2021 Fall Production Sale

Thursday, November 11, 2021

1:00 pm CST at the Ranch near Leola, SD

60 Registered Red Angus Bred Heifers
50 Registered Red Angus February-March Calving Cows
50 Registered Red Angus May-June Calving Cows
50 Coming Two-Year-Old Red Angus Bulls
110 Commercial Red Angus Bred Heifers

Lot Videos

Videos are available on all lots in the sale. Visit the link below to view the videos on DVAuction.

Sortable Spreadsheets

Click on the links below to view sortable spreadsheets with data on every sale lot. These spreadsheets include updated EPD data as well as disposition scores on every lot.

Bred Heifer Spreadsheet
Bred Cow Spreadsheet
Coming Two-Year-Old Bull Spreadsheet


If you can’t make it on sale day, we’ve got you covered! You can bid online through DVAuction. Click on the link below to visit the DVAuction sale page and register to bid prior to the start of the sale at 1 pm CDT on Thursday, November 11.

Catalog Corrections

Updated Calf Sex

We ultrasounded the majority of our bred cows that had an unsexed calf at preg check and have updated calf sex in our sortable spreadsheets. Download the Bred Cow Spreadsheet above to view updated calf sex.

Commercial Heifer Contact Info

To contact Rick and Shelly Ammann about their commercial heifer lots, please call (605) 949-1697.

Lot 122

Lot 122 is a Category II and has ineligible white.

Sale order

Sale order will be catalog order. The commercial heifers lots will sell after the conclusion of the bred heifers at Lot 65 and prior to the start of the bred cows at Lot 66.

Catalog now available! Click on the cover below.

You can also view the catalog via DVAuction through the link below.

Calf Sex PDF

To view the bred heifer and cow lots with due date and calf sex in PDF form, click on the links below.

Bred Heifer Calf Sex PDF
Bred Cow Calf Sex PDF

Scratch Lots

The following lots have been scratched from the sale:

18, 31, 146, 149, 153, 154, 160, 175, 193, 194, 203, 217

Supplement Sheets

To view a PDF of the supplement sheet or the commercial heifer info, click on the links below.

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