Bieber Igenity

Bieber Igenity is a DNA evaluation from Neogen that will rank your herd on the same basis as data provided by Igenity on Bieber Red Angus bulls. This evaluation will allow you to have your animals tested and ranked against a large data base, and then in turn directly select bulls that can complement your herd. This approach offers a science-based method to directly compare and contrast DNA markers within the bovine population.

We aim to produce bulls that provide the greatest return per dollar invested by staying focused on profit-oriented genetics that reduce management and labor inputs and increase sustainability. This program contributes to that goal by making our bulls and your cowherd speak the same DNA language. Our bulls have been tested on this same platform, giving you the opportunity to make better choices on what bulls will drive your operation in the right direction. We are excited to partner with Neogen on Bieber Igenity, the industry’s first commercial cattle, multi-breed genomic selection process that is globally accepted.

Sample collectors and tests can be purchased from Bieber Red Angus at the following prices.

– Blood Card: $1.00
– Tissue Sample Unit (TSU): $2.50
– TSU EID Kit (840 tag): $5.00
– DNA Test: $29.00 per test

For an additional $4.00, BVD PI testing can be done on TSU samples only. Sire parentage can be determined if Neogen has the sire on file. There is a 4 to 5 week turnaround for testing results. With this program, you will receive a $10.00 credit per test towards a bull purchase at Bieber Red Angus.


STEP 1: Choose 30-50 females in your herd to test in the program. This number allows you to identify the genetic trends in your herd.

STEP 2: Order blood cards or a TSU. This can be done directly through Bieber Red Angus or Neogen. Tests will cost $29.00 per test when ordered through Bieber Red Angus, with a $10.00 credit per test towards a bull purchase at Bieber Red Angus. Credit must be used within two years of submitting your Bieber Igenity order. Credit is valid for bulls ONLY and can equal only 20% of your total bull purchase.

For example:
Spend: $5,000 Use: $1,000 Credit
Spend $10,000 Use: $2,000 Credit

STEP 3: Collect DNA samples

STEP 4: Fill out order form from Bieber Red Angus.
*Contact [email protected] for an order form and instructions on how to complete it.*

STEP 5: Send completed order form, check made out to Bieber Red Angus, and your samples to:

Bieber Red Angus
ATTN: Sample Submission
11450 353rd Ave
Leola, SD 57456

After these steps are completed, we will send your samples to Neogen for testing with a turnaround time of 4 to 5 weeks.

Questions? Give us a call at (605) 439-3628. Check out more Igenity materials below!