2022 March Production Sale

Thursday, March 3, 2022

1:00 pm CST at the Ranch near Leola, SD

260 Yearling Red Angus Bulls

**Sale Order Update**

Lot 2 will be the first bull to sell, followed by Lot 1. The remainder of the sale will run in catalog order.

Bull Videos

Videos of the sale bulls are now available! Click on the link below to view video of each lot.


Click on the links below to view sortable spreadsheets of the sale bulls. These spreadsheets are updated frequently, so please make sure you download the most recent version linked below.

Sale Bull EPD Data

Sale Bull Ultrasound Data

Sale Bull Frame Score

Sale Bull Disposition Scores

Scratch Lots

The lots listed below have been scratched from the sale:

50, 53, 88, 99, 100, 108, 125, 136, 157, 167, 208, 221, 251

Catalog Corrections

Click on the link below to view catalog corrections. This sheet will also be printed and available at the Ranch on sale day.

Catalog Corrections

Supplement Sheet

Click on the link below to view the supplement sheet, which includes actual scrotals, disposition scores, frame scores, and ultrasound data.

Supplement Sheet


Click on the catalog cover below to download a digital copy!


Visit our sale page on DVAuction.com via the link below for online bidding info. If you can’t make it to the Ranch on sale day, you can view the sale and bid online via this link.

Retained Interest Update

In response to increasing interest in several lots in our upcoming sale, we have decided to offer the following retained interest update. We usually retain 50% interest in every lot, but have decided to relinquish 70% interest and retain only 30% of any bull that sells for more than $50,000. The winning buyer on any lot sold over that amount will receive 70% interest and full possession on the bull. We will complete the transfer of the 70% interest once the invoice is paid in full and we have collected semen for use in our own program.
Lots 1 and 2 have been tested and are scheduled to enter Custom Genetic Solutions in Mitchell, SD the week following the sale.

Lot Talk Video Series

Episode 1, Lots 1-10

Episode 3, Lots 21-30

Episode 5, Sleepers

Episode 2, Lots 11-20

Episode 4, Lots 31-40

Episode 6, Sale Info

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