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Annual Production Sale

March 1, 2012

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* The Spreadsheet will be updated after ultrasound data has been collected.

2012 Sale Catalog NOW ONLINE!

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Lot 1
Ollie Y100 came down to our choice to start the sale. No one bull put together the combination of traits at the top of the breed like he does. The cowline he comes from needs very little introduction. The matriarch, Bieber Joan 7502 sold in our cow offering in December 2011 to Michael Fruechte family, MN. This bull's dam is a granddaughter but she has hit the ground pushing the envelope and we expect that this won't be the last time. We were very tempted to keep this bull but we have decided to offer every bull that qualifies for the sale. We expect him to do great things as a sire.
Lot 2
Houston is the first son of H Hughes W109 to sell and although didn't use him hard enough but we will in 2012. Houston is stacked with powerful growth being in the top 1% for WW, YW and TM. This cowline produced Maximus, a powerful Make Mimi son that went to work at Select Sires. Brett Schmidt, SD, Loren Roseland, SD Tim Morrow, NM and Steve Bieber, ND have all bought half brothers to Houston's dam. This is his dam's first son and we believe he really hits the sweet spot and is a valuable addition to any herd.
Lot 3
Bieber Real McCoy has already gotten a lot of attention as one of Hughes' leading son. He has hit every observation point at the top of his group. We still have the carcass data to collect but with his pedigree he will likely jump thru those hoops too. McCoy offers the leading edge of genetics of the Red Angus breed. This cow line had been consistently at the top of our program.
Lot 4 Lot 4 is a powerful stud. As you analyze he has great capacity and a deep flank. He was the top Yearling weigh bull in the group and we have liked him since he came in at weaning. It will be hard to find a cow with as much growth as this cow has. Her extended pedigree shows Connealy Dateline making the bottom side of her pedigree a out cross. She has recorded a 110 MPPA and we have flushed her twice. With more sibs coming in future years this son sets the bar pretty high.
Lot 6
Hard Drive is a Goldbar X Mission Statement and has been a standout all year long.  His dam did a great job with this son as a wet two year old.  Hard Drives multi-dimensional pedigree stacks some breed leaders that are having significant impact on the Red Angus breed.  Hard Drive will get some attention in the offering.
Every year the Tilly cowline seems to be in the pedigree of more and more of the cattle in the offering.  She was a prolific donor that did so many practical things right.  This Roosevelt son has great thickness and has that deep flank that he typically stamps them with.
We acquired the Durheim herd in 2011 and are now offering several bull that will be SM/AR Hybrids and 1B Red Angus bulls.  Lot 11 is the first one to sell.  Simmental Hybrids offer you some very desirable traits by increasing growth and REA.  They will increase many very desirable maternal traits as well.
Rough Rider has done a very practical job of bring balanced data and a very stylish package.  We really like the Rough Rider daughters and lots 12 and 13 stack the great Susan cowline.  Susan M173 has done a great job and has a daughter, who produced the Lot 8 bull as well.  We gave this bull two stars on calving ease and think that he will be okay on heifers and should produce calves with growth.
Lot 14
The Beefmaker sons have been providing commercial cattlemen with cutting edge traits.  If you are looking to put some Simmental back in your cows this is a great way to do it.
Lot 17
has been a favorite Packer son all summer.  He didn’t disappoint with great performance on test.  You’ll find he has lot of eye appeal, great muscle shape and a stylish package. 
Lot 210 
Outrider X Rambler 8306.  She has the look.
Lot 212
EXT 8628 X True Lew.  This heifer is in the top 9% for TM. 
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