2020 Fall Production Sale

Thursday, November 12, 2020

1:00 pm CST at the Ranch near Leola, SD

70 Registered Red Angus Bred Heifers
140 Registered Red Angus Bred Cows
35 Commercial Red Angus Bred Heifers
50 Coming Two-Year-Old Red Angus Bulls


Click on the link below for access to all of the lot videos.


The supplement sheet includes updated index numbers, scrotal size, commercial heifer data, scratch lots, and catalog corrections. Click on the button below to download a copy.


Lot Change

Lot 91 has been changed from Bieber Unity 354F to Bieber Gallee 558D Reg #3537093. Her EPD and calving info is included in the sortable spreadsheet posted below.

Scratch Lots

The following lot numbers are scratch lots:
13, 14, 52, 63, 87, 125, 144, 157, 164,
179, 185,
245, 248, 250, 254, 256, 263, 267

Commercial Heifers

The commercial heifers will sell as Lot 275 after the conclusion of the bred heifers at Lot 73 and prior to the start of the bred cows at Lot 74. When you view lot videos on DVAuction, the commercial heifers can be viewed under Lot 275 at the bottom of the video list.

Click on the catalog cover below to download a digital copy!


Click on the links below to view sortable spreadsheets of every sale lot. These spreadsheets are downloadable and have updated EPD numbers.

Bred Heifer Spreadsheet
Bred Cow Spreadsheet
Coming Two-Year-Old Bull Spreadsheet

We’ve got a fever – and it has nothing to do with Covid! Get the info on what’s in the sale, which lots to watch, and why you should buy Bieber from the insider and CEO himself, Craig Bieber. You can bid online through DVAuction or in person at the Ranch near Leola, SD next Thursday.
As the saying goes, “Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” We prepare for sale day all year long around the Ranch and we can’t believe the Bieber Fever Fall Production Sale is upon us TOMORROW already.

Check out Craig’s sale update with a Veteran’s day tribute, info on the commercial heifers, and some background on how we choose which females to sell. Join us tomorrow in person at the Ranch near Leola, SD or online through DVAuction.com.

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