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Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we are extremely thankful for the love of our family, the dedication of our hard working Ranch team, the cattle we raise, the land we strive to preserve, and our committed customers who continue to support us through the ups and the downs of the industry.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

BeefSD Class 4 Visits the Ranch

On Tuesday November 13 the participants of the beefSD Class 4 visited the ranch to take a tour and learn about the different aspects of our operation. The class was able to first look through our state-of-the-art working facility and ask questions about how and why we designed it the way we did. Next, we took at walk through the Hoop barns to take a look at our ET calves and learn about the different uses for the barns. This was followed by a tour of the feedlot to see all of our Spring-born bulls and to discuss how we sort and pen them. Finally, we reconvened back at the headquarters for a question and answer session about the business side of the operation. 

beefSD is an educational program designed to take participants to the next level in beef production. To learn more, visit their website athttps://www.sdfbf.org/Get-Involved/beefSD.

We enjoyed having the class to visit and look forward to hearing about their progress in the future. We always welcome guests at the ranch - if you'd like to stop in for a tour just give us a call!

Bieber Fever Fall Female Production Sale Report

We want to send a big THANK YOU to each and every one of our customers who supported us last week for our Bieber Fever Fall Female Production Sale. We wouldn't be where we are today without you - thank you for your business!

Our sale report has been published and the numbers are listed below. 

November 8, 2018

Bieber Fever Fall Female Production Sale 2018

Auctioneer Seth Weishaar

AVERAGES                                                                                               Lots          Average

Red Angus Bred Heifers                                                                             71              $3,424           

Red Angus Bred Cows                                                                              176              $2,390

Red Angus Coming Two-Year-Old Bulls                                                         39              $4,621

Commercial Heifers                                                                                                     $1,780


Red Angus Bred Heifers

Lot 10 Bieber Primrose 268E                       $10,500                 Frank Family Genetics of Johnstown, CO

Lot 33 Bieber Rose 442E                              $8,500                   Sy and Kristi Olson of Hereford, TX

Lot 22 Bieber Lincoln 121E                           $7,500                   Sy and Kristi Olson of Hereford, TX

Lot 49 Bieber Adelle 407E                            $6,250                   Xact Genetics of Fort Worth, TX

Lot 2 Bieber Belga 528E                               $6,250                   Sy and Kristi Olson of Hereford, TX

Red Angus Bred Cows

Lot 95 Bieber EP Lass 124C                          $6,750                   Xact Genetics of Fort Worth, TX

Lot 99 Bieber Lass 361C                               $5,750                   Xact Genetics of Fort Worth, TX

Lot 130 Bieber Enchantress 382C                  $5,500                   Bo Hobbs of Springville, TN

Lot 191 Bieber Kanna 356C                          $5,500                   Welsh Farms of Gays, IL

Lot 83 Bieber Laura 101Y                             $5,250                   Xact Genetics of Fort Worth, TX

Red Angus Coming Two-Year-Old Bulls

Lot 274 Bieber Spartacus E639                    $15,000                   ABS Global of Deforest, WI

Lot 275 Bieber Rollin Deep E669                    $7,500                   Dan Beyerlein of Phillipsburg, KS

Lot 270 Bieber Hard Drive E674                     $7,500                   Dan Beyerlein of Phillipsburg, KS

Lot 280 Bieber Hard Drive E476                     $7,000                   Kevin Shively of Wray, CO

Lot 276 Bieber Stockman E636                      $7,000                   Dan Beyerlein of Phillipsburg, KS


40 head to KNK Investments, AZ

23 head to Kelly Brunelle, ND

20 head to Milton and Peggy Ustad, SD

Cattle sold to 21 states

Veteran's Day

We live in the home of the free, because of the brave. Thank you to all Veterans who have served our country and protected our freedom.

Bieber Fever Fall Female Production Sale

The Bieber Fever Fall Female Production Sale takes place this week on Thursday, November 8! The ranch team has been working tirelessly to prep the ranch and the cattle for this sale which will include 75 Red Angus bred heifers, 175 Red Angus bred cows, 300 commercial Red Angus females, and 50 eighteen-month-old Red Angus bulls. These are cattle from the heart of the Bieber program, and they have been bred to excel in the traits that matter to your bottom line. 

Bred Heifers

The sale will start off with a cross section of our Spring bred heifers that will give you the latest and greatest in our genetics. 

Lot 1 - Bieber Belga 519E

Lots 1, 2, 3, and 4 in our Fall Production Sale are all full sisters out of Bieber Belga 345X and Bieber Spartacus A193. What a great pairing! We can't tell anyone which one is the best of the four. Their dam was a great matron with a progeny record that tops the breed. Their HerdBuilder index should tell you they are females to build your herd on.

Lot 2 - Bieber Belga 528E

Lot 5 - Bieber Durheim 414E

Lot 6 - Bieber Tilly 104E

Bred Cows

We have a wide selection of bred cows to offer, including a complete disperal of a our seven-year-old cows. We offer these cows each year and this year's class has some prolific donors. If you're looking to produce cattle at a profitable level, these are cows you'll want in your herd!

Lot 78 - Bieber Joan 309Y

This lot starts out our spring bred cows in the sale. Her first calf was a top Iron Ore son and she excelled once again when she produced Bieber Driven C540. We've used her in our ET program and she has produced 23 outstanding calves to date. A daughter sells as Lot 90 and her heifer calf out of 9 Mile Franchise should be a really great start at a successful cow.

Lot 79 - Bieber Toryanna 211Y

Lot 79 will definitely get your attention on sale day. She has been a prolific donor with 68 calves to her credit, many of which will be in our spring bull sale. This cowline will be powerful for a long time producing consistent, prepotent progeny.

Commercial Females

Did you know we offer several groups of commercial bred heifers in our Bieber Fever Fall Production Sale? These heifers are sourced from some of our best customers and have been bred to calve in February and March.

Lot 326

Lot 328 

Eighteen-Month-Old Bulls

If you need bulls that are big, stout and age-advantaged with the data to back it up, we've got you covered! Our Bieber Fever Fall Production Sale has more than 50 bulls to choose from.

Lot 272 - Bieber Spartacus E680

Lot 272’s full brothers sell as Lots 271 and 273 and if you are looking to add some full brothers to your bull roster, this is a great opportunity.

Lot 274 - Bieber Spartacus E639

This bull's dam is an Oly daughter and they have been phenomenal. This Spartacus and Oly cross has been catching our eye all summer. 

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