Online Bull Sale

June 1, 2023

Online only through

60 Red Angus Yearling Bulls

Lot Videos

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Bidding Page

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Auction Format

All lots will open at 7:00 am CDT and close at 7:00 pm CDT on Thursday, June 1.

If any lot is bid on within 5 minutes prior to 7:00 pm CDT on the closing date, bidding will be extended for an additional 5 minutes on ALL lots. This process will continue until there are no bids placed on ANY lot for a period of 5 minutes. At that point, the auction will close.

Delivery Policy


Delivery will be charged to CENTRAL POINTS per head based on the pricing outlined on the map below. Pricing will be charged based on your physical address. Delivery charges will be added to each invoice at check out, unless you plan to load out within 7 days of the sale.


All deliveries will be organized to CENTRAL POINTS within the state. Delivery will NOT be organized to your home or ranch. Loads are delivered by semi truck and require drop off points along their route with a loading chute and location to house livestock. You are expected to meet the semi truck driver at the central drop-off point as communicated by them. Central points for delivery include auction barns, vet clinics, and other locations determined by the semi truck driver at the time of delivery. Pricing to these central points will be charged to you based on your physical address. The driver will be given your contact information and will communicate with you regarding the drop off time and location.

Sale Lots

Click on the link below to download a copy of the sale lots and their data.


Click on the links below to view sortable spreadsheets of the sale bulls.

Sale Bull EPD Data

Sale Bull Disp Scores

Scratch Lots

Lot 18 – Bieber Energize K152
Lot 20 – Bieber Fully Stocked K198
Lot 47 – Bieber JLC Renown K632

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