounded all of the bulls on the Bieber Fever XIV offering. The carcass ultrasound will be posted on the March Production Sale Page when it is available and will be available on sale day here at the ranch!






We hope to see all of you next Thursday. The sale begins at 1pm CST here at the ranch in Leola, SD and live online at www.DVAuction.com

Thank you for taking the time to read more about our program!

February 14th - Bieber Fever XIV


We're 2 weeks away from Bieber Fever XIV! The sale will take place here at the ranch on March 1st starting at 1pm CST. It will also be broadcast live on DVAuction.com. We will have a conference call line set up for sale day and as always we offer our sight unseen bidding guarantee. If you want to buy and can't make it there on sale day call 605-439-3628 to find out more about our absentee bidding options!


Check our March Production Sale Page and follow our Facebook Page for updates and more sale information!  



Videos of all the sale lots will be available soon. Just keep checking the March Sale or Facebook Page. We will post a link as soon as they start going up. If the video you are looking for isn't there right away it may not be uploaded yet. Check back frequently and refresh your browser by pressing F5. 


If you have questions about any of the bulls in the sale call:
Craig Bieber 605-439-3628 or 605-216-8169
Craig Howard 605-377-3128. 



Here are some of the lead off bulls!

Lot 1 Bieber Spartacus E254



Lot 2 Bieber Spartacus E573



Lot 3 Bieber Spartacus E294



Lot 4 Bieber Forefront E334



Lot 5 Bieber ROU Deep End 53E



Lot 6 Bieber Spartacus E574



Lot 7 Bieber CL Stockman E116




Lot 8 Bieber Rollin Deep E311



Lot 9 Bieber ROU Stockman E08



We believe this is our deepest offering yet, it's one you won't want to miss! Catalog, Supplement Sheets and soon Videos available at: 






See you at the Sale on March 1st!

February 8th - Calving

Calving is well underway here at BRAR! Here are some of the newest additions:



















Cayson loves visiting all of the 'baby cows'!


 Come see all of the new calves when you're here at the ranch for Bieber Fever XVI coming up on March 1st beginning at 1pm CST. 


The sale catalog is available online at: 



The Sortable Spreadsheet can be used to narrow down the bulls available on the offering based on EPD criteria that you value most on your operation. The sortable spreadsheet is available on the March Production Sale Page. Follow this link to the page then select "Sale Bull Sortable Spreadsheet" 



If you have any questions about the offering or supplemental information such as the sortable spreadsheet call Craig Bieber anytime at 605-439-3628 or 605-216-8169 or email craig@bieberredangus.com 


We are taking video of all of the sale bulls this week. The videos will be available online starting next week. Check back for more information or 'LIKE' and 'FOLLOW' our facebook page to get updates!


We look forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones in March!

February 1st - Ranch Updates

Calving is well underway here at the ranch! Yesterday we turned our oldest pairs out to pasture yesterday. Each pasture has windbreaks and straw so the calves have shelter from the weather!


Check out a video of us turning the calves out to pasture on our Facebook Page!


Like and 'Follow' our Facebook Page to stay up to date!


This week Craig and Peggy are out at the Black Hills Stock Show. If you're headed out that way stop by the Bieber Red Angus booth and say HI! You can also see some Facebook Live shots from the stock show by following these links!


Facebook Live #1 Facebook Live #2


Bieber Fever XIV is coming up quickly! Our annual spring production sale will be held here at the ranch on March 1st beginning at 1PM CST. The sale will also be broadcast live on DVAuction.com for our customers who can't make it to the ranch on sale day. We also have a sight unseen bidding option for customers who can't make it to the ranch or on DVAuction on sale day. To learn more about our absentee bidding options call Craig Bieber today at 605-439-3628 (office) or 605-216-8169 (cell) or email craig@bieberredangus.com


 The sale catalog is available online NOW by following THIS LINK!  


Hard copies of the catalog will be mailed by February 5th. If you are not currently on our mailing list and would like a hard copy mailed to you email your contact information to office@bieberredangus.com or call 605-439-3628 and we will make sure you get one!


Check the website and Facebook page frequently over these next couple weeks for more sale information! Videos of all the sale lots will be available by February 16th!


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